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When She Was Wicked ❮Reading❯ ➿ When She Was Wicked Author Anne Barton – Thomashillier.co.uk Unele reguli pur şi simplu cer să fie încălcateDomnişoara Anabelle Honeycote croitoreasă la cel mai solicitat atelier din Londra aude fără să vrea cele mai fierbinţi secrete ale lumii bune Unele reguli pur şi simplu cer să fie încălcateDomnişoara Anabelle Honeycote croitoreasă la cel mai solicitat atelier din Londra aude fără să vrea cele mai fierbinţi secrete ale lumii bune şi ocazional se foloseşte de ele în beneficiul ei şi al familiei sale Nu este deloc mândră de ceea ce face însă lipsa banilor cu care să îşi îngrijească mama bolnavă şi să plătească chiria locuinței o împinge spre șantaj Ca pentru a se revanşa pentru faptele ei nedemne Anabelle și When She MOBI :↠ a impus să respecte câteva reguli Nu cere niciodată bani de la cineva care nu și poate permite să plătească Nu dezvălui niciodată secretele unui client care te plătește Nu intra niciodată în nici un fel de relații sociale cu un fost clientOdată regulile clar stabilite ea se ţine cu înverşunare de ele ‒ până când îl întâlneşte pe chipeşul Owen Sherbourne duce de Huntford care nu numai că îi descoperă şi i zădărniceşte planurile de şantaj ci o face pe să viseze la mai mult decât mătăsuri şi satinAlături de Owen Anabelle descoperă misterele nebănuite ale plăcerii până când un scandal din trecut iese la suprafaţă Acum regulile ei ar putea lucra în defavoarea familiei ducelui Sărutările înfocate ale lui Owen îi promit pasiuni fără margini dar oare cum va reacţiona el când cel mai zdrobitor secret al lui Anabelle va fi în sfârşit dezvăluit.

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  1. Jill Jill says:

    35 starsDebutAnabelle Belle Honeycote's work as a seamstress in a Bond Street dress shop pays her barely enough to live on With her sister and her ill mother to support other means of income are necessary Being privy to all sorts of gossip as she tends the ladies of the ton in the dress shop allows Belle to add to her pitiful incomeby blackmail Not for gain but only enough to pay her debts When she overhears a scandal concerning one of the Duke of Huntford's sisters she intends using this bit of gossip to extort money from the Duke to pay for her mother's ongoing medical costs and other billsOwen Sherbourne Duke of Huntford doesn't take kindly to extortion After his father's suicide and his mother's desertion he was left to care for his two sisters Olivia 19 and Rose 17 When he catches Belle instead of turning her over to the authorities he decides to take her in and reform her His sisters afterall are coming out into society and reuire completely new wardrobesThis is a nice historical romance debut Though the plot is highly unlikely it's an enjoyable light read The chapter sub titles are really clever Bolt 1 An amount of fabric wrapped around a cylinder 2 To flee; one's natural inclination after behaving like a lightskirtIn a genre that's almost overpopulated with authors and overflowing with talent an author of historical romance is going to have to stand out Although this is a good story the prose is average and some of the plot points are simply too implausibleHowever readers of historical romance who enjoy new authors will enjoy When She Was Wicked which is a solid debut without offering anything particularly new Steam 3 ARC courtesy of Grand Central Publishing Forever via NetGalley

  2. Naaytaashreads Naaytaashreads says:

    “A lonely cloud drifted in front of the sun casting long shadows beside him and he clenched the reins in his fists They’d enjoy a few weeks of stolen moments clandestine meetings After that they’d say good bye and he’d pretend she wasn’t the best thing to ever happen to him He’d make sure she and her family never wanted for anything if her stubborn pride would let him And in time she’d meet a kind man get married have children and forget himBut never ever would Owen forget her”I give this a 35 I thoroughly enjoy the book however I felt like I was tricked because the blurb exmphasise on Belle extortion but it doesn't heavily focus on it but everything that happen was because of it So I was getting ready for a fun scandolous extortion adventure but not reallyHowever the story was still a good readAlthough in the beginning I felt like the romance just clicked immediatelyI love the secrets they both have and how it revolve around each otherThe story focus not just on romance but family friendship sisters PTSD trauma and such The two main characters Belle and Owen have their own storyline and their own problems that we get to followOwen is not an alpha male but a sweet one that wants the best for his sister especiallyHe is just the sweetestOur sweet Belle puts on a brave front to save her family but through her sweetness she fight her own battles in her own way and she knows what she wants she just needs a little push and believe from herself so that she put herself first for once rather than othersI can't wait to see where the rest of the series will take me“I’m glad I got to meet your sister” he said He was still distracted and staring out the window at the buildings rushing by If she had to guess dreaming of waltzing with Daphne“She is as kind as she is beautiful” Anabelle said softly Which made it dreadfully difficult to resent her“Do you want to know what I liked best about her?”No No she did not but she swallowed nodded and braced herself for his response She suspected “her cornflower blue eyes” or “her shining gold hair” Men were predictable creatures“I liked the way she made you laugh I’ve never heard you laugh that way before” He turned to her then and cupped her cheeks in his warm hands “And the way she called you Belle It suits youBelle”

