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The Art of Love ❰Read❯ ➪ The Art of Love Author A.B. Michaels – This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 9780991508907 How Much Would You Sacrifice for Love With nothing but a strong back and a barrel full of ambition August Wolff finds wealth beyond measure in This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN How Much Would You Sacrifice for Love With nothing but a strong back and a barrel full of ambition August Wolff finds wealth beyond measure in the The Art PDF/EPUB ² frozen wilderness of the Klondike Success however comes at an unbearably high price Now Gus walks alone and all the money in the world can’t buy him what he needsIn the late ’s when women are largely seen and not heard Amelia Starling longs for a life limited only by her imagination Blessed with abundant artistic talent and an even bigger heart she dares to defy convention in order to help the ones she loves Leaving scandal behind she moves to the boomtown of San Francisco hoping to make her mark in a man’s world living with the pain of a sacrifice no woman should ever have to makeTwo wounded yet defiant individuals meet at the dawn of a new century Finding connection through their pasts and a dream for the future they discover a passion eclipsing all they’d ever known Longing to build a life together can they overcome the dictates of a society known for cruelty and spite.

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  1. Sunhawk Sunhawk says:

    I'm happy to have read this mediocre book as it confirms my belief that my ratings mostly 4s are fair How lovely to have so many good books to readBut this isn't one of them This is a run of the mill Bodice Ripper that attracted my attention because it centers on The City San Francisco that's dearest to my East Bay born heart The book isn't bad; it uses many of the tropes common to Bodice Rippers including the author's apparent discomfort with writing about actual Bodice Ripping and the sex that follows The two main characters are attractive and distinct It's even a good story I'm sure that several reviewers have recounted the plot in excruciating detail Why do they do that? Are they in 4th grade with Miss Lassen? The editing if any? was lamentable Our heroine anticipates her eminent move to her new digs and hero and hero admire the lights around the parameters of buildings seen from the top of the Palace Hotel Such illiteracy really spoils the overall impact

  2. Maureen Maureen says:

    One of life’s great pleasures is finding an author with a body of work that I can follow for a while to feed my appetite for reading Often I find an author late in their career and I am sorry I missed seeing them sooner but I’m glad that I can binge on the backlog A friend recommended AB Michael’s The Art of Love It grabbed me from the first page and had me staying up way too late to read just one chapter again and again When I finished I wanted and was sad to realize I will just have to wait to get the next installment I promise to wait; I just won’t be patient about it I want to know what happens to not just Lia and Gus but all of their friends and family Do they have children of their own what becomes of the artists’ colony how does the upcoming earthuake impact their lives AB Michaels did such a wonderful job of weaving history and romance and tension and political issues into an I can’t stop reading wonder I was left with such a sense of these being real people; it makes me wonder what she used as her inspiration

  3. Anemone Flynn Anemone Flynn says:

    Four out of five stars The Art of Love Origins of Sinner’s Grove by AB Michaels is a romance novel chronicling love between two art lovers in San Francisco at the beginning of the 20th century But don’t let that fool you into thinking this is a sedate slow storyThe book is written in three parts Part one introduces Augustus Wolf on his claim during the height of the gold rush It has a wonderful wild west feel to it which I suppose is only to be expected given the setting The second part is Amelia’s story telling of her origins in the East and why she travels west The third part commences when they are both in place in San Francisco By now Augustus is at the top socially and financially but the circumstances of his success have left scars that won’t stay buried When the young artist Amelia Starling catches his eye it starts a chain reaction that helps him finally solve the unanswered uestions that have haunted him for yearsMichaels’ real world setting for this book feels very well researched and I found it transporting Amelia and Augustus come across as fully rounded characters complete with flaws and strong points; there are also several secondary characters who are very charming I found the story’s tone reminiscent of Louis L’Amour for the western style; I don’t normally read romance so I’m not sure which authors it most resembles in that genreBecause this book is a romance it shouldn't come as a surprise that I rate it for married adults on the Aardvark scale and even then it may be too sensual for many people There was one scene in particular that I pretty much skipped Be aware of what you’re getting yourself into because you won’t want to stop in the middle of this book If you enjoy romance novels westerns or historical fiction you will enjoy this debut novel by AB MichaelsI received a complimentary copy of this book in order to review it

  4. Jennifer Lara Jennifer Lara says:

    The Art of Love is the first book in The Golden City series by AB Michaels The story opens in May 1896 as August “Gus” Wolff works a claim in the Klondike His wife Mattie has decided that life in the Klondike is not want she wanted and decides to return to Seattle with their one year old daughter Annabelle Against all odds he does strike gold and he travels to join them in Seattle only to find out they are no longer there No one seems to know where they have gone and despite his best efforts Mattie and Annabelle have vanished Around the same time Amelia “Lia” Bennett faces an unwanted marriage in New York City Her only joy is painting and when her new husband forbids her to paint she devises a plan to leave him and New York behind Gus and Lia’s stories converge in San Francisco in 1902 Gus is now a wealthy shipping tycoon and Lia a well sort after artist When the two meet sparks fly but Gus is known as the local playboy so Lia keeps him at arm’s length Or so she tries The Art of Love was an enjoyable fast paced historical romance The story is exciting and thrilling until the very end The banter and teasing between Gus and Lia is funny as well as romantic The friends in their lives are eually interesting and I look forward to seeing them get their own stories or make appearances in the other books I enjoyed every bit of the story and eagerly turned each page to see if the uestions swirling around them would be answered Even the aspects of the story that seemed out of place it fit It also shows that despite that most of the society of the day may have accepted or played by the social conventions of the time doesn’t mean everyone did Overall it was a great story a great start to a series I look forward to continuing the series I highly recommend The Art of Love The Art of Loveis available in paperback and eBook

