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The Atlantis Trilogy; Boxset (The Origin Mystery, #1 To #3) [PDF / Epub] ☁ The Atlantis Trilogy; Boxset (The Origin Mystery, #1 To #3) By A.G. Riddle – La dottoressa Kate Warner brillante genetista è convinta di aver trovato la cura contro l’autismo invece ha fatto una scoperta ben più pericolosa per lei e per l’intera razza umana Intanto in An La dottoressa Kate Warner brillante genetista è convinta di aver trovato la cura contro l’autismo invece ha fatto una scoperta ben più pericolosa per lei e per l’intera razza umana Intanto in Antartide una missione scientifica ha identificato un sommergibile nazista sepolto all’interno di un iceberg e difeso strenuamente da una potentissima organizzazione globale David Vale ha passato gli ultimi dieci anni a tentare di comprendere uale segreto uesta organizzazione protegga con tanta tenacia ma ormai è troppo tardi uegli uomini sono sulle sue tracce e lo stanno braccando Un pericolo immenso e remoto come una galassia The Atlantis PDF or una minaccia invisibile come un virus L’infinitamente grande e l’infinitamente piccolo stanno per collidere L’umanità è a un crocevia decisivo Benvenuti ad Atlantis Saga.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 992 pages
  • The Atlantis Trilogy; Boxset (The Origin Mystery, #1 To #3)
  • A.G. Riddle
  • Italian
  • 07 April 2014

About the Author: A.G. Riddle

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10 thoughts on “The Atlantis Trilogy; Boxset (The Origin Mystery, #1 To #3)

  1. Jim Hartman Jim Hartman says:

    This was a great story Nice pace excellent characters and Mr Riddle did a wonderful job moving the characters through the story building on each I cannot wait to see what Hollywood does with these three books

  2. Willette Reid Willette Reid says:

    The trilogy kept me spell bound Couldn’t stop reading until I completed the three books

  3. Karen Brennan Karen Brennan says:

    Favorite Fiction AuthorAG Riddle certainly knows how to weave an intricate and intriguing story line that keeps the reader guessing from chapter to chapter how it's all going to play out His lead characters are well developed without going into endless or monotonous back stories that detract from the developing plot Instead their stories are skillfully woven into the plot itself You feel like you're walking in their shoes seeing through their eyes and feeling their emotions I reluctantly had to put this trilogy down midway while we were packing to move in the midst of the Covid crisis But I picked it up again as soon as possible and couldn't put it down How Riddle manages to keep all of the twists and turns straight is pure genius He masterfully connects all the dots to bring it to a thrilling conclusion that doesn't disappoint He never fails to surprise and captivate the reader whether through the actions of his characters or the detailed scientific portions that He has so thoroughly researched I've now read everything he's written so far have loved every single story and am on pins and needles waiting for his next imaginative masterpiece Read his books all of them I guarantee you won't be disappointed I'm just wondering how long before George Lucas turns one of his stories into a major blockbuster trilogy

  4. Dorina Dorina says:

    Right from the moment I picked up this book the entire storyline blew me away I was expecting something to do with deep sea exploration and climate change but instead it offered so much than that An entire rollercoaster ride with David and Kate throughout the series spanning societies space and time and delving into the dangers of dabbling in science and technology I never knew about the interpretation of Atlantis as a superior technological and scientific civilisation and the way the author fleshed out its civilisations rise and downfall were simply spectacularAs superb as the plot was I found myself losing motivation to actually complete the book and kept falling asleep especially while reading 'content dumps' on the history of humans PIE European History and hard science There were way too many characters with different aliases confusing alternations between narrators in different countries and time zones but after a while I got used to them Honestly even now I still don't get the role of the Immari in the series ^^

  5. Ellen W. Howse Ellen W. Howse says:

    Good ReadEnjoyed the series nice to be able to follow the story line and come to a satisfactory resolution A must read

  6. Phyllis Williams Phyllis Williams says:

    The story line is good the premise is good The problem as see it is the confusing presentation One page chapters people disappearing and appearing seemingly at random individuals with one or two names or as many as three People dying or being killed and then being resurrected Really kind of tough to followI plowed through all three books I thought it only fair to the author I was finally able to stick things together at the end but it was a chaotic ride to get there Maybe a younger brain could keep things in order II was intrigued by the story so I decided to try another of the trilogies and it's much better I bbelieve it's the 'Frozen' volume

  7. Cruz Leras Cruz Leras says:

    Great book I recommend itAlthough I hope that this kind of scenario never happens on earth with that in mind even with the crazy things that happened the author managed to keep my interest by mixing earthly emotions and scenes so that it didn’t turn out to be a sci fi book where all there is is endless fighting This book kept me wanting to read and kinda like Harry Potter books

  8. James Zimmerman James Zimmerman says:

    Great tale I enjoy a story that grabs you by the lapels and drags you into the adventure The characters you come to love and or hate and are freuently surprised by what they do This is one of those stories that keeps me turning the pages Bottom line is try this author he is a great story teller

  9. Dale N Dale N says:

    Love this trilogyCompletely grabbed my attention from the first paragraph Characters to love and some to hate History references that brought the long story line together End tied up all the loose ends

  10. Shelley Trickett Shelley Trickett says:

    Great series of sci fi books with an unusual element to it As always in the books by this authorit gets you thinking and also teaches you a thing or two along the way

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