  3. Mary - Buried Under Romance Mary - Buried Under Romance says:

    A stunning debut by Anne Barton with an original plot and engaging characters that have renovated the unacceptable statuses trope Anabelle Honeycote is pragmatic and loyal to her family she will do anything to save her mom and keep food on the table including resorting to blackmail as her seamstress wages cannot support her mother's medical bills Granted her blackmail rules are a comical attempt at causing ambiguity in her actions but it does well to show that she has morals and really what's wrong with being a Robin Hood to save her poor family?Only due to the sheer stupidity of her first four clients that she wasn't caught but Owen Sherbourne the Duke of Huntford does catch her and makes her a proposition complete a set of dresses for his sisters or be sent to prison And so Anabelle moves into Owen's home and proceeds to prove how much of a Candy character she is Overall I greatly enjoyed the story Anabelle takes on a confidante role to Owen's sisters and becomes almost motherly to them by the end of the story Her interactions with Owen are immensely sweet a complement to their roles as care takers of the family and when they are together all statuses are thrown aside and it's just them two souls who found something lovely and admirable in each other The secondary characters are great as well from Owen's nice sisters one of whom I hope will get her own book to Anabelle's sister and mother they are all uite nice and supportive so the fulcrum of the book is internal and on Owen and Anabelle instead of some evil villain hatching murder plots The one thing I didn't uite like was how Owen seemed to only accept Anabelle's potential as his duchess after he learns she's the granddaughter of a viscount I know the realities of the time would not have allowed for such an uneven match between a dressmaker and a duke but this is a romance story and Owen has already proven himself as a man who does what he wants so the hesitation between his declaration of feelings and proposal of marriage leaves me annoyed at the man Regardless this is a great debut and I look forward to reading Daphne Anabelle's sister's story as she is such a sweet girl

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    Miss Annabelle Honeycote has had to turn to a very unsavory way to get money to pay her mothers growing medical bills extortion from some of her clients As many of the woman who are getting new dresses pay her no mind they openly talk about some of scandalous stories about the ton So while it pains her to do it Annabelle uses these secrets to her advantage to get some money never exorbitant amounts to help take care of her mother and sister Unfortunately her latest target Owen the Duke of Huntford refuses to just hand over some blackmail money and sets out to trap her instead He will not tolerate any secret of his beloved sisters to be put out in society but he is very intrigued by the bespectacled woman he catches He decides the best way to keep an eye on Annabelle is to have her make new wardrobes for his sisters while staying at his home As much as it pains Annabelle to leave her sister and mother she has to agree and uickly strikes up a wonderful friendship with Owen's two sistersand finds herself desperately attracted to a man far far above her station How will Owen and Annabelle find a way to be together while Annabelle holds her shameful secret from his sisters and the full truth of it from Owen? Can Owen forgive her when her secret keeping almost hurts his sister?I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely debut I love stories with dressmaker heroines as they fall for someone above their current lot in life and also the attention to detail about dress construction So much work and time for one garment and all by hand Annabelle is determined to do what she can to help her ailing mother who seems to be fading away and while it pains her to turn to blackmail it works to help pay for the medicines needed She is proud clever feisty strong and loyal and I loved watching her fall for Owen I wish she had explained the full extent of her blackmail schemes as it comes back in a big way but that added some nice drama to the storyline Owen was a delicious gentleman who takes his responsibilities to his family seriously and I loved the way he took care of Annabelle and her familyeven though she tried to resist his help His love for his sisters was wonderful but the subplot with one of them was a bit odd how she came to stop speaking and dragged on a little too long for my taste The banter between Owen and Annabelle was lovely and the writing crisp and enjoyable Recommended for fans of determined fiesty loyal heroines who work for a living and fall for someone above her class a hero who is protective sexy and also determined mixed with lovely attention to details and fun banter and sizzling tension I know I will be picking up from Anne Barton 4 stars eARC provided by Grand Central Publishing Forever by netgalleycom

  5. Katie(babs) Katie(babs) says:

    Think of every stereotypical trope found in historical romance and it's in here This is unbelievably unoriginal and dull and I'm surprised it got published in the first place There was few bright spots where the author shows she can be a skilled writers but every thing from the ridiculous unrealistic plot to the caricatures are basically borrowing from most of the historical romances publishedBig big pass on this one

