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The New Wolf [Ebook] ➠ The New Wolf Author R.J. Scott – A dangerous lone wolf is intent on destroying the beginnings of a pack and when Connor is attacked and near death there is only one thing that can save him A wolf shifter’s bite NB Originally publis A dangerous lone wolf is intent on destroying the beginnings of a pack and when The New Kindle - Connor is attacked and near death there is only one thing that can save him A wolf shifter’s bite NB originally published through Extasy Publishing this edition features the same story with new cover art After a hate crime leaves one of them near dead Veterinarian Josh Nolan and Cop Connor Vincent are starting a new life in Black Creek a remote town on the edge of the Green Mountains range VermontJosh is taking over his grandfather's practice and Connor starts a new position with the local sheriff's officeWhen Connor becomes curious about unsolved crimes going back fifty years he can't know the kind of secrets he begins to unearth Or the danger that he puts himself and Josh in Word Count .

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  1. Jaime Jaime says:

    The New Wolf is a story set in the town of Black Creek which is a remote town on the edge of the Green Mountains range Vermont When this book starts we meet our MC Josh Nolan who is a veterinarian and his partner Connor Vincent who is a cop and recently hired at the Black Creek Sheriff's department These two are beginning a new life in Black creek are starting a new life in Black Creek after Connor was hurt on the job Josh has since bought out his grandfathers veterinary practice and the two just want to spend their time together beginning againIt's the perfect setting for something to go wrong Remote town Small town Mountain town Two men who after a trauma just want to start over somewhere safe insert creepy musicWhile reading you are cued into the uerks and intricate workings of a small town and you immediately get the sense that something doesn't add up It isn't until Connor is involved in a late night stakeout on a pagan holiday that he gets a glimpse of just how far away his and Josh's dream of peaceful living isThis is a really fun book Things are revealed slowly over time as you begin to form your own opinions the author drops little bombshells on ya The romance between our two MC's is palpable and they are hot as hell togetherAs Connor tries to understand new thoughts feelings and an all together crazy reality he has to wonder if his and Josh's relationship will be strong enough to survive the new wolf4 stars to this story in the Building the Pack series A previously published series reworked and new covers each book in the series is written by different authors❥´¨¸•´¸•´¨ ¸•¨¸•´ ¸•`ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Jaime from Alpha Book Club

  2. ❧A Bookish Berkeley Girl❧ ❧A Bookish Berkeley Girl❧ says:

    A Short book that feels incomplete I had lots of uestions that will go unanswered sad face BUT Josh and Conner are adorable❤

  3. The Bursting Bookshelf of a Wallflower The Bursting Bookshelf of a Wallflower says:

    25 stars rounded up to 3 I am usually not a big fan of shifter stories One look at the wolf’s mate is most of the time enough to result in rushed insta love stories leaving no room to relationship development The blurb for this one sounded thus uite promising considering that Connor and Josh are already in an established relationship Connor being a cop and Josh working as a vet has been a further plus – two professions I really like to read about And The New Wolf wasn’t bad but it was way too short for all the happening taking place The mystery wasn’t well developed and a lot of uestions remained unanswered And there was a serious lack of emotions people are dying and everybody is moving on without a second thought And I also felt that I didn’t get enough information on the relationship between Connor and Josh Considering that it is actually the first part of a series I am hopeful that I am going to understand the pack and the danger it is in and the relationship between Connor and Josh better in the next installment

  4. LaShonta LaShonta says:

    This did not feel like a finished story at all The beginning of the story seemed like the middle It would've been nice to have backstory on Connor and Josh I did enjoy them as a couple and loved that they were already established I'm just saying a little backstory would have been nice

  5. multitaskingmomma multitaskingmomma says:

    Original Blog Post first reading the blurb for The New Wolf I mistook it for something that was like a book 2 or a book 3 When I saw that this was just the first book I was hesitant to read on I did not want to get disappointed Well I was curious a big fault of mine I realized as I was around 80% I felt like I was reading something that started in the middle and by the end it was like it ended somewhere in the middle The story of Josh and Connor was sweet but the werewolf angle just did not cut it for me Like I said before I felt like I stumbled into the middle of a story without preparation and got lost in the maze of things It was really not a complicated maze but still a maze The story did develop in a way but the relationship between Josh and Connor became stronger which is the actual reason why I added another star in my rating If not for this relationship developing I am hugely disappointed for there were just too many issues left unresolved And what was that about killing off a really loveable character like that? The series title really should say it all I guess Building The Pack building being the operative word? But somehow the story did not come across as well as it should have for me I don't know but I also realized something while writing this review I saw the heat rating to be a 4 and I was frankly surprised Did I miss the heat? Where was the heat?On that note I have to say I am pretty disappointed with this first book as I pretty much really enjoy RJ Scott's other books especially about that dog Deefur This means I will continue to look out for other works in the future including this series especially as my curiosity has already been tickled and I can never get over my curiosity

