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魔法使いの嫁 1 [Mahō Tsukai no Yome] [PDF] ✪ 魔法使いの嫁 1 [Mahō Tsukai no Yome] By Kore Yamazaki – Thomashillier.co.uk Elämäänsä ja maailmaan väsynyt nuori ihmistyttö Keijujen ja henkien todellisuus jonka vain harva näkee Velho joka ei kuulu täysin kumpaankaanVelhon morsian on loistava hankinta kaikille fantas Elämäänsä ja maailmaan väsynyt nuori [Mahō Tsukai PDF/EPUB ½ ihmistyttö Keijujen ja henkien todellisuus jonka vain harva näkee Velho joka ei 魔法使いの嫁 1 PDF/EPUB or kuulu täysin kumpaankaanVelhon morsian on loistava hankinta kaikille fantasian ja mysteerien ystäville Kansantarinoista sarjakuvansa aineksia ammentava Kore Yamazaki 1 [Mahō Tsukai PDF/EPUB ¶ loihtii lukijan eteen Englannin maaseudun ja metsät joita eivät asuta ainoastaan ihmiset vaan myös keijut ja henget Nämä naapureina tunnetut olennot ovat väliin herttaisia ja avuliaita väliin arvaamattomia ja pelottavia Pelottavan näköisen Elias velhon opastuksella Chise tutustuu sekä niihin että omiin synnyinlahjana saatuihin kykyihinsä Mutta hän ei ole ainoa joka oppii uutta Kun kaksi erilaista sielua kohtaa syntyy koskettava ja koukuttava kertomus.

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  1. Lois Bujold Lois Bujold says:

    OK this is what I get for browsing after midnight when the gremlins are abroad but anyway this one is intriguing I was looking for a counter to the latest very shonen thing I'd read and this wasSomeone once said the two ur models for romance are Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast and this tale falls suarely into the second camp It is also I suspect informed by the The Tale of Genji romance model less known in the West Some other reviewers who are having very 21st Century freakouts over the age and so far power differentials of the two protagonists may be unaware of the latter thousand year old Heian classic novel dunno I've actually read Genji ages ago in translationShall not attempt to describe the plot so far but the mode is on the whole gentle with dark edges I liked it enough to consider buying Vol 2 for my tablet we'll see Ta LMuch later have just read this through to the end of Vol 9 and found that the anime tracks the manga very well throughout even mostly the ending at episode 24 which I had incorrectly suspected to be an anime add on Vol 9 does go on one scene farther which starts a new arc Vol 10 is not yet at my library Still very pretty artworkL

  2. Mary Mary says:

    It's true that the world in which you grew up was not kindbut it was not your enemy There's already a key in the lock that holds you All you need do now is open itWow If you like Harry Potter or A Darker Shade of Magic or anything with a fantastical twist that delves deep into folklore the surreal and makes you want to live there this is the manga or book for youChise Hatori has lived a life of solitude No one loves her Her parents abandoned her and since then everyone who wanted to care for her dumped her to the side like garbage So when we find her chained scared and with circles under her eyes it becomes clear that Chise is a very damaged girl She can see fae and other magical things that were the cause of her abandonment and the reason her life was turned upside down Elias Ainsworth a renowned Mage buys her for 5 million dollarsWith her freedom Chise is to be trained to become a powerful witch that draws all power to her body known as a Sleigh Beggy Not only are they extremely rare but the fact that she can see magical beings is also unusual for her kind Elias gives her the chance to live with him or to make her own life but after how kind he is and how he refers to her as family she can no longer go back to her old lifeExcept that Elias forgot some important information He intends to wed her but we don't know why It might seem strange for this creature to marry Chise but he is much human than he first appears He is intelligent holds a dignified and refined air and is very well known I could easily describe this series as a mix between Studio Ghibli and Harry Potter There's something so magical about this that it seems so sweet until you realize just how dark this series can go Chise has struggled with depression and attempted suicide in her past and the fae she comes across may or may not kill her depending on their mood The story draws from a lot of English folklore mainly Irish We have Silkies fae dragons and even a cat kingdom While the idea of the story might turn some people away I ask you to please reconsider This is a rare beauty that I never knew I needed until I read it I want MORE I want to see interactions between Elias and Chise and I want to see Chise grow into a powerful witch With the first antagonist stepping up and attempting to slice Chise to bits things have gotten even interesting than ever And the art is beautiful and so different than most manga art I seeI'll be picking up volume 2 If you are interested here are some youtube videos about the mangaka She was a complete noob just doing her thing when an editor told her Hey let's make you a mangaka And instantly her manga has become a hit And there's good reason for it Also I will link a short amv that captures some of the dark beauty of this series and made me interested in the series to begin with I hope you will at least give them a lookAmv ONLY 1 minute and 41 seconds video about manga and success part 1Part 2 3

  3. Victoria ♡ Victoria ♡ says:

    Oh wow I'm really loving this concept Good strong first volume and I feel like there was a good amount of plot to go with the character introductions Definitely makes me wanna start the anime sooner

  4. destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries] destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries] says:

    I won't say that I loved this first volume but it definitely caught my interest enough that I'd like to continue the series There were some really interesting characters here and I love the designs of a lot of them especially ThornAinsworth and the Ariels I was a little iffy when I realized the whole Magus' bride bit in the title is referencing the fact that Thorn intends to eventually marry this teenage girl he's bought though to be fair he hasn't bought her as a slave at all — he essentially bought her freedom and offers her a homefamily but I decided to stick it out and there is no romance at all at this point so I'm going out on a 'benefit of the doubt' limb here and assuming that this is not a grooming story If I'm wrong in later volumes I'll come back and update this with a warning 😬

