First Steps in Academic Writing PDF ☆ in Academic

  • Paperback
  • 212 pages
  • First Steps in Academic Writing
  • Ann Hogue
  • English
  • 04 September 2016
  • 9780201834109

10 thoughts on “First Steps in Academic Writing

  1. Sebah Al-Ali Sebah Al-Ali says:

    A textbook assigned for teaching writing classes level 2 low intermediate in my institution It's not bad The structure of the book is interesting and the material provided is suitable for my students However it doesn't seem to be strong enough to help student acuirelearn the reuired information Not all topics were explained in a clear manner I needed to consult other textbooks and material to support my classes and provide students with what they needed to learn Overall I think the book is good to help plan the structure of a writing course but it's not enough to be the only textbook consulted

  2. Kay Kay says:

    Used as the writing text for a low intermediate writing class at a community college On the whole my students didn't find this text as useful as its predecessor Weaving It Together Book 2 by Milada Broukal although the book did have certain strengths such as making the writing and editing process explicit and providing plenty of good model paragraphs However I was not a fan of some of the exercises that involved sentence parsing analyzing sentence structure For example here are the directions for one exercise to analyze complex sentencesStep 1 Underline the independent clauses with a solid line and the dependent clauses with a broken lineStep 2 Draw a circle around the subordinateStep 3 Add a comma if one is needed Well as you might imagine some confusion ensued and at times I spent time explaining how to do the exercise than in getting the point of the exercise across I found myself either not assigning these exercises or amending the directions to make them less confusing

  3. Adolf Bunpo Adolf Bunpo says:


  4. Mustafa EL Gaml Mustafa EL Gaml says:

    Contains much information that I got from fundamentals of academic writing but Expanding info And well built for beginners

  5. Daramao Daramao says:

    I want to read this book

  6. Annisa Annisa says:

    i like

  7. Abdla Ik Abdla Ik says:

    want to read

  8. Soplada Soplada says:

    simple and easy and I took a bad mark in the final Exam

  9. Rasha El-Ghitani Rasha El-Ghitani says:

    I recommended this book for the beginnersbut they have to continue and improve their writing skillsGood Luck

  10. Ladyzie Ladyzie says:

    amazing books for my class

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