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  • Paperback
  • 55 pages
  • New American Best Friend
  • Olivia Gatwood
  • English
  • 14 January 2016
  • 9781943735105

10 thoughts on “New American Best Friend

  1. Bree Hill Bree Hill says:

    Life comes fast One minute you're taking typing classes for your new secretary job in the World Trade Center and the next it's all almost over life I mean but I kicked and screamed my way through it and so will you This is small piece from the very last poem in New American Best Friend called Ode To The Women On Long Island This small uote from the poem in my opinion summarizes up this entire collection of poetryOlivia Gatwood paints such a descriptive and vivid portrait of adolescence It almost makes you nostalgic but only after briefly making you cringe a little at some of the things you wasted your time completely obsessing over like changing things about yourself pretending not to like certain things you absolutely love just to fit in with the popular girl This collection took me back to those long hot summer days of being young and reckless with friends in poems like Dry Season 2003 The poem Alternate Universe In Which I Am Unfazed By The Men Who Do Not Love Me makes me seriously wish it was written back when I was 18 and leaving the house to experience the world on my own It could've saved me so much unnecessary time and heartbreakThis collection is short and I could've totally read 50 pages of whatever Olivia Gatwood wanted to share with us But even though it is a a short collection it is sprinkled all throughout of a young woman who through it all kept kicking and screaming Definitely a must read for anyone who is a poetry fan

  2. Amelia& Amelia& says:

    I picked up this book because I saw one of Gatwood's readings of her poem Ode to the Women on Long Island and I thoroughly enjoyed it So being me I decided to actually pick up her other works realizing that maybe just maybe I had found a contemporary poet that I likedAnd I was very wrong This this is not poetry or at least it doesn't seem like that to me The same issues that other people had with Rupi Kaur's Milk in Honey in how it seemed to try to hard and was just a couple of sentences in lower case all mashed together to make poetry that was how I felt about this collectionIt felt whiny and immature and honestly I understand that as women it's important to talk about plights and problems with the world around us but this book did a horrible job and further exemplified why there are some people in the world who like to dub feminists as feminazis Also what is it with modern day poets and talking complaining their period? Like holy shit we GET it you have a PERIOD wow how INCONVENIENT for you to EXPERIENCE that phenomena that literally HALF OF THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE EXPERIENCES WITHOUT COMPLAINTLike as someone who gets a period I thought this was a really shallow attempt to seek pity from people around ya And honestly Gatwood I don't feel a lick of sorrow for you for experiencing the same thing every other woman experiences And also if everyone could collectively just stop writing period poetry the world would be a better place This book was full of what were I suppose to be sad stories about growing up in the face of poverty sexism lost loves change personal growth and bullies but I just couldn't connect to the narrator It felt so shallow and narcissistic and just excruciatingly boring that I couldn't get into it And when I wasn't bored I was pissed off and thinking to myself so this is what passes for poetry today? Fuuucccckkkkkkkkkk I ended up skimming the poems near the end because my headache was growing by the second every time I read another word in this book of poemsSo yeah I know a lot of people liked this so maybe at the end of the day poetry just isn't for me Specifically modern poetry Or possibly any poetry besides the work of Mr Edgar Allan Poe Maybe I just ask for too much when it comes to my poetry but if I have to hear another word about sad cigarettes and lipsticks and boys I'm gonna bite somebody's head off An extra star for the Ode to the Women on Long Island because it's the only one I liked but other than this I found it overwhelmingly dull and pointless

  3. A. Blumer A. Blumer says:

    I saw this one in the GR Awards for a Poetry nomination and a good friend happened to have given me this book a while ago It was still on my Unread pile so I was like what the heck? It was just a little bookIt was than just a little book It was growing up with blood seeping through your teeth It was falling in love while watching them die horribly It was looking at trash trampled by the everyday commute and finding a way to dine on it by candle lightI wish I could've voted for this one The only reason I'm not giving this five stars may seem a little petty to some but this author stays very true to a traditional? form of poetry does it very well But I'm board with it I'm sorry I just am The four line free standing stanzas the run on blocks of prose poetry Sigh I get it it's a challenge Or I don't get it and I'm going to regret this review Either way I still recommend this one One thingwhen they call you a bitch say thank yousay thank you very much

  4. João Calafate João Calafate says:

    Amazing poetry Some of it I read some of it my girlfriend read to me and another bit I listened to Olivia Gatwood's performances in Button Poetry It was perfect in every way Every person female or male or in between should read this

  5. Luna Luna says:

    this is one of the best poetry books i've read in a while one of the few i've read where i'm actually invested in what the poet is saying instead of feeling like i'm staring and turning the pages

  6. Norah Una Sumner Norah Una Sumner says:

    Definitely a poetry book full of powerful messages and important themes but it just wasn't for me Like her mother I believe said in one of the poems this doesn't seem unfazed but rather very fazed to me

