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Half-Blood Dragon (Dragon Born Trilogy #1) New York Times Bestselling Author, KN Lee Presents Half Blood Dragon, The First Epic Fantasy Adventure In The Dragon Born Trilogy Revised Lengthened With A Bonus Chapter Pirates, Dragons, Mermaids Embark On A Coming Of Age Journey That Will Leave You BreathlessA Lady In Waiting S Job Is To Follow Orders For Rowen, It Is To Execute Her Stepfather S Plan To Elevate The Family S Station By An Advantageous Marriage To The Crown Prince Intrigue And Seduction Fill Rowen S Days, But The Prophecies That Haunt Her Dreams At Night Warn Her That Death AwaitsThe Taunts Of Her Sleepless Nights Are Realized When She Is Framed And Sentenced To Death For The Prince S MurderFor A Human, There S Nowhere To Run And No One To Turn To In A Kingdom Where Power Is Tightly Held By Full Blooded Dragon ShiftersIt Will Take A Stranger From The Shadows To Save Rowen From Execution And Reveal A Truth Full Of Terrifying Potential It Is Time For Rowen To Find The Courage To Accept Her Fate, Awaken Her Gift, And Set The World On FireChange Is Coming So Is A New Prophecy That Threatens The Fate Of The Entire World

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    Forget just easing into K.N Lee s HALF BLOOD DRAGON, unless the feel of a noose around your neck doesn t grab your attention Rowan has been having dreams of prophecy and every time she is about to be hanged and she knows she must see it through so what does it mean What s coming Will she be ready or will life bring her a twist she could never imagine Who is the dark figure who is coming for her and why In a world of dragons and humans, Rowan just doesn t fit in She is both, but her dragon half is dormant, making her less in the eyes of the dragon shifters around her and no one knows of her secret magic or of the secret love she shares with the dragon prince But there will be no fairy tale ending for Rowan, as murder and mayhem ensue and her lover is murdered and she is accused.Will it be the dark dream figure who saves her from certain death or will he merely take her from the frying pan into the proverbial fire This time, it may be than Rowan s life at stake and she has no choice but to follow her dreams and play the cards she has been dealt or risk the fate of the entire world.K.N Lee s world of Dragonia is a world with a lack of acceptance of those who are different, a world of deceit, secrets and the power wielded by powerful dragons The stage has been set for mystery and intrigue in a world that appears harsh and unforgiving Short, dark and ending in a hook that will leave readers wanting to know the rest of the story Trilogy Dragon Born Book 1Publisher Patchwork Press January 14, 2017 Publication Date January 14, 2017Genre YA FantasyPrint Length 201 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More

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    Half Blood Dragon Book One of the Dragon Born Trilogy Kindle Edition by K.N Lee is a story I adored from page one I loved the characters and the plot The suspense was wonderful and non stop It kept me intrigued and eager to keep turning the pages The only thing I didn t like is that it is a cliff hanger I would have given it a 5 star for sure but this is a pet peeve for me I did buy the next book that is on pre order which I rarely do, so that does say a lot about the book It is a relatively short book for a novel so I would have rather waited and had a longer book, paid a bit and had all the story at once Anyway, great book even as is.

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    This had a fabulous synopsis and a beautiful cover so of course I wanted to read it To be blunt it s quite short and clearly is the beginning of a series as it ended just over 73% in That in itself is a little annoying but alas this isn t the only author to pad books out with chapters from other books.Still here are my thoughts on this story Rowen is supposedly half dragon and half human but is unable to shift Loved by her mother but barely tolerated by her step father Rowen has hidden her prophetic dreams and other magic abilities from everyone Now she s a lady in waiting to the dragon princess and falling in love with Lawson the crown prince whilst trying to avoid his slimy brother Rickard Her world comes crashing down though when not only is Lawson murdered but it s Rowen accused of killing him If I m brutal I will admit that I found the first 30% a bit dry and very nearly did not finish I did however persevere and I m glad that I did Although I found little to excite me initially this book does perk up as we are introduced to a soul sucking pirate who travels with a mermaid Now that s different to say the least but add in the mystery surrounding Rowens missing father , not to mention her abilities and all manner of possibilities fill my head This is just the first in this series and I m sure there s much to come as Rowen faces her destiny

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    This was a really short book that ended I was really enjoying it but then it was over at 74% The rest of the book was ads for another book It didn t feel like it ended on a cliffhanger, it just ended with no climax This may be a good series but I m too aggravated to continue.

