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Eye of a Needle ➿ Eye of a Needle Free ➶ Author Cornelia Fick – Thomashillier.co.uk A great read for lovers of literary and experimental fiction this debut collection was written with a compassionate eye for the fragile positions of women the dispossessed and the poor While experimen A great read for lovers of literary and experimental fiction this debut collection was written with Eye of eBook ☆ a compassionate eye for the fragile positions of women the dispossessed and the poor While experimenting with different styles and forms of storytelling Ms Fick displays an acute insight into the mysteries of human nature This collection of forty stories varies widely from a one line story to a short novella 'Flying Ants' is a delicately observed narrative about the emotional neglect and abuse of Mrs Prinn a woman displaced by her daughter 'Belinda' a slice of life in a small South African town told from the point of view of Oom uncle Baba 'Knit One' a story about a retired couple solidifies the tone and major theme of the collection the decay and unseen emotional damage caused by uneual and patriarchal relationships.

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  1. Tango With Text Tango With Text says:

    TangowithtextcomThis book of short stories is one that will stay with me for a long time In time I will once again read this compilation until I am able to process the vast array of emotions each story brings forth Ms Fick has compiled a book containing many of her original short stories some several pages some just one or two lines but each is powerful in its own way From fable to fantasy and everything in between this book showcases the author’s incredible talent Different writing styles and genres are used but most importantly for me each contained comment on society as it is today Whether it is abuse rape love hate or simply respect each story leaves the reader thinking and the writing style of each reinforces this This is a book which should be used as prescribed reading for high school learners to enable them to discuss their lives and help them to recognise behaviours which are destructive so that they can find ways to change these We so often overlook matters which are uncomfortable to us and this book brings many of these uncomfortable thoughts forward for us to examineThis book of short stories is highly recommended to everyone The writing is superb the imagery is amazing and if read in one sitting the entire collection can be read in about three hours Do not be put off by my thoughts on the stories it contains – each of us reads and processes information in our own way Personally I will be reading this collection again and again in the years to come

  2. Bandit Bandit says:

    What sort of short stories do you like? I prefer completed narratives in other words just like a novel only shorter This collection wasn’t it These were snippets sketches glimpses into fictional lives of modern South Africa and as such while culturally interesting fictionally unsatisfying The writing itself was uite good but there wasn’t meat as it were to the book Kind of like going to a museum and only seeing outlines instead of the actual works of art Of course to go with that metaphor not every book can be a work of art but at least it seems like a worthy aspiration The again this might work for some readers for pure language appreciation Or maybe for poetry lovers Or maybe for someone who needs to be reminded once again how crappy life in Africa seems to be irrespective of location But it wasn’t for me uick read but that’s about it really Thanks Netgalley

  3. Jo-Ann Jo-Ann says:

    Like many of the best story tellers Connie Fick is funny Her first book Eye of a Needle And Other Stories is full of keen wry observations “Her buttocks jiggle as she sweeps they juggle as she walks Up down up down Other women’s may sway sideways but hers goes up and down singing a rhythmic song; one for you and one for me” “Flying Ants” Some stories unfold with the measured hilarity of a Herman Charles Bosman stoep yarn eg “Belinda” in which the Oom Schalk like narrator tells the tragic tale of a small town beauty and a no good layaboutOthers derive their humour from her dialogue “She didn’t even greet me properly If you ask me she’s one of those people who show teeth but in their hearts they say ‘Mog jy vrek’” “Eye of a Needle”But Fick’s light touch is mixed with pathos and the bitter bite of social commentary After reading the forty stories in this collection you will look twice at the silent woman at a family gathering; at the old couple celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary; at the respectable man at a function with his daughter on his arm; at the interactions between an MK cadre and his family “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for an older female to get respect” one of Fick’s narrators remarksI was in Fick’s MA in Creative Writing class at Rhodes University where writing is taught through reading Fick’s favourite writers included Lydia Davis and Maxine Chernoff but she has fashioned South African stories wholly her own Many are set in small towns which like Fick’s birthplace are not found on any map or in hospital wards seething with discrimination Fick is a trained nurse and her inclusion of medical detail and nursing procedure makes stories like “DD goes to hospital” particularly rich and enjoyable Many of my favourite stories in Eye of a Needle are absorbing narratives – often about marriages – which begin conventionally and then unravel into something else “One day she awoke and he was inside her body and her mind filling eighty percent with his presence edging her out The weight of him changed her posture” “Knit One”Her prose is sparse controlled and rhythmic ualities which also describe Fick’s poetry and her story “uest for My Dignity” includes a chilling poem about marital rapeEye of a Needle includes tales which explore or subvert a variety of genres including flash fiction micro fiction romance fiction a children’s story surrealism and science fiction In a powerful piece of flash fiction “The List” she uses a grocery list to hint at the fall out of marital infidelity In “Last Will” an ailing mother’s list of funeral instructions paints a nuanced often humorous portrait of a family matriarch In “Flying Ants” Fick deftly interweaves an encyclopaedia’s dry description of termites with the thoughts of a woman who – while watching an eviction episode of Big Brother – considers how her daughter has usurped her place in her husband’s affectionsIn “Care Plan” Fick uses the language of a nursing process guide to create a seething profile of sacrificial wifedom “His care would be implemented at least twice in 24 hours according to the plan Continuity of care during their time together and in preparation for a long marriage was therefore assured It would be documented in the relationship’s record A professional care giver she was selfless nurturing and prioritised others abandoning self care managing the effects of an abused childhood through medication”Without self pity or strident political grandstanding Fick’s debut collection offers devastating insights into the complexities of human relationships during apartheid and post apartheid South Africa – and the burden borne by women Her stories make you laugh and leave you stunned

  4. Patricia Romero Patricia Romero says:

    Eye of a Needle And other stories is a collection of short stories each a moment in time I felt as if I were peeking into the windows of a dollhouse and observing people whose lives have no resemblance to my own at first glance but there was an underlying truth that linked usWhen I read a book there either comes a time when I'm hooked or I'm out The very first story I was hooked I wanted This is a book that makes you think makes you feel broadens your view of the worldHaving seen only the South Africa of the wealthy this was what I wanted the true people of South Africa with all of it's bad and goodThe author's keen observations on women and humanity are written in a subtle form but carry a big message To me there is no better read than the one that entertains the reading and teaches me something There were a lot of laughs and some tears You know it's good when you are still thinking about it the next day

  5. Marie (UK) Marie (UK) says:

    This book really did very little for me Short stories are not my favourite genre but I like them at least to have a plot that can be followed Unfortunately most of these failed to have even a plot Akere was just a rambling mess of literary designs that did not work such as counting chapters backwards There were a few that i liked generally this of 4 or 5 pages rather than 20 or so or even the very short ones There is obviously a theme of race discrimination in a recently post apartheid South Africa care plan appealed to me whilst DD goes to hospital made me shudder at his treatment I expect there is an audience out there for this sort of book it just isn't me

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    Loved the book cover its amazingA great book wherein the thoughts of women are reflectedA must read for all womenA thought provoking read to make the humans humane

  7. Deborah Du Deborah Du says:


  8. Amanda Bennett Amanda Bennett says:

    Haunting snapshots of human moments Some of the stories left me scratching my head while others are permanently seared into the recesses of my mind These intriguing short stories take place in South Africa so many of the cultural references are disorienting However the author’s insights into humanity are raw and poignant These are not feel good stories but they have a truth to them that packs an emotional punch

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