  5. Angela (Angel& Angela (Angel& says:

    The Ancient Magus’ Bride Vol 1 was a nice start I liked it but wasn’t overly wow’d I do plan to continue the series and see where things go The thing that got to me was the young girl in the situation she is in I think a lot of manga take this routeWhat we have is a 15 year old prisoner bride situation The bone headed mage bought her for reasons we haven’t yet figured out I’m happy that he hasn’t done anything other then give this young girl a safe place to live grow and learn about her uniue powers He is at the moment showing her the mage world and teaching her what she can do Chise has struggled with depression and attempted suicide in her past and the Fae she comes across may or may not kill her depending on their mood The artwork and drawings are beautifully done The Ancient Magus’ Bride brings us Silkies Fae Dragons and even a Cat Kingdom There is something magical about this manga until you realize just how dark it can beRated 3 Stars

  6. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    Again I am just sampling some manga that would seem to be somewhat similar to a couple I am reading One The Girl From the Other Side is darkly atmospheric not very forthcoming with respect to details about its world featuring a monster dressed in an elegant suit who is called by the girl he takes care of Teacher; Witch Hat Atelier focuses on a girl who wants to be a witch and is taken on as an apprentice by a cute guy her teacherThis one has a monster in a suit ancient mage Elias Ainsworth who buys a teenaged and manacled girl named Chise for 5 million pounds to give her the opportunity to be his apprentice if she so chooses Choice? She comes from poverty and abuse and he is rich and seems nice and is not yet sexual with her so she’s inclined to like him especially when in Beauty and the Beast fashion? he uses magic to look like this hunky younger guy in public Then he casually mentions he wants her to be his bride in addition to his apprentice Power imbalance? Everyone in this world including all the women seems to generally approve of this move though one notes the extreme age difference between them with exasperation He gives her lots of choice and space and we see she has special powers which may have something to do with her being referred to by this obscure Gaelic term “sleigh beggy” which could just be wee one or fairy who knows Anyway this seems to be set in a fantasy frame of an ancient historical period so maybe that in itself makes it okay?And then there are lots of adventures they go on so it looks promising actually There’s a lot of Celtic folklore references to fairies and references to Shakespeare’s fantasies such as Midsummer Night’s Dream

  7. Crystal Crystal says:

    Characters and settings are well drawn; the magical lore exciting I would be supportive if not for the circumstances of Chise's new life Being an ancient nonhuman mage doesn't excuse 15 year old prisoner bride situations Chise's father is gone mother dead and relatives cruel and greedy Her natural abilities seem to alienate her from modern society and she has sunk into such a state of lost depression as a neglected abandoned child that the twisted Sotheby's of the magical world is able to whisk her away into its slave auctionThe story too easily accepts and has light teasing behavior eg paraphrasing Ancient Magus to Chise 'Time for our Honeymoon 'Let's plan our Honeymoon' toward a minor's sexual enslavement even if prefaced by an apprenticeship Also the magical universe may be unknown and dangerous for Chise but placing her constantly in need of rescue by her 'ownerslave master' he removes her chains but gives her no freedom regarding her home and future pg 28 underscores this And damsel in distress an annoying sexist cliche the literary world overChise may possess a matured understanding but she is still fifteen It's possible the mangaka may have her defy her age and escape her creepy pedophilic captor he may 'wait' until she's an adult but 'informing' a kid she's his future mate whether she likes it or not is criminal If not I'm not sure I could ignore the gross plot of a fatherly captor raising his own slave bride Maybe she could survive him grow into her powers and then blast apart his freaky purple necked skullface

  8. Shaikhah Shaikhah says:

    I loved it and I do wonder what will happen next

  9. Lauren Lauren says:

    45 starsPhew That was certainly unusual scratches head I really enjoyed this The Ancient Magus' Bride is unlike any manga I've read before please note I have not read much manga but the general consensus is that this is somewhat different to the rest It's fantastical magical and at times slightly confusing It tells the story of Chise a girl who is bought by Elias Ainsworth the bone headed creature from a slave auction and who is repeatedly referred to as a 'sleigh beggy' She learns that she is to be his apprentice and future wife which is a little disturbing considering she is fifteen and he is much older plus he has a skull for a head But anyway Chise goes on some extraordinary adventures and is told that one day she will become a mage too since she possesses an ability where she can perceive magical creatures including fairies The story ends on a tense cliffhanger so I shall definitely be picking up the seuel What I loved the story it was strange and slightly bizarre at times but wonderfully refreshing the artwork it was beautiful I loved Chise's clothes the fairies and the kitties the pace I didn't find it slow or too fast; it was a happy medium Aside from the above there were a couple of things which perplexed me the way the writing was set out it wasn't clear cut who was speaking at times and whether it pertained to the illustration in uestion also the story itself seemed to jump around and I wasn't sure what was happening In the end I decided to just go with the flow and I'm hoping that the seuels will fill in the gaps as there is a lot to be explained All in all The Ancient Magus' Bride vol 1 is an entertaining and unusual fantasy manga with some stunning artwork Just be prepared to not fully understand everything

  10. Amanda Kratz Amanda Kratz says:

    So this is really my first experience with any type of Manga I did enjoy but I think I’m missing some understanding I think there is a lot of reading between the lines of learning the facial expressions of the characters that I still have to learnI feel this story is really jumpy It was hard for me to follow but again that maybe just me not being used to this writing style The story that there however is very interesting and intriguingYou have a young orphan girl Chise who’s relatives don’t wish to keep her because she keeps having strange visions She is sold to a mage who tells her she is a powerful witch and he intends to make her his bride Lots of other things are going on dragons fairies evil doers etc I wish I had had a bit plot but it was interesting I’m glad I finally got around to trying some manga I’m not entirely sure it is my thing but I enjoyed trying something new

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