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Edwardian Ladies Hat Fashions [KINDLE] ❆ Edwardian Ladies Hat Fashions By Peter Kimpton – Thomashillier.co.uk Based upon the author’s large personal collection of beautiful fashion postcards from Edwardian times this book takes the reader on a journey through that era – covering the hat fashions and socia Based upon the author’s large personal collection of beautiful fashion postcards from Edwardian times this book takes the reader on a journey through that era – covering the hat fashions and social changes of the Edwardian Ladies PDF/EPUB or day Delve further into the carnage that took place around the world in which unscrupulous and money grabbing individuals from the Northumbrian coast in England to the Everglades in America would callously slaughter whole colonies of birds leaving their young to die purely to provide the millinery trade with ornate feathers to decorate fashionable hats during that eraThe book also takes the reader into the world of millinery sweatshops of poverty stricken New York and describes the conditions and deprivations under which the poorly paid workers many of them immigrants worked You can even learn about the background history and amazing life of one of the world’s greatest fashion designers Coco Chanel as she set out on her lifetime of fashion in Edwardian ParisWith superb fashion colou plates of the day together with images of amazingly creative and colorful hat pins from both the UK and America the author shares the fruits of his years of postcard collecting and the highs and lows of his search for the 'Hats' postcards as worn by his Edwardian 'girlfriends' from over year ago.

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  1. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestShouldn't it be Edwardian Ladies' Hat Fashions with an apostrophe? I know this is an ARC free copy from publisherNetgalley fair and honest review etc but it's on the cover tooReading EDWARDIAN LADIES' HAT FASHIONS is a bit like going clothes shopping with someone who doesn't wear your size and doesn't have your taste in clothes At first it will be nice seeing the clothes on your friend and helping them pick out lovely styles that suit them but after a while you'll be thinking to yourself God help anyone around me if I see one wrap dress and secretly plotting how to ditch her for the food courtSuch it was with the first half of EDWARDIAN LADIES' The author apparently collects fashionable post cards and his enthusiasm as a collector is charming and his knowledge about the fashions of the time is formidable But the first half of the book is and I kid you not pages and pages of hats many of which look suspiciously similar and are sometimes actually the same model with the same hat just in different poses I loved Kimpton's historical interludes where he gives background information and historical facts about Edwardian fashion and the broader social contexts that inspired the trends but with the hat section pages go by with literally no text Just hats There aren't even any captions describing the hatsI was tempted to DNF but pressed onward and I was glad I did because Kimpton decided to spice things up a bit in the second act No longer are we stuck in Milliners' Purgatory; he talks about the ostrich feather barons in South Africa how mass extinctions occurred because of the high demand for exotic feathers the origins of Coco Chanel and how she got her foot through the fashion door because of her milliner's license and creations hat pins Edwardian fashion plates and so much My favorites were probably the pictures of the hat pins especially the Egyptian inspired ones and the pastel fashion plates depicting what was considered high fashion at the timeEDWARDIAN LADIES' FASHIONS is an interesting book that manages to pack a lot of topics in the second half It gives it a back heavy feel but while I do feel that the layout of the book could have used some improvement at least in my edition and which may change since I have an ARC and the layouts and content are potentially subject to revision prior to publication I found myself interested in the history of something I had never really considered beforeWhere did they get their hats?3 stars

  2. Kristin Davison Kristin Davison says:

    I would like to thank netgalley and Pen and sword for granting my wish and allowing me a digital arc of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis is an interesting and informative book on hat fashion of the Edwardian era Britian The book is well researched and does focus on the environmental issues connected with the subject This is a refreshing look into history that looks at both the positive and the negativeThe post cards and photos used throughout the book are beautiful however can be inconveniently placed for example half way through a paragraph The spacing of the paragraphs and tittles needs to be looked at again and so does the use of capital letters At least one paragraph was repeated in a different part of the book and the conclusion was poor

