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  1. Hilary Hilary says:

    This was an enjoyable adventure following a young girl called Alice who loves to write stories Alice is looked after by her aunt who is an artist Alice's mum has died and her dad isn't around muchAlice gets sent to a boarding school in Scotland and here she finds friends adventure and a place to belong Although we enjoyed this story a lot we loved the humour the friendship the Scottish setting and even the narration it did feel that perhaps it is the first book of a series although it doesn't appear to be The conclusion felt slightly unresolved with regards to Barney Alice's dad and the school which seemed like an interesting an unusual one wasn't in much of the book we would like to have heard about this place and it's unusual headmasterAn enjoyable time spent with some great characters in a beautiful setting

  2. Amy (Golden Books Girl) Amy (Golden Books Girl) says:

    From the moment I caught sight of David Dean`s breathtaking cover to when I turned the final page I enjoyed every single bit of this book It focuses on Alice Mistlethwaite a girl still grieving for her mum who died a few years prior to when the book begins as she is sent to an eccentric Scottish boarding school and just as she is settling down and navigating new friendships she receives a letter from her father asking her to meet him at a castle Of course she decides to use the school`s Great Orienteering Challenge as an opportunity to achieve this and well you`ll just have to read it to see what wonderful events unfold from there The characters were so well drawn and realistic I felt like I could know them and I love how complicated the friendship between Alice Jesse and Fergus was Each one felt so distinct and I love the humour their actions and dialogue provide there is one scene especially that made me howl with laughter The 3rd person narrative style which is like a person telling you a story adds to both this humour and also the mystery of the incredibly intriguing plot as we`re shown events elsewhere and are clued in on things the characters are oblivious to Finally I must mention the setting of Stormy Loch which is a truly excellent piece of non fantasy worldbuilding as you really get such a vivid three dimensional picture of the school and I adore the wise major This is like a cross of all my favourite bits of Blyton but has its own fresh feeling and it`s become one of my top two favourite books of the year thus far I`m desperately hoping for MG in this vein from the author 55

  3. Robin Stevens Robin Stevens says:

    A simply brilliant adventure story full of friendship excitement and mystery It's set in a Scottish boarding school and reads like a cross between Enid Blyton's books and Eva Ibbotson's I absolutely loved it and I know you will too 8Please note this review is meant as a recommendation only Please do not use it in any marketing material online or in print without asking permission from me first Thank you

  4. Melanie (Mel& Melanie (Mel& says:

    I recently finished this kid’s book for #middlegrademarch and I really liked it Naturally the mother is dead mortality of mothers in kid’s fiction is something else Alice is sent to boarding school in Scotland Not a completely normal school and adventure ensues It’s a book about friendship and the family we make ourselves rather than the one we are born into Set in Scotland so winner Would recommend for readers age 8 and over

  5. Bella Bella says:

    This book is a real adventure I had a lot of fun reading and I looked forward to picking it up whenever I could I loved Alice and her two friends Jesse and Fergus and the setting of the book in the wild in Scotland was very exciting I love a good boarding school book and even though most of this isn’t in the school woops it didn’t disappoint Full review to come soon

  6. Arkham Reviews Arkham Reviews says:

    The Children of Castle Rock was a pretty wholesome adventure story in the style of a modern Enid Blyton novel but I do have some mixed feelings towards it The setting of Stormy Loch was like a character of its own possessing restorative ualities and instilling a sense of adventure in the protagonists Unfortunately we don't really spend a lot of time at the school in the novel While we're told about its ethos about encouraging the talents of students and its culture of Contests and Conseuences but we don't see a great deal of either in the story Personally I felt that a lot could have been done with this settingIn terms of plot the novel was a bit of a slow burner but it never lost my interest It is well over half way through the book when the actual plot starts to kick in and fifty pages from the end before things really start to get exciting If you're a fan of fast paced adventures this probably isn't the novel for you A lot of the story is build up concerning the contents of Alice's mysterious package and to be fair it did handle this very well Although there were some hints to be found the final reveal of what the package contained and why she was sent it comes as a decent twistHowever I wasn't a huge fan of the way that the story was told This is purely personal but I didn't like the heavy omniscient narration that freuently began the chapters It set the scene in a Godlike manner telling the reader what was happening and what the characters were feeling It also freuently reminded the reader of the betrayals lies and near death experiences to come This just felt clumsy to me I'm not really a fan of exposition and it just felt like a bit of a heavy handed way of keeping the reader's interestHowever the strongest aspect of the novel was its characters Alice Fergus and Jesse all talk and behave like real children They sometimes behave spontaneously fall out over the smallest things and easily become jealous of each other While none of them are perfect they do slowly become really firm friends and the gradual development of this was my favourite thing in the novel All three of the children have their baggage yet gradually learn to overcome this as they learn to trust each otherHowever the adults seemed to be less fleshed out The Major remains a bit of a mystery serving as a Dumbledore esue headmaster yet revealing little bout himself and the other teachers are a bit interchangeably Most disappointing still is Barney Alice's Dad I won't spoil his story arc for you here but it just seemed to peter out at the end leaving his eventual fate unknownAnyhow I think I've said enough While I didn't hate The Children of Castle Rock I didn't find it to be that memorable either If you're a fan of Enid Blyton stories I would recommend it as I think you might get a kick out of it

