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The Almost Series [Epub] ➝ The Almost Series ➢ Christina Leigh Pritchard – SHAY BOOK #1 Shay is scientific experiment #318 Science may have created her but she refuses to allow it to blind her to the difference between right and wrong Synthetic Hominid Assumed Youth SHAY is SHAY BOOK Shay is scientific experiment Science may have created her but she refuses to allow it to blind her to the difference between right and wrong Synthetic Hominid Assumed Youth SHAY is eighteen years old which means she has completed Phase One Developmental Shay no longer reuires the assistance of her Optional Human Parent Darla who has guided her in the process of discovering her morality Shay loves her easy charming life aboard the marine research facility and doesn’t The Almost PDF/EPUB ² want it to change Phase Two Experimental All SHAY ages will experience loss Darla shouldn’t have to die because of an experiment The thought of losing the only parent she’s ever known is too much Determined to make sure the scientists at the facility don’t get their way Shay entraps Darla in a transport device to escape across the Miami Border There on the mainland law enforcement will keep her human parent safe Escape Mission Failed ERIC BOOK Reprogram of ERIC initiated Download complete in The sweet charming Eric that Shay knew is officially gone He’s been reprogrammed by Dr Cole and the other scientists aboard the marine research facility that developed Shay Now instead of assisting Shay in her grand scheme to save her Optional Human Parent Darla from certain death Eric has been reprogrammed to kill them both That intimate moment on the beach they sharedlost forever Mission complete Suspect SHAY captured With Eric’s help Dr Cole finds Shay and takes her back to the research facility where she will remain until she can be linked to her robotic host and terminated Shay is placed into the care of a new program called NIC that will analyze her data and keep her safe Except if the NIC discovers Shay has already linked he will initiate her termination immediately ending any chance Shay has of saving Darla NIC BOOK Escape Marine Research Complete Survival mode activated Shay and her Optional Human Parent Darla escape Dr Cole and make it across the Miami border from the Marine Research Facility but their safety comes at a hefty price Shay thought hitting Eric in the head would save him from being reset but there was too much blood She has no idea if he survived or what will happen to NIC without her there Capture of SHAY initiated Hybrid hunter released If a highly skilled hybrid hunter tracking her through the streets of Miami isn’t enough to worry about Shay’s corporate sponsor Endre wants something from her too Threats are in motion to terminate NIC and pull the plug on Shay’s AMIE essentially killing them both Shay has no choice but to make a deal with Endre to create inventions for him to sell to potential financial sponsors But when he ups the stakes and wants Shay to help create a weapon of war she refuses She’ll just have to find another way to save NIC and find Eric Shay’s death is certain There is nowhere else to run.

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    The Projects of Scientists Gone Mad Could Be the Alternate Title for These StoriesI liked SHAY and ERIC and felt like they had many redeeming ualities but some of the other characters had little to no redeeming ualities POP and NIC are okay but most of the rest of the performing cast of characters seriously needed a really long Time Out or complete annihilation or a complete circuit reboot I was fascinated enough to read all there was to available to read but it ended with one of the largest cliffhangers of every possible cliffhanger I'm so unhappy with how it ended that I contemplated leaving a 1 rating but the imagination and creativity and unusual thoughts in the existing work that went into writing this book and kept me entertained right up until the very last page deserves a 5 It's been a lovehate experience so it's not likely that I will purchase the rest of the series I've had enough ups and downs to last a long long long time It is what it iseither love it or hate it but now you'll have to decide which it is for yourself I'm emotionally wrung outLots of luck

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