  7. Leah Harter Leah Harter says:

    Hello everyone today I am writing about a book that is a little bit different Normally I only talk about fiction on here but there will probably be poetry in the near future I will admit that going into this I was already a little bit biased I have watched Olivia Gatwood’s slam poems countless times I was ecstatic when I learned of her book and I am extremely biased With that being said I highly recommend reading this bookMy Rating APoems This book includes some of my favorites including Alternative UniverseOde to My Bitch Face Ode to the Woman on Long Island and Manic Pixie Dream Girl These all address women’s issues and sexism uite honestly they are very moving pieces Accompanying these there are also many new poems most of these documenting the female experience The words have a point and an edge They cut at you until all you are left with is something raw and real This unforgiving method of detailing experiences that women share is extremely effective It makes rampant sexism and misogyny hard to ignore In fact I have felt as though I cannot be complacent since I’ve read itComposition New American Best Friend is arranged to tell the story of growing up female The series of poems is carefully arranged meant to lead you through the stages of Olivia Gatwood’s life However many of her stories are ones that I have seen played out with a slightly different flavor in my own life It captures this gritty and honest tone of being female that is often glossed over and made pretty The things that we never talk about are not kept secret and hidden here There is something about reading these poems that makes you painfully aware that being a woman has its blatant truths ones that we knew of but never openly acknowledge These include period underwear hair in the drain of the shower unfulfilling sex and being jealous of the conventionally attractive women Overall it was a fantastic readEnding Rating 9510 I wish it was longer I wish that there was Would I recommend it? Yes read it It’s so goodIs this book on your to read list? Thoughts on Slam Poetry? Do you prefer reading or listening to poetry?

  8. Gabe Gabe says:

    Olivia Gatwood is everything I like about poetry I have been a huge fan of her poetry from YouTube videos Her delivery and performance is absolutely amazing I was worried that a reading her poetry on paper wouldn't be as good as seeing it performed I wonder if I would have enjoyed her poetry as much without seeing her perform But either way I really enjoyed New American Best Friend Olivia Gatwood has one of the best voices I have ever read in poetry Olivia Gatwood is super intelligent full of sass and very strong Maybe I am not the target audience for her poetry but I think that is what makes it impressive to me Sure I've never had a lot of experiences expressed in this book but she uses strong language to make me understand her and why she feels this way I just loved all of these poems I wish there were I would recommend this to just about anyone It is very in your face and doesn't beat around the bush or shy around topics I would also suggest watching any and all videos of Olivia Gatwood She is definitely one of my favorite poets

  9. Alyssia Cooke Alyssia Cooke says:

    I heard one of her poems and was impressed I bought the book I was less impressed This didn't strike me as clever or witty There were a few moments that caught me but overall my impression was one of bored disappointment Much of it isn't poetry as much as it is random short sentences stuck together with little rhythm or effortThe tone of the poems left me cold; I find little interest in periods panties lipstick and tampons in honesty I don't find my own interesting to write about and I would be eually bored by a male poet waxing bloody lyrical about wet dreams hair gel and raging hormones Much of it felt immature and two dimensional with perhaps two poems having actual poignant moments at the endI need to read some Felix Dennis now He is a superbly clever and dryly witty poet who cam capture humanity at it's best and worst and with barely a breath between lines

  10. Brandon Forsyth Brandon Forsyth says:

    I can't think of a better review of this than Carrie Fountain's which is blurbed on the back of the book these poems are the future The last time a book hit me this hard was Melissa Broder's SO SAD TODAY and I think the two of those books are truly exciting in the way they carve out space for women to speak about their experiences with sexuality I really wish this had been called something evocative though like Ode To My Bitch Face which speaks better to the raw visceral uality of the poems here

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New American Best Friend❮Reading❯ ➹ New American Best Friend Author Olivia Gatwood – One of the most recognizable young poets in America Olivia Gatwood dazzles with her tribute to contemporary American womanhood in her debut book New American Best Friend Gatwood's poems deftly deconst One of the most recognizable young poets in America Olivia Gatwood dazzles with her tribute to contemporary American womanhood in her debut book New American Best Friend Gatwood's poems deftly deconstruct traditional stereotypes The focus shifts from childhood to adulthood gender to sexuality violence to joy And always and inexorably the book moves toward celebration culminating in a series of odes odes to the body to New American Kindle - tough women to embracing your own journey in all its failures and triumphs.

About the Author: Olivia Gatwood

Olivia Gatwood is a nationally touring poet performer and educator from Albuuerue New Mexico Her work has been featured on HBO and Verses Flow as well as in Muzzle Magazine Bustle and The Huffington Post among others She has been a finalist at the National Poetry Slam Women of the World Poetry Slam and Brave New Voices She is a graduate of Pratt Institute’s Fiction New American Kindle - Program.