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Violin [EPUB] ✹ Violin Author Anne Rice – In the grand manner of Interview with the Vampire Anne Rice's new novel moves across time and the continents from nineteenth century Vienna to a St Charles Greek Revival mansion in present day New Orl In the grand manner of Interview with the Vampire Anne Rice's new novel moves across time and the continents from nineteenth century Vienna to a St Charles Greek Revival mansion in present day New Orleans to the dazzling capitals of the modern day world telling a story of two charismatic figures bound to each other by a passionate commitment to music as a means of rapture seduction and liberationAt the novel's center a uniuely fascinating woman Triana who once dreamed of becoming a great musician and the demonic fiddler Stefan tormented ghost of a Russian aristocrat who begins to prey upon her using his magic Violin first to enchant then to dominate and draw her into a state of madness through the music she loves But Triana understands the power of the music perhaps even than does Stefan and she sets out to resist Stefan and to fight not only for her sanity but for her life The struggle draws them both into a terrifying supernatural realm where they find themselves surrounded by memories by horrors and by overwhelming truths Battling desperately they are at last propelled towards the novel's astonishing and unforgettable climaxViolin is crowded with the history the drama the invention and the romantic intensity that have become synonymous with Anne Rice at her incomparable best.

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  1. M M says:

    Crap crap crap uite possibly the worst book I've ever read Take all of Anne Rice's worst traits as a writer her self indulgence how long winded and overly detailed she can be her narcissism all of it comes full circle to create this piece of crap book I think it's her fantasy come to life which is why it's so bloody terrible The one and only good part of this book is when she tells the story of the violinist Rice is at her best recounting history; she does her research and truly loves the eras she writes about I wish this book had been completely about the violinist That might have made it a worthwhile read Steer clear

  2. Jamie Jamie says:

    I'm currently on a mission to read Anne Rice's entire body of work and I've been doing so for a couple months I worked through the Vampire books first then the Mayfair witches and moved on to her erotic novels the Sleeping Beauty books Exit to Eden After that came the singletons Cry to Heaven Servant of the Bones Ramses the Damned etc I'm sure there's this is just off the top of my head The last ones I read were the two books written in first person about the life of Jesus Christ and the Angel books whose names escape me at the moment I love to devour everything an author has written and decipher their belief system and particular passions through reoccuring themes in their novels And there is a lot to mine in Anne Rice's novels I'm going to write a blog post about it when I'm actually finished I think I missed one or two when I was collecting the eBooks so I'm not uite done yetThe Violin received largely TERRIBLE reviews As usual I hopped online immediately after reading the novel to see what others had thought of the book I was actually rather astonished at the vitriol Perhaps it was my state of mind that predisposed me to a rather intimate understanding of this book and its main characterI am familiar with guilt that special guilt that can only be born in the crucible of a highly religious childhood I LOVED my childhood but I was very sheltered and was brought up in a very specific belief system Not Catholic but I don't think that matters particularly Unlike the main character I'm not in love with death but I'm also not afraid of it And I have an extremely finely tuned sense of guilt which I prefer to call responsibility And I have a tendency to take responsibility for things that are largely outside of my control simply because I can see the cause and affect so clearly and am able very easily to see where I could have done better reacted better been accessible been lovingThe reviews largely slammed the book as self indulgent twaffle Perhaps Or perhaps it's a book that Anne Rice needed to write for HERSELF Because writing in its purest form is absolute catharsis I know that when I write I am able to purge myself of my excess of emotions and come out the other side feeling cleansed and happy Music has never been my language but while I will never be a great composer or a violin player I understand that desire to BE the best at something that you know you never will be And I understand guilt Intimately So I understood the heroine I understood her and I understood all of the anguish and the love that went into the writing of this novel I cried at the endIt didn't matter to me that it was a ghost story Anne Rice writes about the supernatural but that's largely been a vehicle by which she is able to explore these themes that have followed her throughout her life and been threaded deftly through all of her novels Her search for meaning in a world where the presence of God often doesn't seem to make sense Her identification with the loners the strugglers after truth her knowledge of passion and love and loss And it seems to me that you can't write a character like the heroine in the Violin without having experienced that level and kind of emotion yourself You simply cannot So for me this book gets five stars And I could care less that most people don't understand it or find it self indulgent Not every book is written for others Some are just written because they NEED to be written And for me I needed to read it It's definitely not for everyone however And there's nothing wrong with that either I don't suppose that I would WISH the ability to understand this book on everyone They're probably happier NOT understanding really But I read it I loved it it made me feel that there are others in this world for whom guilt cuts like a knife and caresses like a lover And it made me cry not sad cry happy cry there at the end So there's that It's messy ugly real and beautiful I won't be reading it again any time soon but I WILL read it again And it will be perfect for me again when I do

  3. April Simmons April Simmons says:

    Most boring book I've ever read I'd recommend vcr manuals over this

  4. Melanie Melanie says:

    Considering the level of all Anne Rice's books that I have already read this one was a complete let down Perhaps I was expecting something different as sexy as the books from her vampires series How upset I was when I found that this book actually tells the story of a woman in such a depression level that it get actually annoying Amidst her sorrow this woman meets the ghost of a violinistYou hopefully suppose that the story is going to improve now that the woman met the subject of the book but this is actually where the book gets awfully tedious During the 400 pages of the book the only thing that they do is argue and scream at each other As you go through the story you get to the conclusion that in spite of the bonds that tight them together in the story whatever still keeps them together is not clear It's not the violin Seriously it CAN'T be the violin because Triana barely played violin Stephan's attitudes can be justified Not Triana'sAs for the main character she tells her weird non violin related stupid story about her bizarre pastThe only part of the book that I effectively liked and in my opinion should've been the core of the book since the first page was Stephan's story which could have been better explored but only lasted 10 or 20 pages

