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10 thoughts on “Obsessed

  1. Carole P. Roman Carole P. Roman says:

    uick little thriller that is great for a fast read Carver jumps right into the story when single girl Kristy walks home alone from an evening out with her friends Attacked and left unconscious at her doorway the police wonder if the assault was random or deliberate There is a creepy neighbor that seems a perfect suspect but all is not what it seems In brisk fashion Carver writes a credible short story that reads like a crime drama on television Tension and suspense bring it to a suitable conclusion where all the pieces fall into place

  2. Jessica Jesinghaus Jessica Jesinghaus says:

    Check out this review and many on my blog out of 5 starsObsessed is a well executed short story Characters were introduced uickly and in such a way as to give the reader a good grasp of personas in very little page time If you're looking for a fast chilling read this one is certainly worth your time

  3. Groovy Lee Groovy Lee says:

    This is a short story that does not leave you wondering in the end First it's about three roommates who are stalked by a vengeful psycho bent on killing all of them And second it's also a well written thriller with a moral to it Do not judge your neighbor until you first get to know them


    A intense very short story Well written graphic scenes This is what happens when you cheat and ex wants vengeance The only negative I have; The ending it just BAM ends

  5. Dwayne Fry Dwayne Fry says:

    There were some tense moments so the book does what it's aiming to do but it could have been There was a serious lack of description all through the book making me feel as if the characters were faceless dummies and the backgrounds a blank white screen If the author could flesh out the characters and make them feel real the tension would be much thicker

  6. Ashley Murray Ashley Murray says:

    LovedI absolutely loved it Kept me at the edge of my seat Super excited to see what's next in store

  7. Sandra Burns Sandra Burns says:

    Great short readShort fast and a great story line Good characters Fast paced action packed Sounded like something that has happened in real life

  8. Nathan Bush Nathan Bush says:

    This is the first work of Alex Carver's that I have read but it certainly won't be the last I found it enjoyable and well written where the murders are concerned with just the right amount of tension although the lack of emotion shown by the characters was a bit of a put off All in all it was a good read and I plan on reading Mr Carver's other works

  9. GoodGlory GoodGlory says:

    This book was not a book It was a 30 page high school essay In 30 pages there's no way possible to add the detail and depth that needs to be inside a story to make it worth reading The only plus about this story is that it's free and I didn't pay for it

  10. Kay Oliver Kay Oliver says:

    This short was pretty predictable but it was still enjoyable Revenge infidelity and judging books by their cover make up this short thriller The ending left nothing unanswered

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Obsessed ❰Download❯ ➽ Obsessed Author Alex R. Carver – When Kirsty is attacked on her doorstep after returning from a party she is left to wonder who is responsible and why A short story of approximately 8000 words When Kirsty is attacked on her doorstep after returning from a party she is left to wonder who is responsible and why A short story of approximately words.