Fischer Versus Spassky: Chess Match of the Century Epub

  • Fischer Versus Spassky: Chess Match of the Century
  • Svetozar Gligorić
  • 09 April 2016
  • 9780004105765

4 thoughts on “Fischer Versus Spassky: Chess Match of the Century

  1. Lukasz Pruski Lukasz Pruski says:

    Throughout its centuries long history chess has been the game of a tiny minority of mankind Now strange things have happened within a few weeks This incredible match and the even incredible Fischer have made the whole world read about chessThe Chess Match of the Century took place in summer of 1972 but my fascination with Robert James Fischer Bobby Fisher in short had begun much earlier On September 10 1962 Fischer participated in the Poland vs USA chess match in Warsaw and I an eleven year old schoolboy member of my school chess club watched the handsome devilishly smart well dressed young American man so unlike the drab grim gray Soviet style role models play chess in Dom Chłopa A Farmer's House and winning his game against the Polish champion Bogdan Śliwa Since that moment 54 years ago I have been interested in world chess although I stopped playing when still in grade school having realized I did not have any talent But I followed almost the entire trajectory of Fischer's career which to me began with the Candidates' Tournament at Curacao in 1962 peaked during the unforgettable summer of 1972 and then gradually declined into reclusion and uasi insanity that ended in 2008 when the uite possibly best chess player ever died in exile in IcelandIn his short book Fischer v Spassky 1972 the famous chess grandmaster Svetozar Gligorić gives the background of this most important chess match of the 20th century as well as an account of the insanely complicated process of preparations and the eually unusual dynamics of the match itself The colossal importance of the match was that it broke the Soviet domination of chess Players from the Soviet empire had been continuously holding the world championship title between 1948 and 1972 and since the very beginning of his career Bobby Fischer had felt that his life mission was to wrangle the chess crown from the Russians as he incorrectly called the Soviet players Mr Gligorić provides astute psychological portraits of the opponents he contrasts Boris Spassky the reigning world champion an urbane highly cultured man of many interests with the singularly driven Fischer for whom life was chess chess was life and nothing else matteredAfter the protracted negotiations about the venue of the match between the Americans and the Soviets had ended with the Reykjavik Iceland compromise Fischer continued the fight to ensure a bigger cut of the match money for himself There was a moment the preparations for the match were already complete when it became almost certain that the match will be cancelled Luckily a rich British chess sponsor James Slater saved the event by adding a substantial amount of his own money to the prize fundThe extraordinary process of pre match negotiations was totally surpassed in its bizarreness by the dynamic of the match itself In the very first game Fischer committed perhaps the greatest blunder of his career and lost He lost the second game by forfeit because he did not show up at the chessboard complaining about the presence of TV cameras noises from the audience etc Normally a 20 lead after two games should be enough for Spassky to retain his crown However Fischer was able to prove that he indeed must be considered one of the very best players of all time when in the remaining 19 games he destroyed Spassky 12565 Yet while demonstrating his absolute chess brilliance Fischer continued to complain about the conditions of the match and made new and new demands This led to such bizarre events as testing the players' chairs to make sure they are not used to carry poison and dismantling the 105 glass plates of the huge lighting canopy over the stage which produced only two dead flies Perhaps the most hilarious moment came when the Icelandic Chess Federation issued a declaration that it was not its intention to sue Mr Robert FischerOf course grandmaster Gligorić one of the world's strongest chess players in the 1950s and 1960s explains every single of the 21 games played between Fischer and Spassky with his own detailed annotations but that part of the text will appeal only to chess expertsOverall while the book is a worthy read it could be much better I understand that the speed of coming out with the book was the primary consideration for the publisher the match ended in August and the book was printed in September which undoubtedly is why the coverage feels a bit sketchy and the book reads as the series of reports for a daily paper rather than a consistent whole In fact I am still waiting for a definitive biography of Robert James Fischer Three stars

  2. Steven Steven says:

    One of my all time favorite chess books I have probably read this at least fifty times and played through some of these games than that

  3. Jason Stanley Jason Stanley says:

    I am not the best at following written chess moves especially just in my mind But Gligorich does a great job in explaining the importance of the moves and providing a compelling narrative connecting each game I really enjoyed this