  5. Fiona Fiona says:

    Honestly the worst waste of time a book has ever been Hours of my precious life were wasted reading about a fat middle aged woman sobbing and snotting over a ghost and the violin she stole from him Pointless meaningless frustrating and boring Goodness only knows how I found the determination to finish it

  6. Dottie Dottie says:

    My daughters one perhaps than the other urged Anne Rice and her works on me and I resisted But when this book was out it pulled me the cover art snagged me the talk about it whatever it was I bought it and then gave it to the daughter Years afterward I sought out a copy and read it and found myself drowning in one of those books which sweep the reader under and into the current before they know what's happening and just as suddenly the reader finds themselves coming up for air as the book ends and tosses them aside I will read this one again one day meanwhile it holds a place of honor on the shelves among my books and looks lovely

  7. Alexis Chateau Alexis Chateau says:

    This is uite literally the WORST BOOK I'VE EVER READ; evoking the great discomfort that is felt when one stumbles upon the private diary of a twisted manic depreasive old woman who is as conceited as she is insecureI hated all the emotional ramblings and the unnecessarily detailed and repetitive intrusion into people's lives while they took a sht and discarded their period blood It was just too much and pointlessly so I learned nothing and I felt nothing but a distinct hatred for Triana and a strong wish that Stefan would find the power and the nerve to strike her dead and impale her with the violin's bow; thus ending the awful awful storyAnne Rice should have kept this little self indulgence into her personal life to herself It needn't have been made publicThere is no plot no proper character development; just aimless emotional ramblings and a crying 25 year old ghost who miraculously has his ass repeatedly kicked by a 55year old hag who is most definitely based on Anne Rice herselfRubbish rubbishrubbish I wish I had never found this book and only finished it because I finish what I start Anne Rice is my favourite author and the writer of my favourite books but she is also now the source of the worst I've ever come across Her works are almost always hits or misses and this This was a definite miss

  8. J. Stone J. Stone says:

    I could never put into words what this book means to me A game changer indeed VIOLIN rightfully deserves than one visit deserves my precious time again and again Why have I only read it now is beyond me but it has been a real treatEngrossing prose and an experimental narrative Characters deeply connected to pain and desire The exact kind of book I literally ENJOY reading probably because nobody understands it But I do Not a book for the basic reader Not a book for people who enjoy good reads and that's probably why so many people hate it The book starts a little slow but then evolves white hot as each page turns and the pages TURNED for me as this book sucked me in I found myself gazing gawking jaw dropped jealous angry amazed droolingand Stefan and Triana male uite the pair And each character introduced plays an important and effective role even if just for a little bit in the book The ending is absolutely heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time It brought tears to my eyes This is Anne Rice's best book She can never write something like this again and that's how I like itRead this book Read it again Then again

  9. Cody | CodysBookshelf Cody | CodysBookshelf says:

    A literally haunted novel of grief and mourning Violin is perhaps one of Anne Rice’s overlooked works as it isn’t part of her vampires or witches series—but it does deal in much of what is familiar to Anne Rice readers A woman is mourning the death of her husband when a ghostly figure appears across the street playing a violin From there the two become close needing each other Violin is obviously personal as anyone who knows of Rice’s life will be able to pick out pieces that the writer clearly drew upon from her own autobiographical experiences especially the death of her young daughter This is a novel obsessed with death what Rice story isn’t but it is Not overlong briskly and effectively written this is one of Rice’s tautest and most rewarding reads Certainly a new favorite of mine

  10. Casey Casey says:

    As someone who reads as much as I do people are often surprised at how I haven't read many 'Classics' nor big popular authors This is an example of that Anne Rice is well known If you have read her stuff or not you know her name or have had a conversation about her at some point I have a great friend who is an Anne Rice lover to the core and she kept telling me 'You have got to read some of her stuff'' 'I really think you would like Anne Rice Pick up one of her books' and so on My 'To Read' list is very lengthy and all the Anne Rice novels just sort of blended in with the rest of the others until I decided to pick up a Rice novel while I was at the library My local library isn't big by any means nor does it have all the books I would like it to but it does the trick I found where Anne Rice's books were and began to sift through what I should get The cover that caught my eye was that of her stand alone novel Violin Jumping in head first I began reading Violin at first I was confused to say the least Anne Rice has a style all her own and it was difficult to really see where she was going with everything The words were beautiful poetry in a sense the description she uses definitely doesn't lack by any means Violin was a mix of emotions and thoughts Feelings of saddness happiness and sometimes just feeling downright demented for the pictures this amazing Author was creating in the mind of her reader The character profiles created for each name dropped in this book are fantastic There was no feelings of wonder when it comes to what each character was like personality wise nor was there any mystery in how the reader will feel for each one Anne Rice truly has a way with words and an intricate mind to create such stories and characters Reading the First Ten chapters was definitely a treat Something entirely new and astounding As a reader you may get lost at some points with the 'back and fourth' memories Rice uses but it is easy to get back on track after a few paragraphs The next Seven chapters began to lack a little Seeming almost like a bunch of throw in stuff that did get tiresome at times The novel picked back up in the last Four chapters ending the novel in a wonderful way This being the first Anne Rice novel I have ever read was a great experience and I will definitely be reading from her

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