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Color of Love [Read] ➲ Color of Love Author Anita Stansfield – England 1857The British aristocracy is an inflexible judge And for Amala a lovely young Indian woman that judgment is most keenly felt Raised from a child by the wealthy Hepworth family following the England The British aristocracy is an inflexible judge And for Amala a lovely young Indian woman that judgment is most keenly felt Raised from a child by the wealthy Hepworth family following the murder of her parents Amala grew up alongside the Hepworth’s own daughter Katarina and was loved as both sister and daughter The Color of Kindle - family is part of the charmed circle of the upper class but Amala’s place in society is tenuous As an Indian woman her life is marked by a sense of otherness and voices of prejudice So when she embarks upon a sweet acuaintance with Henry Breckenridge a white Englishman Amala is both elated and terrified She knows first hand the opposition that an interracial couple would face and courtship with Henry could destroy his standing in societyDetermined to spare the reputations of both Henry and her sister Katarina Amala flees England with the hope that an extended trip will allow her time to heal her broken heart But she never imagined the repercussions of that decision and the heartbreak awaiting her For when she returns to England she finds those she holds dear facing unparalleled devastation And now it is her love that holds the key to healing a broken family.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 288 pages
  • Color of Love
  • Anita Stansfield
  • English
  • 14 December 2016

About the Author: Anita Stansfield

Anita Stansfield the LDS market's best selling romance novelist is an imaginative and prolific writer whose romantic stories have captivated her readersWith sales approaching a half million Anita Stansfield has clearly found a niche in this market said Nicole Martin Publicist for Covenant Communications Her popularity stems from her ability to empathize with and Color of Kindle - write about the issues.

10 thoughts on “Color of Love

  1. Artimus Artimus says:

    One of anita's best booksas far as the story line and moral go I cannot say that about the many grammatical spelling time period and repeat errors that are in the book though

  2. Shauna Shauna says:

    I absolutely love the many twists in this storySo creative and unexpected making you read far into the nightAmala Henry and Kat will become very close friends that you will want to spend time with wishing that their story will never endSuch a GREAT BOOK I highly recommend it

  3. Charissa Charissa says:

    This features Amala an Indian girl who has been raised by English parents in Regency time period after her parents were killed in India The family returns to England where she learns to act English dress English and think like an English womanbut Amala will still never be able to fit in because of the dark color of her skin Most English look down upon her despite her cultured upbringing and think she is an abomination When she meets Henry Breckenridge they are mutually attracted to each other but she cannot bear to burden him with all the repercussions that marrying her and bringing half breed children into the world would bring to him Running away brings another kind of heart break to both of them but they must move on for society will never allow a mixed marriage This story took place over several heart breaking years as these forbidden lovers tried to find happiness without each other There were lots of twists and surprises and it was a gratifying read Amala’s family seemed a little too tolerant and casual for that time period and their ranking in English society to be truly believable but I could overlook that because it’s how I wish of them would have behaved back then It was an enjoyable story that showed that although the infatuated physical love two very different people feel for each other cannot conuer all obstaclescommitted devoted and charitable love a deeper form of the same love can eventually triumph I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my fair and honest review

  4. Tessa Tessa says:

    I so wanted to love this book And when I started it I did love it However each of the characters became increasingly annoying And the amount of time these people talked about their feelings would be enough to drive anyone batty Overall a potentially fun story that unfortunately turned out to be a disappointment

  5. Sydney Sydney says:

    I have always been fascinated with stories that take place in India or have characters that visit or are from India I also am a huge fan of Anita Stansfield novels So when given the chance to read and review Color of Love I took the opportunity Stansfield has written a delightfully engaging historical romance Her characters come to life as she tells the story of an Indian young woman Amala raised by an English family after her own family is killed when she is a child But although she is loved by her own family at social gatherings she is always on the outskirts not being completely accepted because of the color of her skin And so Amala decides there is no hope for love and romance But is there? And will Amala take a chance or run so there will be no devastating disaster? I would recommend this novel to readers that enjoy the work of Anita Stansfield as well as historical romanceGenre historical romancePublisher Covenant CommunicationsPublication date January 3 2017Number of pages 288Content Rating PGBook Rating 5 starsA review copy of this novel was provided by Covenant Communications A review was not reuired and all views and opinions expressed are my own

  6. Amanda Amanda says:

    SPOILERSI had a hard time deciding what to rate this book I loved so many aspects of this book and I see why she did things the way she did thembut the middle of the book was so frustrating to read sometimes I was left wanting of Amala's story when she wasn't traveling with her aunt I wanted to read about her romance with Henry tender moments between them And it's just plain weird that Henry married Kat Again I get why Anita did what she didit was just a little hard to read I loved everything else about this book I loved that she wrote about the Indian culture and the struggle between India and England I always love the characters in her stories I always have an easy time relating myself to them Great book but it will be a while before I feel recovered enough to read it again

  7. Chatharina Chatharina says:

    I think that this book could have been much better if it was a little like Jane Eyre detailing the life and trials of a young Indian girl in England as she grew up rather than making it sound like a misconception The love interest was moody like Harry Potter in the 5th book and cried a little too much Congrats on writing a book that involves an issue such as race The average person who reads this book will wish they could smack the main character repeatedly for being so prejudiced against any hope of a happy future

  8. Laura Laura says:

    It was hard to muddle through this romance novelBoring predictable and completely uninterestingAll the action was inside the characters heads where the author TOLD you the story and never showed the reader anything interestingThis book does everything a good writer should NOT doI have no desire to read any other books by this author

  9. Lydia Lydia says:

    I enjoyed reading about Amala a woman from India living in English society and the struggles she faced I was completely caught up in her romance with Henry and even understood the conflicts however I found myself skimming the middle half of the book with a need to get back to their story

  10. Traci Sessions Traci Sessions says:

    I loved this book The author takes some tough subjects of prejudice and racism and how this may make a person feel inferior and wraps it all into a story of love with people who love without prejudice This story has a lot of twists and turns and surprises and it keeps the reader very engaged

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