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The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire ❮Epub❯ ➟ The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire Author Howard Pyle – Howard Pyle's Merry Adventures of Robin Hood unfolds the adventurous tale of Robin of Locksley who becomes an outlaw He joins fellow outcasts in Sherwood Forest creating a merry community of exiles To Adventures of PDF ´ Howard Pyle's Merry Adventures of Robin Hood unfolds the adventurous tale of Robin of Locksley who becomes an outlaw He joins fellow outcasts in Sherwood Forest creating a merry community of exiles Toying with authorities Robin Hood and his men steal from the rich Merry Adventures of Robin Hood MOBI :↠ and give to the poor that is until the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham catches wise of The Merry eBook ´ their efforts.

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  1. Jess the Shelf-Declared Bibliophile Jess the Shelf-Declared Bibliophile says:

    These stories were great fun to read I had never read any of these even as a child They did tend to have the same basic premise of outwitting someone and eventually winning their allegiance each story but they were still very endearing Overall it probably was a 35 but I rounded up

  2. Karen Rós Karen Rós says:

    Seldomly I've been so touched by a book as I was by Robin Hood From the very beginning it was a lighthearted and happy tale of an outlaw and his adventures told in a careless joyful and entertaining language depicting Robin Hood not as a criminal but a lovely young man with a sharp wit sense of humour and excellent skills with the bow He is the king of his band of men yet they are eual he shows mercy for the needing and sympathy for the weak You wish him all good in the world and it is with a somewhat heavy heart that you wish him a good journey with the King of England when he grows up and you shed tears when he returns to Sherwood after years of service to the King even so when his band of men all return to him Even so all things good must end and you feel like you've lost your dearest cousin the one that was your favourite because he was charming witty and wellmannered as well as he had a pure heartfarewell Robin Hood may you rest in peace I do realise that this story is nothing but fiction based upon folklore and that the real Robin Hood might not have been worth the glorynevertheless he is an interesting character and I believe that Pyle has managed to create a real hero with his interpretation of him I love Robin Hood now than I did as child watching countless movies and cartoons about him most of these inspired by this tale But nothing beats the real thing so to say and I feel that my childhood hero has gained a stronger place in my heart

  3. Rob Rob says:

    Marry I didst learn to prate e'en as those stout fellows did in Merry Old England 'Tis true there are other accounts of Bold Robin's merry doings but this one I wot pleases me most of them all By the bright eyes of the lass I love best I'll say you do you give yon 'Bloody uaker' the chance thou wilt likewise fall willy nilly under his spell both with the pen and the brush for he is a fair hand with both withalAnd to whoever did lightly reave away my copy I've since obtained another ten years gone a murrain upon thee

  4. Trish Trish says:

    I liked this for what it was little adventures full of mischief and jokes against the authoritiesEveryone has heard the name Robin Hood and knows about his friends Little John and Friar Tuck or Will Scarlet who wasn't actually called that once upon a time They have fallen out with the law for relatively innocent reasons but the law back then was even of a mess than it is now So they all moved to Sherwood Forest where they are living and hiding and giving the occasional feast for wealthy people after which the rich are less rich and taught a lesson lolWhere does the wealth go? Well I bet good old Robin keeps a bit of it to finance his next prank but most of it is spent on giving to the poor often in form of free foodWhich explains why these guys are so popular When the king demands and when the taxes are raised again and again and when the Sheriff is a prick you definitely look to guys who aren't afraid of them and their thugsEspecially as a children's story this must have been an instant success I'm not sure why the tales have become legendary exactly but it was uite fun despite it always having been clear how the individual adventure would endThis didn't exactly rock my world but it was fun enough and I'm glad I finally read this classic as well