  6. Peter Todd Peter Todd says:

    I have realized for awhile that Scott has been churning out product and not paying enough attention to the result but this one is the final straw for meI am surprised to see that this title had a publisher because it certainly didn't have an editor This is the kind of uality that I would expect from a self published no name not three relatively well respected authors Scott has written several books that I enjoyed a great deal though nothing recently Hecht and Kell are not my favorites but they do tend to turn in workable and at least relatively clean workThese three stories are not that All three titles are full of sloppy errors particularly Scott's the Adirondack mountains are not in Vermont; a car's driver doesn't look left to see his passenger in the US among many other errors For a series there are some pretty serious continuity errors Even the line editing is atrocious with words misspelled or droppedTo top it off Scott's works are among the most egregiously overpriced in the ebook world I have been avoiding her for months because of this but I got seduced by the werewolves I won't make that mistake againI'm going to try to return the books because I'm really mad about having spend the money on bad product I will generally support a writer who misses the mark From three experienced writers and an established publisher I won't

  7. jules0623 jules0623 says:

    25 stars Too short While it wasn't a bad read it could have been a great read with a little emotional connection People die I didn't care and character development This is a common problem with Scott's latest books and at four or five bucks a pop it's becoming tiresome I'd much rather one or two books a year that are well written and thoughtfully plotted and characterised than several books that are short and forgettable I might give the other 2 stories in the series a read although Scott is the only author I regularly buy out of the three authors involved in this series

  8. Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews says:

    3 12 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsJosh and Connor have moved to the small town of Black Creek to start afresh after a hate crime in the city nearly cost one of them their lives Josh takes over his deceased grandfathers veterinary clinic and Connor is starting over in the sheriff's office Connor becomes interested in a series of unsolved crimes going back over fifty years that are attributed to the Black Creek Creeper and decides to try to solve some of them But there is a deeper secret being hidden in Black Creek and Connor stumbles across it when he is viciously attacked in the woodsThis is a pretty interesting paranormal story that is shrouded in mystery Connor and Josh are great characters both of them deeply in love and starting anew in the town where Josh's grandfather lived Connor is having a slightly harder time settling in the uite town after the noisy hustle of the city and he is suspicious of everything Josh has settled in nicely loving the challenge of working with bigger animals But when something happens to Connor and he changes Josh is willing to sell up if it means keeping the man he loves but Connor has discovered something he doesn't uite believe himself and has no words to tell Josh what has happened Ah this story is like a breath of fresh air so different from the typical shifter stories that you come across A dangerous lone wolf seems determined to decimate the wolves of Black Creek and Connor and Josh get dragged into the danger by accident which causes a strain in their relationship as Josh tries to accept what has happened Connor is the poor soul who stumbles on the town secret and his situation is beautifully described Josh's reaction is one of the best I have ever seen and I was so thankful that he didn't just throw himself into Connor's arms but held back to process what he had learned We have a pretty well written story that has interesting details revealed the storyline doesn't drag but is just right for an evening read we have some really hot sex as we see the great relationship between Josh and Connor The shifter secret is really well covered and if you didn't know this was a shifter story going in then the reactions of the towns people and sheriff's department would have you thinking they were all hiding a deep dark murderous killer The other characters are really well written and you can't help but look at them through Connor's eyes and view their suspicious behavior with trepidation I recommend this to those that love shifters standing by your man hot sex and the discovery of a secret that you'd rather not have known

  9. Lila Hunter Lila Hunter says:

    Rating 35 starsMore of an introduction to a series than a full story but I enjoyed the world build and the relationship between Josh Connor

  10. Achim Achim says:

    What can I say I liked the start with it's old fashioned temper and having an established couple as its core isn't a bad thing for a change Josh and Connor moving from the big city into a small village where Josh is buying into the veterinarian clinic of his deceased grandfather and Connor as his husband is starting newly as a deputy There are no problems with being a gay couple in a small town which is good because one of the reasons for the move was a hate crime still showing by a scar on Connors neck In fact we don't get much about the citizens or the village; the book is starting with some trouble in paradise because Josh feels guilty pushing Connor into the move while Connor is just uietly adapting to the new life What makes this part of the book so enjoyable is the fact that the reader already knows that there are wolf shifters while the guys stumble from one odd feeling into the next unexplainable situation As mentioned before it's so nicely old fashioned like a Spielberg movie from the 80'sUnfortunately that changes when the wolves are shown for real and Connor is turned Now everything is too predictable but without being charming any and the open uestions are not adding to the lightly gothic appeal but become confusing and latest when Connor has to explain the changes to his husband the story becomes too fast and lacking in concentration Pity but now I know I'd like to find some gay Spielbergish shifter story bit old fashioned lightly creepy and just fun to read and wouldn't mind if it has some sexy moments there has to be a book like that out there somewhere

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