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    I really like it The beginning was a little slow, but then towards the middle I didn t put it down I can t wait to read the next one

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    There was nothing that made this book special to me I requested this because the cover has a dragon and I am a sucker for dragons The actual story was not really special though I don t have many feelings because this book didn t really give me any I think the writing can improve a lot Maybe I will pick up future works from this author to see if she improves.

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    Really loved both book 1 and book 2 Ms Lee has great story telling bones Brown s tale is fascinated me all the way Going from being a Lady in Waiting to a condemned murderer on the run keeps you locked into the story.

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    Embarking on this breathless and fascinating journey is one that will readers will certainly enjoy as it brings pirates, dragons, sorcerers and even mermaids to brilliant and vivid life.Rowen is planning to elevate her family s status by marrying the crown prince, but prophecies haunt her dreams, intrigue and seduction fill her days and death awaits Change is coming with a new prophecy that threatens the fate of the entire world and Rowen will have to accept her fate, awaken her gift and set the world on fire.The characters are strong, captivating and easily enchant readers into their world full of thrilling suspense, excitement and daring plots that keep readers on the edge of their seat during this steady to fast paced plot Most of the story is all about the intrigue which keeps ensures readers never have a dull moment as they try to determine what will happen next especially since it is filled with startling twists that cause astounding changes to Rowen s life There is also quite a bit of emotional issues that ensures that readers feel as if they understand the characters and which certainly adds depth to the story as Rowen faces prejudice, danger, and destiny There s not a whole lot of romance in this part of the story, although there is the seduction of the Crown Prince which is essential to Rowen s stepfather s plans.The characters and the world are well developed and the author described the world and her characters vividly so it made is easy for me to imagine each and every scene as I became caught up in the story The author did end the story at a decent point, but the story does have a cliffhanger as it is part of a saga, so I am looking forward to discovering what happens next in Rowen s world.

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    Pirates and dragons and mermaids, oh my How could I resist such a fantastic tale This was my first read by K.N Lee, and I like where she is going with the premise of this series.Our heroine, Rowan, is a half blood dragon Not enough dragon blood to have scales or transform, but enough to have some strength and magical ability Though I was confused on whether the magical ability came from her human side or her dragon side that was a bit murky As a half blood, our heroine feels the sting of prejudice from everyone around her, and people easily believe the worst when she is accused of killing the crown prince This is a short story, about novella length 200 pgs, 3.5 hours and while I really liked the premise and features of the fantastical world, I was left wanting when it came to detail Our story moved along at a fast clip only hitting plot highlights without the rich detail that really brings a fantasy to life I wanted character development and world building I wanted to understand people s motivations and know some of their inner thoughts I did like the major points of the story that we hit, I just wanted .The story is still being told, almost like this is a serial So expect to feel like we stopped in the middle, and we will pick up in the next book to see what happens next with Rowan, the pirate, and the royal family.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this audiobook that I received from the publisher, Tantor Audio.

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    Truly confusing and very inconsistent, with dead end conversations More editing seems needed In the first chapter, the action gets going as Rowan and her friend attempt to flee the castle They re blocked on their way out I m still not even clear as to why and instead of finding a different way, they sort of shrug to each other Oh well Back to the castle Like, huh Later, the mistress chaperone named Macana asks Rowan to come with her into town Roan wants to know why, but Macana says it s a secret Only, a page laterI just need to pick up a remedy from herbmistress.Not such a great secret after all Shortly after, there s a paragraph about a man named Lawson and a marriage bed Um, who I m truly lost now Then there s this Dear spirits, Rowan said in a breathy whisper Save me As if to deny her prayer, lighting crashed and rain poured onto her face.Yeah, except where did the storm come from It goes on like this for a bit There s so much thrown in there for seemingly no reason She runs an errand She runs another There are dragon people and mermaids and fairies I m 1 3 of the way through and still don t really understand the point of anything Just, meh.