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After the Fall (Gold Valley Romance, #2) [PDF / Epub] ✑ After the Fall (Gold Valley Romance, #2) ☄ Liz Isaacson – From the #1 bestselling author of the Three Rivers Ranch Romance series comes a new ranch with new cowboys to fall in love with Go to Gold Valley Montana and the Horseshoe Home Ranch to find your next From the bestselling author of the Three Rivers Ranch Romance series comes a new ranch with new cowboys to fall in love with Go to Gold Valley Montana and the Horseshoe Home Ranch to find your next happily ever after Will a troubled past cause Norah to abandon her chance at true love Professional snowboarder Sterling Maughan has seuestered himself in his family cabin in the exclusive mountain community above Gold Valley Montana after a devastating fall that ended his After the Epub / career Lost with no direction and no motivation the last thing he wants is company But Norah Watson has other plans for the cabin Not only does she clean Sterling's cabin she's a counselor at Silver Creek a teen rehabilitation center at the base of the mountain and she brings her girls up to the cabin every twelve weeks She senses that Sterling's lost than his chance at another gold medal and she feels a pull to help him She doesn't have much to give as she's the full time caretaker of her mentally ill mother and her three half brothers but for Sterling she invests the time When Sterling finds out there's a job for an at risk counselor at Silver Creek he asks Norah to drive him back and forth He learns to ride horses and use euine therapy to help his boys—and himself The time they spend together the convinced Norah is to never tell Sterling about her troubled past let him see her house on the wrong side of the tracks or meet her mother But Sterling is interested in all things Norah and as his body heals so does his faith Will Norah be able to trust Sterling so they can have a chance at true love.

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  1. Courtney Courtney says:

    After the Fall was strangely disappointing and I have never had to say that about Ms Isaacson before I don't like having to say it but I also cannot lie I don't know what it was necessarily but I didn't like the story line or the characters I cannot place my finger on something specifically but if I had to guess it would have been the pass drug use This is a touchy feeling for my family due to my brother in law's fighting with this terrible addiction I do not like the fact that the female lead suffered suffers from an addiction and was able to volunteer to help teenage addicts I would just like to say that there are over 6 books in this series so far and I am not normally a fan of series that run this long unless they really hold your attention; however Mrs Isaacson grabs your attention with the multiple characters throughout the many novels and manages to keep them all tied together without having to repeat herself a multitude of times throughout each story Wonderful job if you enjoy one you will enjoy all of them normally

  2. Kristen Kristen says:

    35 Didn't like this one as much as the second one partly because of his family were just stupid But still very cute part of the series glad I have all of themMoral Note Mild talk of depression drug use

  3. Elena Johansen Elena Johansen says:

    Racism alert while this probably isn't the author's fault someone along the publishing food chain screwed up Norah is never explicitly stated to be black but she's obviously black coded dark skinned chocolatey eyed and with hair that depending on the hairstyle is either curly or poufy So she's black or since her absent father is never described possibly biracial Yet the woman on the cover is definitely whiteI don't read a ton of Christian romance but romance in general is still a largely white genre and I imagine the Christian sub genre is even so If you're chicken about your audience rejecting the book because you put a black woman on the cover then they're racist and so are you person who made that decisionMoving on from that I didn't like the book Some romances suffer from not enough conflict keeping the leads apart; this one actually had too much On Norah's side you've got plenty of issues her past drug abuse her strained family life the fact that she works for Sterling's family as one of her jobs and her decision never to get involved with anyone because the men in her life have all sucked On Sterling's side you've got his potential snowboarding career taking him out of Gold Valley his family's racistclassist disapproval in general plus his brother's wife actively being racistclassist and trying to split them up by firing Norah Oh and throw in one scene of Sterling's cheating ex feebly trying to get back with him So that's what seven stumbling blocks already? Then for both of them there's the non fraternization policy at Silver Creek where Norah got Sterling a counseling job Eight subplot conflicts Eight In a 266 page book So none of them can be explored in any depth or with much seriousness because there simply isn't time The fraternization issue after a few chapters of the two of them sneaking around is resolved with a single relatively calm discussion with the Silver Creek director who harrumphes once and says I guess policies can be changedSeriously? If that's all it took to fix the problem then why even bother writing it in? Why make it an issue at all? Clean out the easy problems and focus on the ones that matter