  7. Pauline Pauline says:

    A good solid adventure story

  8. Ryan Ryan says:

    Have you ever read a book that made you feel different made you change? This book made me feel free made me feel wild like I was there Every time I read it it evokes these emotions again I’m not sure what it is the compelling beautiful setting the wonderful description the delightfully real characters but this book is so good and if I could give it than five stars I wouldAlice Mistlethwaite is an eleven year old girl living in England who loves to write stories and is still reeling from her mother’s death four years prior She lives with her absentee father Barney whom she worships and her aunt Patience who just wants what’s best for Alice Patience sells their family home and ships Alice off to an eccentric boarding school in ScotlandNow Alice isn’t the only main character Introduced second is Jesse Okuyo whom I found the most relatable He’s a lonely shy sensitive boy who feels overshadowed by his family of overachievers with a talent for running a talent he finds useless and hates Then there’s Fergus Mackenzie a genius and a prankster whose parents are divorced and because of this he views parents in general as rubbish They all go to a boarding school called Stormy Loch famous for its Great Orienteering Challenge The three fall into a complicated and tumultuous friendship and when the Great Orienteering Challenge comes they are placed in a team together Alice sees this as her chance to run away across the Scottish highlands to find an island and find her father if only she can convince her teammates to follow her And a mysterious package may get in the wayThis book is so beautiful The school of Stormy Loch is an amazing example of a storybook boarding school The description is magical “Three seals swam into the bay as they were eating three sleek black heads bobbing in the uiet waves just offshore with silvery whiskers and bright curious eyes They put on a show as the children watched diving and bobbing back up turning lazily in the water then disappeared as suddenly as they came into the waves turned indigo and gold by the endlessly setting summer sun”“He was probably by some uay right now getting into a boat sailing surrounded by seals across a star strewn sea towards the purple islands to wait for her”These are some of the most lovely powerful lines of description I’ve ever read Star strewn sea? Waves turned indigo and gold? It makes me feel like I’m there on the beach basking in the golden ocean sunBut that’s not the best part of this book The characters are so realistic so relatable it wouldn’t be hard to believe that the author copied real children’s behaviour and dialogue word for word Their friendship is astoundingly real The kids are petty they’re deep they’re shallow they’re jealous they’re angry they’re happy they have desires and wishes and fears and motives They’re complex like people are They’re different and each have their own diverse personalities Okay that’s all I have to say Honestly if you read this book you’ll be different for it You’ll enjoy life You’ll feel freer I know I did

  9. Karin Karin says:

    I enjoyed reading this book Eleven year old Alice has lost her mother and is sent to a remote boarding school in Scotland where she starts a new life and makes new friends The novel is very evocative of the place I could smell the cherry trees the rose bush and could picture the beautiful Scottish countryside the lakes and mountains and hills and it made me want to go to Scotland in a sleeper train It's not only a page turning adventure story but also about yearning for what is lost how to find friendship and to face up to reality

  10. Barbara Band Barbara Band says:

    Since Alice's mother died she has withdrawn into herself becoming uiet and fearful Her aunt convinces her father to send Alice away to a boarding school in the wilds of Scotland There Alice meets and makes friends with Jesse known as Mr Fussypot who never breaks any rules and Fergus who is always up to some prank or otherWhen Alice receives a mysterious parcel from her father with instructions to meet him at a remote island she convinces Jesse and Fergus to abandon the school's orienteering competition and join her Wonderful adventure story about friendship families trust and betrayal Great characterisation with both strong female and sensitive male role models It's also very amusing with a touch of menace and I love the slight uirkiness to it all

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The Children of Castle Rock ❮Read❯ ➵ The Children of Castle Rock ➸ Author Natasha Farrant – When Alice's family home has to be sold she and her father Barney will do whatever it takes to buy it back even if whatever it takes isn't strictly legal And when Alice is expelled and sent away to an When Alice's family home has of Castle ePUB ¹ to be sold she and her father Barney will do whatever it takes to buy it back even if whatever it takes isn't strictly legal And The Children MOBI :↠ when Alice is expelled and sent away to an isolated boarding school she'll do whatever it takes again to get away But Stormy Loch Academy isn't uite what she expected With its Children of Castle PDF/EPUB Â strange rules and eccentric headmaster and rag tag mix of students and teachers it has a way of growing on you Still when Barney goes missing all that not strictly legal business she knows she has to rescue him Armed with two new friends she sets off on an epic uest through the wild Scottish highlands and islands to finally get her heart's desire but does she know any exactly what that isBoth hilarious and heartfelt this is the classic adventure story brought bang up to date and told in Natasha's inimitable voice.

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  • The Children of Castle Rock
  • Natasha Farrant
  • 03 October 2014
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About the Author: Natasha Farrant

Natasha Farrant grew up in of Castle ePUB ¹ the heart of London's French community and currently combines writing with her career as a Literary Scout She is the author of two successful novels for The Children MOBI :↠ adults Diving Into Light and Some Other Eden both published by Transworld She lives in West London with her husband two daughters and a large tortoiseshell cat.