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  1. Jonathan Sussex Jonathan Sussex says:

    This is a great book for the Christmas season as each of 31 devotionals is only four pages long so even on the very busy days it is short enough but rich enough to give some focus to your day This book will be added to my Christmas reading list for future years

  2. Emma Emma says:

    I'm waffling between 3 and 4 stars so maybe 35? I liked that the content was heavily Gospel focused reminding the reader of our need for Jesus and how his birth life death and resurrection have given us everything even though we deserve nothing However I disliked that each day's reading did not build on previous days It seemed like Tripp was revisiting the same ideas with a forced new theme that he stuffed the old ideas into I'm okay with repeating ideas and building on them or expounding but it seemed like there was only enough material for maybe a 2 week devotional stretched into whole month Tripp also writes with way too many adjectives and adverbs Another annoyance was the constant use of that baby in the manger his name is Jesus and starting many chapters with a seemingly unrelated anecdote and then you're probably wondering what insert unrelated anecdotal topic here has to do with the Christmas story Well Please As if that isn't an overused structural device by pastors everywhere Minor writing uibbles aside there were many days that reading this devotional blessed me and helped me to adore that baby in the manger even than I already do

  3. Autumn Klepper Autumn Klepper says:

    I enjoyed this book I really appreciate Paul Tripp’s writing style very direct easy to follow yet poignant cuts to the heart He has a very uniue way of expressing deep truths without complicating his words in the process

  4. Megan Megan says:

    A wonderful book to read during Advent I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning about the meaning of the Advent season ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

  5. Josh Josh says:

    I found my family's 2017 Advent devotional Short clear readings from an author with a heart to guide his reader into a greater appreciation of the Gospel and affection for the Lord who makes and keeps grand promises I look forward to sitting with my family and enjoying this early Christmas gift ARC provided

  6. Rachel {bibliopals} Rachel {bibliopals} says:

    Really enjoyed his Central Theme focus for parents and children Will be incorporating it into our Advent Schooling next year

  7. Dave Packard Dave Packard says:

    31 day “advent” Enjoyed the daily advent aspect to the book good thoughts for the Christmas season I got to Christmas in this a couple of years ago and found that it kept going it irritated me a bit that it went beyond the advent season so I kept not reading the last few days of pages Finally picked it up and finished this year as I couldn’t stand having it on my “currently reading” list any

  8. Danette Danette says:

    Jesus was born to this world because what he came to do was desperately needed and could not be done any other wayI was expecting the daily readings to go through Christmas Day but they continue on until the 31st I think my favorite day was the 22nd The incarnation of Jesus Christ is God's clear demonstration that he will always make good on all of his promises to usThe past grace of the birth of Jesus guarantees that we will receive the present grace that we daily need and the future grace that is our hope in this life and the one to comeWhat sense would it make for God to go to the extent of sending his Son to be born for our sake and then abandon us along the way? Since God was willing to make such a huge investment in his grace isn't it logical to believe he will continue to invest in his grace until that grace has finished its work?2018 A book on the ECPA Bestsellers List2019 A book about theology

  9. Jordan Shirkman Jordan Shirkman says:

    I’m typically a huge fan of PDT and I have especially enjoyed his other devotional “Whiter Than Snow” and “New Morning Mercies” The content of this book is solid and gospel centered with a primary focus on our sin and Christ as the only solution Unfortunately the sentence structure and wording makes it difficult to read aloud at times and each devotional is at least 4 5 pages long which just feels realllly long for a family devotional I appreciate the topic suggestion at the end of each devotional to discuss with your children but the content itself feels impossible to go through as a whole family and even tough if you’re an adult who is just listening instead of the one reading

  10. Gina Johnson Gina Johnson says:

    This book was full of rich gospel truth and was very good I did feel that he was sometimes verbose than necessaryand I don’t usually feel that way about him This is definitely an advent book aimed at adults It does have a “for parents and children” blurb at the end of each day where he has a central theme and some uestions and talking points to help the parents summarize what they read My kids are a bit older 12 10 9 and 7 so I read it aloud to them but I did do some editing on the fly

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Come Let Us Adore Him [Read] ➵ Come Let Us Adore Him Author Paul David Tripp – Every time the Christmas season comes around we look forward to putting up a tree giving and receiving gifts and participating in other traditions that make this wonderful time of year so special But Us Adore MOBI ☆ Every time the Christmas season comes around we look forward to putting up a Come Let Epub / tree giving and receiving gifts and participating in other traditions that make this wonderful time Let Us Adore Epub à of year so special But sometimes the most significant aspect of the season remembering and focusing on the coming of Jesus grows old and familiar In Come Let Us Adore Him A Daily Advent Devotional Paul Tripp seeks to recapture our attention and reawaken our awe during Christmastime Each day is structured like Tripp's best selling devotional New Morning Mercies' with a compelling gospel centered thought followed by an extended meditation for the day Each of the thirty one devotions also includes a Scripture reading and notes for parents and children euipping us to do the one thing that matters most each December celebrate Jesus.

  • Hardcover
  • 157 pages
  • Come Let Us Adore Him
  • Paul David Tripp
  • English
  • 20 August 2016
  • 9781433556692

About the Author: Paul David Tripp

Us Adore MOBI ☆ Paul was born in Toledo Ohio to Bob and Fae Tripp on November Come Let Epub / Paul spent all of his growing years in Toledo until his college years when Let Us Adore Epub à his parents moved to Southern CaliforniaAt Columbia Bible College from now Columbia International University Paul majored in Bible and Christian Education Although he had planned to be there for only two years and then to study journalis.