  6. Shauni Shauni says:

    There once was a girl who when she was good she was very good but When She Was Wicked she was even better grins Couldn't help myself When She Was Wicked is a wonderful story of dreams of life and love coming true And Anne Barton crafts a delightful tale of deception and delightAnnabelle Honeycote spent her life in service to the women of the ton and their less than polite counterpart What was she? She was a seamstress rather she was the secret weapon of the ton's favored modiste Her designs delight the women and she has made her boss a veritable fortune Sadly she is working for pennies and doesn't make enough money to pay to board her ailing mother and her sister who can't work because she stays home to care for their mother What she doesn't make enough money for is to pay for the doctor and the medicine that is keeping her mother alive So she does a bit of creative conniving She listens to her clients then when she is desperate enough she uhmm blackmails them Now don't hate her too much she only blackmails those who can afford it she never blackmails them for much and she never goes back for seconds Yes a blackmailer with ethics Money is once again running short when she hears a secret that could help her family through the next few months Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it she chose Owen Sherbourne the Duke of Huntford as her next victimOwen Sherbourne the Duke of Huntford is certainly not going to succumb to blackmail but he did need to know who the cretin was and what secret they had So he of course hid and captured the criminal Needless to say he was astounded to see the considerate dressmaker he had spoken to just that afternoon Astounding even himself he makes her an offer only an idiot would refuse He will pay her mother's doctors bills medicine bills a salary large enough to pay for rent and food all she has to do is make his socially inept sisters entire new wardrobes Figuring that keeping her under his roof would likely put an end to any further blackmailing attempts Of course Annabelle is so much than a mere seamstress and immediately draws his sisters in Her warmth and friendship helps these two wonderful girls find their own feet With a scandal in their past Owen is determined that none of them would do anything to further the family's disgrace which includes not being too friendly with the servants Of course he didn't count on falling for the seamstress What he never knew was that he too needed a friend someone to share things with and yes someone who loves himAnnabelle works her magic on the family helping them to learn to lean on each other and slowly falls totally and completely in love with her Duke Sadly their stations are too far apart and Annabelle knows nothing will ever come of it Add to it the current Diamond who wants Owen well the Duke for herself Sure she is the proper match for him Yech what a snot Makes me ever so glad I was born in America in the 20th century where class doesn't uite matter Sadly I would have probably scratched the twit's eyes out but our Annabelle was a true lady This wasn't uite My Fair Lady but it certainly had some Pygmalion aspects to it Never the less it was an excellent read and for my Historical Romance readers out there you will enjoy it Get the bubble bath the candles and a bottle glass of wine and prepare to indulgeShauniThis review is based on the ARC of When She Was Wicked provided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released January 29 2013For reviews by Shauni check out Tea and Book andBodice Rippers Femme Fatales and Fantasy

  7. Vicky Dreiling Vicky Dreiling says:

    I absolutely loved it Anne is definitely a writer who is going places

  8. Mojca Mojca says:

    Nothing is important than family for Anabelle Honeycote She's willing to do anything to save her ailing mother even extort money from unsuspecting members of the ton Anabelle's job as a seamstress doesn't bring much money and her mother's medicine is expensive not to speak of rent or foodShe has no other option Still she has rules; she never blackmails someone who cannot afford it she only does it once per person she never reveals the secret and she never socialized with her victimsBut the fourth time everything unravels Not only does her mark Owen Sherbourne the Duke of Huntford lie in wait and catches her he literally imprisons her in his home as a personal seamstress to his two younger sistersSoon a strange relationship blossoms between the mark and extortionist a relationship that somehow blurs the lines between their opposing social standings and make them dream of possibilities that aren't meant to be Not only can a union between a duke and a lowly seamstress never be no matter their feelings and wants Anabelle has a secret that might ruin her star crossed romance with Owen and destroy her friendship with his sisters foreverI loved this story so much I don't know how to write an adeuate review I guess it's all still so vivid in my mind but I have to write something or I might just burstThis was yet another impulse buy for me but boy am I glad for it I started reading without much expectations beyond hoping it wouldn't suckNot only it didn't suck it blew me awayThe characters were so well developed and depicted so vividly I felt like they were in the room with me and we were old friends Every scene was painted so masterfully I felt like I was watching a movie experiencing what the characters did seeing what they saw feeling what they felt laughing and crying alongside themNot many authors can make me tremble with excitement with each scene they write but I can safely say Ms Bennett is one of themI rooted for Anabelle and Owen despite the cards stacked against them I loved Owen's sisters as much as he and Belle did I suffered with them despaired against the odds alongside themIt's such a cliché to say that two characters are perfect together but Belle and Owen fit They were both layered characters with hidden depths both wearing masks in their lives masks that only the other could see behind and embrace the real person underneath the persona of the duke and the seamstressTheir strange relationship and budding romance were beautifully portrayed and the conflict stemming from the social chasm between them was heartbreaking in its realism But I loved the fact they came from two different ends of the social spectrum and how they both learned but especially him that nothing is important than love and one's happinessAnd yes the scene at the ball made me sniffle It was just so perfectThe supporting cast offered a lovely backdrop to the main story from creating the opportunity for Belle and Owen to actually meet offering support friendship care and family ties to throwing obstacles in their path the little perfect would be duchess was so delightfully mean it was a pleasure to discover her true nature and in the end cackle at her metaphorical demiseThis book was a real pleasure to read literally unputdownable I read it when I was supposed to be doing something else I kept turning the pages wanting to see what happens next hoping against hope for a happily ever after Yes it's a romance story so a HEA is pretty much a given but the fact I trembled anxiously the fact that I had doubts speaks to the author's skill She was able to transport me back in time she made me fall in love with Bella and OwenI was invested and I loved every second of itThank you Anna BennettAnne Barton