  5. Cindy Rollins Cindy Rollins says:

    Howard Pyle is my of my favorite read aloud authors This version of Robin Hood reads like a lyric ode to Sherwood Forest and the merry band of outlaws It is the perfect book to read aloud to young poet warrior hopefuls It is also the last book I will read aloud to the young man I have been teaching for almost four years so the bittersweet ending of the book strikes a remembrance of past readings with my own children Let us end hereThus they rode slowly onward talking about these old familiar things; old and yet new for they found in them than they had ever thought of before Thus at last they came to the open glade and the broad wide spreading greenwood tree which was their home for so many years Neither of the two spoke when they stood beneath that tree Robin looked all about him at the well known things so like what they used to be and yet so different; for where once was the bustle of many busy fellows was now the uietness of solitude; and as he looked the woodlands the greensward and the sky all blurred together in his sight through salt tears for such a great yearning came upon him as he looked on these things as well known to him as the fingers of his right hand that he could not keep back the water from his eyes

  6. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    I liked this book until the endI wont ruin it for those of you who have not read itbut after you read it I think you will understand what I mean Another iconic character that has evolved to this day Green Arrow and Hawkeye

  7. Steve Hemmeke Steve Hemmeke says:

    A rollicking good time This long version by traditional storyteller Howard Pyle hums with the merriment of Robin's band of brothers Their adventures involve bringing justice to folks in need at the expense of the apathetic or oppressive rich and powerful passing near Sherwood forestIt struck me that Robin Hood presents some lessons from the 1200s on masculinity which we might not learn in our culture The typical reference to Robin's merry men today tends to be an off color homosexual reference which only shows how little we understand true masculinity1 Good men are uick to laugh not because they are fools but because they pursue a life of joy2 True men can laugh at themselves They are not so caught up in their ego pride or machismo that they don't see when they have BEEN the joke3 Real men aren't afraid of others of superior ability but invite them to join them in common cause This strengthens them in a community that depends on others It is amazing how many times Robin loses a fight then asks the winner to join him4 Men trust other friends with their lives We need friends to share our fight walk our road and tell our stories with usBe a real man like Robin HoodI'm not sure it was intended originally but the premise presents a powerful parallel with David outlawed from Saul in 1 Samuel Both David and Robin gather those indebted or out of favor or outlawed to the king Both are really in the right and will be vindicated in the future Both work for the good of the kingdom and themselves before that time comes by plundering God's enemies Both are pursued by the oppressive authorities Saul the Sheriff but are vindicated by higher authorities God King Richard

  8. Steven Walle Steven Walle says:

    This was a wonderful reread from my childhood A wonderful romp through the Sherwood forest with Robin and his merry men A tale of good and evil stealing from the rich and giving to the poorI recommend to allEnjoy and Be BlessedPS It makes it a lot fun if you read it aloud to a childDiamond

  9. Dave Skaff Dave Skaff says:

    Pretty much the first thing every new Kindle owner does is download a shitload of free classics And hey why not? They're much lauded and free And among that set for me was this bookI loved the Robin Hood tales as a child read some other kid friendly versions of it time and time again as a boy and so I thought I'd tackle the original here And? It was awesome If you liked it then you'll like it now Friar Tuck Little John Will Scarlet the whole band is there frolicking and robbing and carrying on What I didn't recall however is that this book is funny Robin has a wicked sense of humor and the dialogue is witty A bit cartoonish even So I dug that this trip aroundI asterisked original here because there really is no original After reading this I was prompted to read all of the Wikipedia entries about Robin Hood and the evolution of his tales This version by Pyle is widely regarded as the beginning of the modern and well known tale but it was neither the beginning nor the end Check the Wikipedia entry if you're curious for hunting

  10. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    This was I genuinely life altering book for me I read it for a 12th grade book report and I absolutely loved it This one book sparked a revolution in my reading habits No longer was I a participant of the young adult genre devouring books like Harry Potter or The Series of Unfortunate Eventsand that's nit to say I don't like them any or that I think they're stupid I still love them I now belonged to a scholarly class of literature A whole new world was opened up for me In the beginning of this story through a course of events young Robin eventually takes someones life The story later foes on to narrate that Robin had made a vow never to take another life in vain I think that this was the cause of Robin's life long sacrifice I think that he felt guilty for taking something that wasn't his to take and he vowed to make amends by righting any wrong that to any degree replicated the injustice he caused The book doesn't outrightly state any of this it's just a theory of my own That I think gives Robin some depth and thats why I love this book Any book that holds some wider philosophical ethical or spiritual significance is a great book by me

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