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The Crescent Moon (Under the Moon #4) ❴EPUB❵ ✻ The Crescent Moon (Under the Moon #4) Author David Neth – The Harper witches have grown apart in the ten years since they defeated Toxanna and Will Brown Each of them are on their own missions in the magical and the non magical worlds However one by one the The Harper witches have grown apart in the ten years since they defeated Toxanna and Will Brown Each of them are on their own missions in The Crescent PDF or the magical and the non magical worlds However one by one the witches are warned of a powerful force that has been unleashed that may also be linked to the death of Chris and Holly's baby daughter As they fight for answers to this new threat on their own they soon discover that they have no other options but to ask for help Unfortunately family isn't always the first choice for sanctuary The Crescent Moon is a bundle of the short stories Blaze Timeout Blown Away and Deception.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 67 pages
  • The Crescent Moon (Under the Moon #4)
  • David Neth
  • English
  • 07 April 2016

About the Author: David Neth

David Neth is the author of the Fuse series the Under the Moon series the Small Town Christmas series and other stories He lives in Batavia The Crescent PDF or NY where he dreams of a successful publishing career and opening his own bookstore.

10 thoughts on “The Crescent Moon (Under the Moon #4)

  1. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    The Crescent Moon Under the Moon #4 by David Neth is a short story in the moon series It follows the witch kids now that they are grown up and believe their troubles have all died offthey were wrong Great story but wish it was longer hope this means there is to come as they are now adults

  2. Sadie Forsythe Sadie Forsythe says:

    Man do you ever just want to kick yourself for missing something important about a book before you read or listen to it? For me it's the fact that this is a FOURTH in a series of serials Argh how annoying; how did I miss that when I entered the giveaway to win a copy? It really doesn't stand alone The writing seemed fine and as far as I could tell from listening to two hours of the middle of a story the plot seems fine too The narration of this Audible audiobook felt a bit rushed and unnatural in the beginning but it did slow down and smooth out

  3. Dawn Dawn says:

    Cresent Moon was the perfect mix of back stories tie in from Under the Moon bundle and a glimpse of what is left to come It continued where Under the Moon left off and told us so much of who Chris and Holly are This book leaves you wanting to read the next in the series immediately The narration is again perfect for this series Nathan Weiland has a way of keeping your attention throughout the story His voice is calm and easy to listen to He reads with such enthusiasm that you get lost in the book

  4. Monica Monica says:

    If you read the author you will know his way of writing these characterswith human in them than supernatural Their magic they keep it to themselves saving the energy necessary to a next encounter These are short stories that started long time ago which end with a meeting of chaos I enjoyed listening to this audio book gift by the author as I've enjoyed the previous storiesWonder what will happenWaiting for the next

  5. Ruby McDemon Ruby McDemon says:

    I loved getting to catch up with the Harper's when everyone is older I'm a bit sad because it wasn't as long as the others but I can't wait to hear what happens next I love the entire using magic in the modern world and how it all just seems so right and everyday

  6. Kai Kai says:

    Crescent Moon begins a new chapter in the Harper Witches Fast forward 10 years Chris Joshua Holly and Kathy have gone their separate way Chris and Holly are married and divorced when their daughter died Joshua is a doctor and Kathy is an authorAn evil force by the name of Chaos is coming for them all After defeating Toxanna and Will the Harper witches have became lax in their magic With so much baggage of their normal life the Harper witches now have to refresh themselves with their powers as an enemy from their past paid them a visitIt is nice to find out what have happen to Chris Joshua Holly and Kathy They have a very content and normal life It is also a very much needed follow up on how The Blood Moon ended when Holly gave a prophecy that another evil threat is coming As with some part of the story I can see how Holly and Chris have divorced each other after their daughter's death What I can't agree with is that Holly just left Chris without yelling at him when she found out that their daughter didn't make it It is not a normal behavior for a mother to react With this incident the Harper witches stopped reaching out to each other The story is short compared to the other books in the series ReadersListeners will want to find out what and who is Chaos and what threat will the Harper witches faces and if they are ready to face Chaos when it arrivesThe narrator Nathan Weiland is back to continue narrating Under the Moon series He is the familiar voices that the listeners have continued their journey in knowing the Harper witches I received this audiobook from the author and have volunteered to review the book I was not compensated or influenced in any way for reviewing this book

  7. Nkiru Nkiru says:

    This was my first introduction to the series and the author I'm now his newest fan I love the plot the characters and the pacing I'm off to start reading the series from the beginning

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    This review is for both the book and audiobook as I have the individual episodes that make up this book I want to start out by saying the authors annoys the crap out of me lol All of his characters are so annoying except for Josh But I still keep coming back for because the stories are so good If you are new to this series don't take that wrong I mean annoying as instead of being like most magical paranormal reads these characters are written on a serious note They come with all the baggage and flaws a real live person and they started having to deal with stuff at a very young age Holly is so selfish but she has been through so much I can't wait to see what happens with her There's something I want to express about her but I would spoil it for you Chris is just devastated and can't live with himself after the death of his daughter Did he really cause it? We see the man Josh has grown into He is now a successful doctor who also at times uses his magic to heal patients That was my favorite part And omg I'm dying to tell you about when Kathy did a spell to remove a spirit from a person You will never guess what she saw I was so excited This is getting really interesting I can't wait for the next book I want it now The narrator is really great I love the uality of his performance He fits this series perfect I'm going to see if he has other works he has done because he sounds like he is really experienced

  9. Rickie Rickie says:

    I'm not generally one to growl at what I can only assume is a cliffhanger ending in this story Chaos is coming says it all very specifically to the characters who make up this series for good and ill I think I'll need to go back to the beginning and read the series through Family divided is never a good thing but even so if you've been a powerfully magic one that has lost their way Can the Harper's turn this around before tragedy hits? I voluntarily read this story and I just couldn't put it down

  10. Emmy Emmy says:

    Omgoddess This is considered cruel and unusual punishment My introduction to the series and the author was mind blowing Although it is a continuation of the series enough information is given to drive the story and characters forward without boggling down anyone who has previous knowledge of past events However I am bewitched to pick up all of the books or audiobooks and get to know them better I think Mr Neth is in disguise

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