  4. John John says:

    Bobby Fischer versus Boris SpasskyThis Match in Reykjavik Iceland in 1972 had the sustained electrifying drama of the Olympics Seabiscuit vs War Admiral Ali vs Frazier The World Series Grand Slam Tennis Super bowl you name it plus the Cold War and Détente thrown inBoris Spassky a Russian – the Russians over the years maintained a monopoly on Chess Championships was the reigning World Chess Champion and had previously played Fischer 5 times wining 3 and drawing twice The format for this contest however was to be 24 games or the first player to 12 ½ points A win counting 1 point to the winner nothing to the loser and a draw a ½ point to each Bobby Fischer was a pure eccentric He possessed an indomitable spirit was reckless brash practiced one upmanship at any opportunity and was generally uncontrollable He considered himself then as he undoubtedly was considered later to be the best chess player to have ever played the game His charisma and flair drew world wide attention to Chess like no one before him or since His daily clashes and demands with the Organizers the media such as it was then and anyone else nearly brought the match crashing down as each game approached; no one really knew if the days game would even be played I was on the edge of my seat scraping for news of the Match as the rest of the world was too no Internet mind you cable etc but newspaper coverage was extensive and there was even coverage on public television with commentary and analysisFischer lost the first game and in a fit of piue forfeited the 2nd game Now down 2 0 he came roaring back; won a total of 7 games outright 4 with Black Pieces including the last and 21st game while Spassky could only manage 2 outright wins Fischer won 12 ½ to 8 ½ and became the 11th World Chess Champion and the only American to ever win itIn 1975 he was stripped of his Title for non defense In 1992 after a 20 year competition layoff he again met Spassky in the Rematch of the Century and won again; 10 wins 5 losses and 15 ties but now was a fugitive for violating US and UN sanctions for engaging in economic activities in what was then Yugoslavia For the remainder of his life he feared extradition and never returned to the United States and after 9 11 made derogatory and inflammatory remarks about the US and Israel Fischer had a brilliant mind for Chess was severely outspoken and I rather think a decent guy but later in life a little deranged perhaps Even before this match he stated that Americans would rather “sit in front of a TV instead of reading a book” He was right And I feel something should have been done while he was still alive to heal the breach between him and this country Henry Kissinger was a strong supporter of his back in 1972 I am overrating this book I’m sure and there are probably better ones but this author was a contemporary and played against both players

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Fischer Versus Spassky: Chess Match of the Century⚣ [PDF] ✅ Fischer Versus Spassky: Chess Match of the Century By Svetozar Gligorić ✰ – Fischer vs Spassky | World Chess Championship The most exciting world championships of all time countdown ends with a nearly consensus pick Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky in in Iceland The match talli Fischer vs Spassky | World Chess Championship Spassky: Chess Epub à The most exciting world championships of all time countdown ends with a nearly Fischer Versus PDF/EPUB or consensus pick Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky in in Iceland The match tallied an amazing points with eight judges a maximum Versus Spassky: Chess PDF ↠ score would have been which was higher than second place Fischer vs Spassky was the only match that every single judge Versus Spassky: Chess Match of PDF/EPUB ² voted for Spassky Versus Fischer Chess Match of the Spassky Versus Fischer book read reviews from the world's largest community for readers Spassky vs Fischer How the chess battle became a Ravens Spassky vs Fischer is an attempt to delve into the psychologies of two remarkable men Spassky who's now was usually regarded as the stable of the two Fischer died in after World Chess Championships Spassky vs Game of the World Chess Championships between Spassky vs Fischer started out fairly calm until Fischer played a very aggressive bishop sacrifice Match of the Century Fischer vs Spassky Game In the most exciting game of the series so far Fischer looks to be super aggressive while Spassky plays one of his favorite defenses Spassky Versus Fischer at Hampstead Theatre It's Fischer versus the world Spassky beautifully played by Ronan Raftery also dislikes the nation he purportedly represents but his position is interesting being chess champion affords Spassky Versus Fischer at Hampstead Theatre | Ravens Spassky Vs Fischer runs November to Jan at Hampstead Theatre hampsteadtheatrecom If you value what this story gives you please consider supporting the Versus Spassky: Chess Match of PDF/EPUB ² HamHigh Click the link in Spassky Fischer Tous trois fondent Spassky Fischer en Ninon Chaboud a fait ses tudes l’Esaab Nevers et Marieta Fize Eugnie Cotton Montreuil Elles rejoignent Spassky Fischer en Thibault Lambert rejoint l’uipe en tant ue studio manager cette mme anne Rfrences Clients MAC VAL – Muse d’art contemporain du Val de Marne Muse d’Orsay Jeu de Paume Muse d’Art Match Fischer Spassky de — Wikipdia Le match de entre les anciens champions du monde d'checs Bobby Fischer et Boris Spassky a t prsent comme un championnat du monde d'checs mais tait officieuxCe fut un match revanche de la rencontre lors du Championnat du Monde d'checs de Le match a commenc Sveti Stefan prs de Budva une le au large de la cte du Montngro Championnat du monde d'checs — Wikipdia Spassky joue mal dans la finale et la partie est ajourne avec un gros avantage pour Fischer Spassky abandonne par tlphone ce ue Fischer refuse d'abord exigeant la signature traditionnelle de la feuille de partie mais finit par y consentir et devient ainsi le e.