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True Souls (The Soulmates Series Book 1) ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ True Souls (The Soulmates Series Book 1) By Michele Gantz ✼ – Jax She's my everything my true soul My entire world was rocked by Belle So young so dumb I didn't realize until that night Three years later and she's finally all mine Not just my girlfriend no so mu Jax She's my everything my true soul My entire world was rocked by Belle So young so dumb I didn't realize until that night Three years later and she's finally all mine Not just my girlfriend no so much Belle I wasn't supposed to fall in love with my best friend’s brother but when you meet your true love nothing can stop the fall That's what happened with Jax and me He's the one who holds my soul And nothing can ever change that Jax God I hope she's right.

7 thoughts on “True Souls (The Soulmates Series Book 1)

  1. Jen ❥ Jen ❥ says:

    This was a good introduction to the Soulmates Series and my first exposure to author Michele Gantz I enjoyed the characters and how they realized they were soulmates very early on view spoilerThey were each other's first and only Yeah hide spoiler

  2. Sarah Dale Sarah Dale says:

    This was my first book by Michelle Gantz and i went into it blind not knowing what to expect This is a preuel to Entwined Souls and I'm not sure what I think about itIt's uite a fast paced short read but I felt it was a bit rushed through and jumpy I would like to have read their back story in depth so would have been happier for a longer book It certainly caught my interest though and I am keen to read about Jaz and Belle ⭐️I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of his book in exchange for an honest review from the author ⭐

  3. Sassy Southern Sassy Southern says:

    True Souls is the preuel to Entwined Souls I am happy that I read Entwined Souls first because it helped me get to know Jax and Belle and then get to go back to read their story This was a fast read for me and although I am not a fan of BDSM books this one only touches on it a little so it didn't take away from the story for me If you enjoyed Entwined Souls then this is a must read for sure I hope we get to see of Jax and Belle in future books in this series

  4. 2kasmom 2kasmom says:

    This story is a preuel for the acclaimed Entwined Souls I recommend reading them in order if possible Prepare for a burning hot readMichelle AKA Belle meets Jax after school from a new friend The instant connection is off the charts The air literally sizzles when they are in the same roomJax wants to stay away She is young a friend to his sister The urge to be with her is clawing under his skin He wants to protect her The kisses are molten She is hisThis was such a fast paced read So much going on and bless this author with the flashbacks it is easier to understand I loved the chemistry even though it was uick Sometimes love just isThis early copy was given in exchange for an honest review only

  5. Alisa Alisa says:

    Really enjoyed this preuel to Entwined Souls Let me get to know Belle and Jax much better than before Can't wait to get to see of them in future books in the series

  6. Katie Harder-schauer Katie Harder-schauer says:

    I was hired to proofread this book The only aspects of the story that I influenced were the spelling and grammar If you feel that my connection to the book makes my review untrustworthy so be it but this is my honest review First off I have to say that I would highly recommend that you start reading the series with this preuel even though it's the second book published obviously if you've already started the series you can't do that but for those of you that are new to it start with this You see I spent an obscene amount of time while reading this book reminding myself that the events happened before the ones I already knew about from Entwined Souls It was really disconcerting for me and detracted from the story a bit because that is an aspect of the story that shouldn't make me work for it Now the preuel doesn't have to be read for Entwined Souls to make sense it seems largely irrelevant in fact but if you're going to read it read it first I thought this book was an interesting look into what life might be like for a young YouTube star particularly one whose videos are about fashion and make up Read the rest of my review on my blog

  7. Corrine Pickering Corrine Pickering says:

    True Souls The Soulmates Series Michele Gantz### 5 Hashtags ###Here we have Jax Belles story this is a fairly uick read but totally captivating and a great addition to this series Michele has penned a beautiful story that flows seamlessly and will keep your attention throughout This is packed with Jax and Belles intense bond connection and their super hot chemistry Whilst this book is a bit lovey dovey for me I thoroughly enjoyed it and this gives a great insight into the characters leaving me very eagerly awaiting the third book in this series

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