  4. Dawn Pearson Dawn Pearson says:

    Sterling Maughan has gone from the pinnacle of success by winning the Olympic gold medal in snowboarding to possibly facing the end of his career after a fall that caused devastating injuries In the aftermath he's holed up in his parents' cabin in Montana Norah Watson is working multiple jobs to make enough money to help her family and finish a college degree One of those jobs is house cleaning for Sterling's mother who also lets her bring a group of girls that she counsels at Silver Creek a teen rehab center When Sterling suddenly reveals his presence in the house Norah has a decision to make ignore him or respond to her feelings that he needs help But as she reaches out to help him she struggles to reconcile the differences between them As they get to know each other Norah continues to struggle with the decision of whether to keep her troubled past a secret or reveal all to Sterling The problem is that she can't bring herself to fully trust him with the full truth As he heals and regains hope of a career again can she trust him enough to give them a chance? One of the main themes of the story is opposites Whether its wealth or raceethnicity contrasts are mentioned throughout And as one character heals from past brokenness the other's brokenness is gradually exposed so that they can heal as well There is a Christian element to the story but it's subtle that book 1 There are a couple of characters that are mentioned from book 1 but otherwise it's completely stand alone For the most part I enjoyed the book but it didn't draw me in like book 1 of this series Although I felt that each character individually is well developed I think that their relationship together was not as convincing Maybe it goes back to all the contrasts presented Norah is constantly dwelling on them I'm not sure but I just didn't feel the connection as much as the other book I'm hoping that book 3 draws me in and I can return to a 5 star rating Romance PG kissingLanguage PG nothing offensiveMy rating 4 stars

  5. Teresa Christianson Teresa Christianson says:

    Sterling is a professional snowboarder who was injured and is staying at his family home in the mountains to recuperate Norah is a counselor at a teen rehab facility and also cleans houses up in the mountain She cleans the family home of Sterling's parents and his mom has told her she could bring the teen girls their at the halfway point in their treatment Sterling thinks she is breaking in and finds out different During their time together they form a friendship and because of her he starts his therapy instead of relying on drugs They finally acknowledge that they have an attraction to each other but Norah doesn't believe that some like him could truly care for someone like her She doesn't tell him about her past with drug abuse and when he finds out he is very upset and won't talk to her Will Sterling believe her when she finally tells him the truth about her past abuse and family situation? Will Norah finally believe that Sterling can and does love her and doesn't care what anyone else thinks? Will they be able to count on their faith to get them through this?

  6. Margaret Watkins Margaret Watkins says:

    An inspirational romance After the Fall deals with failure and pain in a way that most people can relate to As Sterling wallows in misery after his sporting accident Norah blows through his life upsetting his euilibrium and forcing him to accept that he is the only one that can choose to accept the changes in his life The transition isn't easy but as Sterling begins to step out of his dark hole he finds that life is beautiful and that there are compensations in an otherwise dismal situation Norah has had to make difficult choices early in her life and she is carrying a burden that far exceeds what most young women have to deal with Together Sterling and Norah find that if they place their trust in God all things work together for good despite the opposition they face A really well written book with life lessons we can all learn from I received a copy of this book as a gift and this is my honest voluntary review

  7. Linda Galella Linda Galella says:

    A bit rushed at the endingbut an otherwise good story The themes of redemption and forgiveness are woven thru “After the Fall” While it’s categorized as a Christian romance the religious aspects are gentle not preachy with hand holding hugging ‘n kissing rounding out this totally chaste adventure The main characters are well developed and have complex difficult families from opposing sides of the economic railroad tracks The majority of this novel is spent reckoning the disparity between the two worlds and the 2 main characters learning to trust each other and importantly God This is not “pie in the sky” writing but lots or what I call “relationship reality” Liz Isaacson writes real people in situations you’ll recognize having tho’ts and feelings you might have experienced yourself

  8. JaneReads JaneReads says:

    I honestly didn't think I was going to like Sterling when he was introduced in chapter 1 But as I got to know him and see how he was with Norah I grew to really like him I felt for Norah having to be the mother to her brothers and her mother working two jobs and going to school I understood her hesitation with Sterling because they came from such different worlds I loved Dr Richards response after he found out that Norah and Sterling were seeing each other even after he told them co workers dating was against policy you could tell he truly cared about Norah and wanted her happy I did not want to put this book down I had to know things were going to work out for both of them I received this book free from the author but the views expressed are my honest opinion

  9. Marie Marie says:

    Silver Creek another euestrian therapy ranch that usually deals with teenagers A small town and luxury condos on the mountain What surprised me was that Sterling is a famous snowboarder Hurt from a life changing fall durning practice or pleasure takes Sterling off the grid and to the luxury condo owned by his family Down on himself he thinks someone has broken into the condo He hobbles up the stairs since he was nested into the basement Meets Norah She works two jobs takes care of her brothers and mother girls counselor at Silver Creek and house keeper for the condos on the mountain The attraction is immediate but can each over come the trails they face With Gods help and love they tackle the trails and forge ahead

  10. Birgit Birgit says:

    As well as already the previous books from Liz Isaacson this could also tie up me again I recommend it to anyone looking to curl up and lose themselves for a while It's a wonderful story of love self doubt forgiveness faith and finally realizing what's important in lifeIndeed I must confess that I miss the change of POV's from the first book in this series a little Nevertheless You feel the chemistry between Norah and SterlingIf You want a great story You must read definitely this one so looking forward to the next one in the series So go ahead and buy you won’t be sorryI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book

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