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10 thoughts on “Two Hearts Rescue (Park City Firefighter Romance #3)

  1. B. D. Mann B. D. Mann says:

    This is the third book in this five book series but it works well as a stand alone book Having read the two prior novels for my taste this is the weakest book in the series so far On the positive side I really enjoyed the up close and personal glimpses into the day to day life of a firehouse crew Parts of the book were highly entertaining and I loved the clean romance format Aside from a number of editing errors that should have been cleaned up prior to publication the writing was well done I love great poetry but one of the most accurate claims made by Slade is that his poetry stunk with the possible exception of what he recited in the firehouse and on the cruise ship I had a hard time with the kangaroo court scene For me it was a major departure from believability However the punch to JFK’s mouth made Slade a hero in my book On balance this offering is well worth reading but for me it lacks that little extra something that warrants four of five stars

  2. Pam Pam says:

    Two Hearts Rescue Park City Firefighter Romance is written by Daniel Banner Taylor Hart and Christine Kersey When one is continually told she isn’t good enough ultimately she begins to believe it Then just as she is beginning to make some progress someone comes along and destroyers her again How does one deal with that? How can one withstand another breakdown? Poppy Mercier was determined to win against the constant belittling her mother did on her She could do nothing right or be good as she should be Even after leaving home for college she still wasn’t good enough Now she is back home trying to get her business going; but was having some problems One problem she could tackle was her weight She decided to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill Surely she could do that No She found herself in a very unattractive position after falling on the treads To make matters worse it was just after looking into the eyes of a “hot” firefighter Slade Powers was in the final month of his probationary time at the firehouse He was the one who got all the dirty jobs and all those which encouraged the men to get up and not sleep in Slade stayed by himself much as he had been for most of his life He had a girlfriend but she ditched him while he was in Officer Training School in the Army His heart was broken again and he felt it would never be fixed He was destined not to become so attached to anyone for fear of them leaving Yet he feels drawn to the girl with the great smile She is looking for love and acceptance while he is looking to avoid love completely How will this work out for them? This is a great book Keep the tissues handy

  3. Aimee (Getting Your Read On) Aimee (Getting Your Read On) says:

    This book was okay for me but not my favorite I was frustrated by the main character Slade I just didn't get the feels for him I did enjoy the firefighter stuff the firehouse workings the way the station team interacted They came across as real and believable I would expect that to be the book's strong point with the author being a firefighter himself Just a side read not a full review read for meContent clean some kissing

  4. Julia Lance Julia Lance says:

    Having been a firefighter's wife for 15 years I have never wanted to read a firefighter's romance because I live it everyday I had to give this one a shot though since it was written by a firefighter Since I am able to see both sides of this life it really says how much of his heart and soul the Author put into this book I can appreciate it on so many levels As the wife of a firefighter as well as someone who freuents personal counseling to better oneself I love that the Author is able to vent his emotions through writing What a great release of the stresses of this life or any for that matter If I had any talent I would do the same thing but mine tends to be rambling on paper I loved the story line and the depth of the characters I think the continuous connection you get with the guys at the station throughout this series is starting to grow on me I love that this book has a lot of hidden emotion that others outside of this life may not pick up on but it helps to give the story what it needs to be realistic I am really glad I gave this one a shot and can't wait to read from this Author

  5. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  6. The Flipped Page (Susan K) The Flipped Page (Susan K) says:

    Romance clean very mild faith elementsThis was a fun read DB portrayed the firefighter life well and made a fun couple and their cute meet and fall with Poppy and Slade Always love reading two genuine honest hearts falling for each other They both had a past both had hurts and some issues but as they learned about each other their relationship grew in a fun way The crew pulling together to help with some horses was a fun scene and the accident later in the novel was intense and realistic The two of them made a beautiful fun couple that definitely had attraction sparks and chemistry Great uick read

  7. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    15 stars I'm sorry but I didn't enjoy this one The h was insecure constantly having thoughts of inadeuacies The H was so scared of making himself vulnerable to another woman that he hadn't had a relationship or dated anyone in 6 years I appreciate an H who isn't a tomcat but that's a little cowardly Overall I appreciated the dual povs how clean this read was and the totally sweet epilogue but this was a little too annoying and cheesy in parts for me to really enjoy it

  8. Christina Christina says:

    35 StarsI enjoyed this book especially the detail and behind the scenes look I got into the workings of a fire station I found parts of it flat out hilarious and really connected with some of the self esteemworth themes in the book I did find parts of it to be a bit rushed as well as some of it a little cheesy but overall a good book

  9. Quinn Fforde Quinn Fforde says:

    Wow I was so surprised by this book I had been less than thrilled with two other books by other authors in the series and I wasn't sure how this one would go I was hooked by the middle of chapter one because Poppy was so brave and funny in the wake of her epic treadmill disaster She and Slade have some terrific banter and they toss around allusions to Monty Python and the Princess Bride I'm all in for thatThe humor was the thing that hooked me but I also enjoyed the characters They had good depth and I got choked up several times as I read If I had to pick a central theme for this book it would be this uote Cowardice was never a word he wanted associated with him especially after the last 24 hours when he'd stepped up over and over again to do the right thing This applies to both Poppy and Slade and it is what makes them so compellingI also appreciated the way their views on God and faith were threaded through the story It was very natural and well considered A couple of cons I thought Poppy's reaction to the breakup was a bit over the top but that didn't last very long Also there are some odd mistakes I would like to see fixed auspicious circumstances instead of inauspicious But those were not enough to dock a star I am definitely going to read by this author

  10. Sara Summers Sara Summers says:

    FunThis was a fun read and it actually made me laugh out loud a few times However there was cheeseGood heavens this book was cheesy So incredibly cheesy I can handle a little cheese and even enjoy it but wow this one might take the cheesecakeEvery time I read one of the “poems” I groaned for the main character Also is there anything to poppy other than a bright smile and insecurity? At least she wasn’t writing poems too I guessIt was still a good fun read but beware because the cheese level is extremely high

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Two Hearts Rescue (Park City Firefighter Romance #3) ❮KINDLE❯ ➜ Two Hearts Rescue (Park City Firefighter Romance #3) ❤ Author Daniel Banner – Poppy Mercier is not good enough At least that what she's always been told and she believes After tumultuous college years she returns to her hometown of Park City Utah and soon encounters a handsome Poppy Mercier is not good enough At least that what she's always been told and she believes After tumultuous college years she returns to her hometown of Park City Utah and soon encounters a handsome young fireman who makes her doubt her own self doubts Slade Powers isn't interested at least not like that He's the new guy on the Park City Fire Department Two Hearts PDF/EPUB or and is struggling to get a side business off the ground He's been burned in love before and has no desire to expose himself like that again But when he meets the girl whose smile can outshine the sun he knows he's in troubleWill these two broken souls overcome their pasts to find love or is it too late for either of them to be rescued.