  9. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    Sweet fluffy read Not much steam or romance The heroine is admirable and not out of character for her time The hero is a nice guy not a rake just a genuinely good person trying to do his best to raise two sisters and maintain the family's social position and watch out for their best interest He is not too overbearing not too much of an alpha male and I really liked his character There's not a whole lot of complexity there is a mean and beautiful anti as there always is but the romance overall is sweet and genuine if not slow and unbelievable Even if she is the granddaughter of a viscount fallen on hard times a Duke would be hard pressed to fall for a seamstress and actually marry her An enjoyable if forgettable read

  10. Lily (Night Owl Book Cafe) Lily (Night Owl Book Cafe) says:

    Courtesy of Hachette Book Group GRAND CENTRAL PUBLISHING FOREVER through Netgalley in exchange of an honest reviewI truly love well done historical novels and When She Was Wicked was the perfect fix for my recent historical needAnabelle Honeycote works as a seamstress at one of the London's busiest shop she is also the reason for it's success Known for her beautiful craft of work and dresses made for the ladies of the ton that fit their beauty and personality perfectly Unfortunately Anabelle does not make enough to survive and with a very sick mother at home – Miss Anabelle Honeycote turns to extortion in order to make the extra money to pay for her mothers medicine and keep the roof over their head The London's shop just happens to be the perfect place for all the steamy gossipAnabelle has a certain set of rules she follows in order to make up for her misdeeds which protect her and keep her honest When she tries to extort some money from the Duke of Huntford not only does he catch her but proposes her a job at his home under surveillance over the cold and dreary jail cell Anabelle is to make a certain amount of dresses for his two sisters within three months but the company of the Duke so close is then Anabelle was willing to bargain forWhat a beautiful start of a series I love the characters loved the interactions the storyline and Anne Barton's wonderful and clever writingBarton knows how to lure you into the story and make you fall under it's spell I couldn't put the book down even when I should have been sleeping I was so engrossed in the storyline and the attraction between Owen and Belle that I couldn't put the book down I knew I had to finish it and learn about Anabelle's happily ever afterOwen is the Duke of Huntford who is a guardian older brother to two of his sisters One of which Belle has threatened to expose her secrets of befriending a servant A relationship between his kind and the servants is unheard of much less a friendship But when Miss Honeycote is revealed to be beautiful and far then he can handle some rules are meant to go out the window I loved his character Loved that he wasn't really perfect Thought he loves his sisters he has no idea how to communicate with them It is even harder with his youngest sister Rose who stopped talking sometimes years back and he isn't all sure what had caused it Their father committed suicide and their mother fled after an affair He is also unsure of what to make of his relationship and attraction to Belle and makes a lot of mistakes along the way but their late night meetings and stolen forms of endearment sueezed my heart through the bookThe attraction was there and it was both sweet and steamy I couldn't help but feel bad for Anabelle especially the secret she was harboring and her relationship with Owen – since he didn't want others to know about their attraction But his caring gestures had touched my heart There were some sad parts especially involving Miss Sterling I hated Miss Sterling a woman who everyone assumed wound end up as the Dukes wife and her hostility to Belle But the ending ended up being sweet and wonderful and made me sueeze the book from sheer happiness The Duke really shined and made me fall in love with him myself I hated Miss Sterling a woman who everyone assumed wound end up as the Dukes wife and her hostility to Belle I loved Olivia and Rose and hope that eventually Barton will write books about them because I would love to see their stories and how they panned out as well Looking forward to from this series and this wonderful author

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