  3. Online Eccentric Librarian Online Eccentric Librarian says:

    More reviews and no fluff on the blog To understand the book it's best to read the introduction first where the author says he originally wanted to showcase his postcard collection but ended up realizing there was a larger picture And really the title says it all the first part of the book is about the postcards and showing them off then the second half goes over a diverse group of subjects that all euate in some way to 'Where Did You Get That Hat? The author's lack of finesse is the book's asset and its downfall; there is a lot of repeated information the postcards all look the same all bust shots several of the same model in 7 different poses and everything is in great need of a very good editor to reorganize and recategorize Classifying this book is hard it's not really a pictorial reference not expansive enough for that nor is it really a historical reference there is a lot of 'vignette' information rather than a good survey of the entire period's millinery confections Fashionistas may find all the information about cruelty to animalshistorical photographers stamps how post cards were made etc distracting; post card collectors might want for a greater breadth of presentation; historians will want a coherent and straightforward presentation The book's images are broken down into the following groups some postcards some illustrations from fashion magazines cabinet photographs pictures of hat pins images of houses built on the feather industry historical images weddings women actresseses stamps etc The text jumps all over the place from hat pins to a famous photographer coco chanel to feather baronsI really can't fault the author's enthusiasm for his postcard collection if not the subject of hats or fashion Certainly I appreciated that he researched the full subject I just wish this was focused and settled on one viewpoint The fashionista in me wanted a better post card variety the historian in me wanted a coherent flow of the text and the coffee table book lover wanted the text better separated from the images The avid book reader wanted much coherence and better focus Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher

  4. Mich Must Read Mich Must Read says:

    There is a scene in My fair lady where Eliza is super excited about the races and she screams “Come on Dover Move your bloomin' ass” I remember this scene not because of her acting so “unbecoming” but rather the outlandish hats and dresses all in black and white I thought that Hollywood had put its own spin on this scene Surely no one in history actually wore that However Edwardian Ladies Hat Fashions proves that they did This book is a collection of the author’s postcards that he has acuired over the years which also illustrates a cultural obsession at the time that these were being sent out through the mail The pictures in here are beautiful Most are head shots using photography while others are full color drawings There is also a section of hat pins that are phenomenalThe book goes into the hat industry and various effects it had Attention is drawn to the industry of making these hats and the atrocious way that birds were eradicated and tortured There is also a small section showing the feather palaces This is the influence that these outrageous hats had on architecture and design of housesHats are not the exclusive subject of the book There is also some time discussing the actual contents of a few of the postcards This was extremely interesting and I would read a book on just this aspect How people communicated and the social implications changing communication systems the postcard versus the letter It is amazing how much information we can glean from the mundane aspects of every day life lived in letters and postcardsMost of this book is taken up by pictures As wonderful as they are I would liked to have seen analysis on all aspects that were covered in this book and perhaps a bit For example the hat pin used as a weapon needs to be addressed in a feminist contextThis book is great for anyone interested in historical fashion its effects on the natural world postcards or changing communication It certainly peaked my interestmichmustreadcom

  5. Davina Davina says:

    Lovely book about edwardian hat fashion although it mostly shows postcard pictures from that time and then talks about the mass murder of millions of birds whose feathers were used on the hats for a huge part of the book There are also some humorous stories about hatpins I read it for research purposes and enjoyed it very much

  6. Lynn Brown Lynn Brown says:

    I love fashion and so I was drawn to this book I also didn't really know much about hat fashion or what the hat style was for Edwardian ladies but I do nowThis is just such a charming book with lovely reproductions of the postcards the author has collected through at times the derision of other postcard collectors I had no idea that those hat feathers had caused so much of a stir where they came from or how they had been sourced It really was fascinating to read how such a fashion had far reaching effects I loved also reading about the Palaces that were built around the Ostrich feather trade and seeing them in all their gloryMy favourite pictures are those taken by Edward Linley Sambourne who took photographs that were not posed so you get a true glimpse of the people of the time in an informal way I love social history and these photos were just the best part of the book for me I also never knew that hatpins came with so many stylish adornments nor that they had to restrict the length of them The most poignant part of the book is a postcard written by a man to his sister whilst on active service in December 1916 again another slice of real social historyThis really is a gem of a book and one to dip into again and again I'm giving it four out of five stars My thanks to Netgalley for an advance copy of this book to review I read my copy on my Kindle Fire you really need to see all those beautiful illustrations in colour The book is published on 31 January 2017

  7. Kristine Kristine says:

    Edwardian Ladies Hat Fashion Where Did You Get That Hat? by Peter Kimpton is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early NovemberRead in a trice and over much too soon; I demand a seuel Edwardian Ladies Hat Fashion is filled to the brim ha with colorized postcards and candid photos tales of the opulence of feather barons scarcity of birds and stories about the Edwardian court I had hoped for a little research and information about hat designs materials than just feathers and construction

  8. Andréa Andréa says:

    Note I received a digital review copy of this book through NetGalley

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