  5. Doreen Prentiss Gabriellini Doreen Prentiss Gabriellini says:

    ‘The Art of Love’ by AB Michaels is a wonderful piece of historical fiction This wonderful story takes us from the Yukon to New York and lastly San Francisco in the late 1800'sThe story drew me in during the first chapter and had me staying up late to read ‘just one chapter’ When I finished I wanted There was hope however since the cover of the book says The Golden City #1 Both the main characters Gus and Lia are extremely complex characters who have both survived failed relationships and heartache Both Gus and Lia have had to make very hard decisions They both have worked tirelessly to carve out a second chance at life They have each found the strength to face a future alone But they are not alone for long because when they meet sparks fly The story of how Gus and Lia find each other and come to terms with their pasts is compelling and the memorable secondary characters add depth to the rich storyline Is rich in history description and especially in the two main characters They're flawed and so very human I found myself wanting to read about August Wolff and Amelia Starling The book is beautifully written I couldn't put it down I highly recommend this book I will be on the look out for from this author I would like to thank AB Michaels BooksgoSocial and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

  6. Virginia Tican Virginia Tican says:

    An engrossing read despite my reluctance to read about divorce The author has presented another aspect of such a solution to the intolerable situation that Lia George and Emma are in in Part 2 by way of introducing Amelia Ruth Bennett's story I can not also fault Lia in choosing her own path though painful by her leaving Little Georgie but that was the best option so that George and the newly widowed Emma can be together and Lia can pursue her art What I cannot fathom is why did Emma not marry George in the first place instead of Hiram when Mr Bennett's main goal was money anyway and the Powells are rolling in it plus it would have honored Catherine Bennett's wish that George and Em marry? Mr Bennett is a disgusting entitled idle snob using his daughters as pawns for money to spend and yet cannot add to it And Mr Powell is no better by using blackmail to ensure that Lia and George do marry So Lia went away with Sandy who is gay and her supposedly adulterous partner cited in George's and Lia's divorce to San Francisco to live as bohemian artists In this Golden City Lia meets Gus and life as they know it has completely changed for them both being that Love is the catalyst But their pasts caught up with them specially that of Gus's that is till unresolved because of a 7yearold lie

  7. Nanette Littlestone Nanette Littlestone says:

    History and passion come aliveFrom the icy fields of the Yukon to the rich abodes of New York to the growing beauty of San Francisco and the redwood forests AB Michaels captures the history and aliveness of the late 19th and early 20th centuries in her heroes Lia and Gus I shivered through Gus's gold mining attempts in the Yukon and wondered how any man or woman could exist there Then my heart bristled in outrage at Lia's unfortunate turn of events among the wealthy patronage of New York And through it all I wondered how do these characters connect? But they do and beautifully The Art of Love brings together such different locations and characters and personalities and melds them like the melting pot of civilization that they were and continue to be Michaels' deft hand shares the cultural high points of San Francisco in the early 1900s through art and food and construction and shipping You taste Lia's fervent desire to establish herself as an artist Gus's need for love and family despite his rise to wealth and the minor characters of Sandy and Will are far from cardboard and show depth and compassion and great loyalty The satisfying ending came about much too soon I wished the book could have gone on longer

  8. Barbara D. Mason Barbara D. Mason says:

    The historical setting was interesting but the author didn't stay true to the portrayal because she imposed modern language activities and societal standards I suppose she was trying to appeal to today's reader but this is what I found to be beyond plausible1Gus goes for a jog and goes to the gym Really? This is turn of the century Yes gyms did exist I googled it but they were boxing gyms I could be wrong but jogging is a relatively modern exercise It would have been likely for him to go out and chop a cord of wood if he wanted to physically let off steam or work the body 2 Swear words the 'f' and 's' words were not likely used in that period Again I could be wrong3 This is the most blatant faux pas the freuent premarital sex That would have been not only scandalous but downright reckless given that no birth control was mentioned Come on She got pregnant right away with her first husband and not with Gus?I give this book the lowest rating and will not pursue this author

  9. Sue Woodruff Sue Woodruff says:

    This book by AB Michaels is the first in a series of books It had a high rating from Goodreads and it was only 199 so I decided to try it It is historical fiction which is set in the late 1800s and early 1900s Gus Mattie and Lia are the main characters although there are many interesting people that show up in the book At the start of the novel Gus and his wife Mattie are up in the Yukon Territory where Gus is hoping to strike it rich during the Yukon Gold Rush Mattie his wife takes their child Annabelle and heads to California after she decides she cannot take living in such a rough and forlorn environment The novel then is the story of Gus's pursuit of happiness first by striking it rich with gold and then by finding his true loveI gave the book four stars instead of five because it was what I would call historical fiction light It was a fun and easy read and I am moving on to Book 2 of the series entitled The Depth of Beauty

  10. Kristy Day Kristy Day says:

    A turn of the century novel based upon upper society in San FranciscoThis is an excellent novel based upon San Francisco elite The author doesn't write what's expected about upper class society yet about the struggles one man goes through to get what he wants happiness The book is well written week developed and well paced Scenes are described so vividly they can be easily pictured Characters are believable and emotions are heartfelt An excellent book highly recommended

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