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A Call to Heaven [Epub] ➟ A Call to Heaven Author Jo Kessel – Thomashillier.co.uk If you loved the movie Ghost and the Time Traveler's Wife or are fans of Mitch Albom Karen Kingsbury Jojo Moyes and Marian Keyes then this is for you This story will also resonate with anyone who’s If you loved the movie Ghost and the Time Traveler's Wife or A Call PDF \ are fans of Mitch Albom Karen Kingsbury Jojo Moyes and Marian Keyes then this is for you This story will also resonate with anyone who’s lost someone close to them and wishes than anything that they could speak to them again Everybody’s loved everybody’s lost Grief strips you raw and makes you feel as if you’re sleepwalking through life like the pain will never go away I’m Amy Tristan I’m no different than anyone else I’ve loved I’ve lost and it sucks I’ve got a five year old son and an abusive husband My mother died six months ago and I miss her like crazy I’m the biggest sceptic when it comes to other worldly stuff so when I’m told that I can pick up the phone and call my mum in Heaven I should disbelieve it right Wrong I pick up that phone because there’s nothing I want than to hear her voice trickle into the receiverAnd you know what It works I get to speak to my mother It’s a miracle If only it could stay this way with those calls just for me but someone up on high wants me to choose three other people to make A Call to Heaven too Who should I pick How can I trust them to keep the phone secret Making the choice is agonising if I get it wrong my calls will stop I wish I hadn’t told Daniel anything He’s this hot doctor that I’ve come to know But doctors are scientists and scientists are bigger sceptics than even me He didn’t believe in the phone He thought I should be admitted to a sanatorium Telling him was either the best decision of my life or the worst I’ll let you decideThis story will appeal to lovers of paranormal romance romantic comedies general fiction and religious spiritual and visionary fiction It will also appeal to anyone who believes or wants to believe in miracles At the end of the book are uestions for readers and book clubs to use as points of discussion.

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  1. Alice Taylor Alice Taylor says:

    A Call to Heaven is about Amy Tristan who is trying to deal with her mother’s death on top of a very trying life with a five year old son and a husband who is abusive and thinks crying is just being weak and whinny Amy goes to a grief support group and still feels like it is hard to get through the days when she has a dream of talking to her mother who tells her to plug an antiue phone that she lets her son play with into a special outlet on which she can receive calls from her mother from heaven But now to continue talking to her mother she has to pick three special people to share this gift with Now Amy looks at her grief support to see who she should try to share this gift with She has to be careful they can’t be skeptical or unbelieving or it might mess everything up Will Amy find the right three? Can this help her find a better life that she is enduring now? This book is really good The character development is excellent and the story flows along at a nice pace If you like stories about life after death heaven or maybe guardian angels then this would be a great read for you I’m giving this book 5 heartsReviewer for Romance Authors That Rock

  2. Elizabeth Horbaczek Elizabeth Horbaczek says:

    The author would like to a have an honest review for this book4 starsThis book is totally different than anything I usually read I wanted something out of my comfort zone and this book did that for me I want to think of myself as a believer Someone that has an open mind that can think anything is possible That when I need to find something to believe in it will be there I want to teach my children that there are miracles out there That things that happen have a reason a reason that will let us grow and live That the bad that we feel will come with the good that will stand out everyday This book makes you want to believe that when the bad gets too bad there is a way to survive and find the path that you need This book is about not only the individuals that were given the chance but also the others in this book The ones that were not believers the ones that have lost the faith a long time ago You can't really fault those people but it saddens me that there are many people in this world that don't believe any Those true believers out there the ones that see than you think are the ones that will be able to survive anythingI don't want to tell you a lot about this book but I do want to tell you how this starts Amy just lost her mother She is very depressed and misses her mom terribly Her life is not all rays of sunshines to begin with With an abusive husband and hardly any life she is very secluded One dream changes everything that she thought was real One dream and a phone will change everything She is going to be given a hard choice She is going to have to make decisions that she thought she would never have to make but in the end isn't that what life is about She needs to learn how to live life and survive it She needs to protect her son And she will need to choose three people to make life worth living again for themTime and time again I say how much I love an author that I just find This is still the case This book makes you want to believe in something That there is to life even after death That there will be someone watching over you forever and will protect you from what will end up hurting you This is not my comfort spot for books but it was a breath of fresh air for me The writing is remarkable and how everyone gets to be portrayed in this book is amazing

  3. Donna Porter Donna Porter says:

    I loved this book and I am not a big fan of paranormal books Amy Tristan was a young woman with a five year old son and an abusive husband Amy lost her mom six months before and she missed her very much She really wished she could talk to her She had a dream that her mom told her about a yellow phone that her son played with She told her to take it and plug it in the bathroom in the special plug Amy thought this was a little crazy but she looked anyway and low and behold she found the plug and plugged it in She know sooner plugged it in than it rang Amy was so excited and when she picked it up it was her mom calling from heaven After a few calls she tells her she has to pick three people to also receive calls from one of their loved ones There were uite a few things about this story that I really liked and the adventure to find these people was very interesting It also in the end brought Amy the love she so deserved You will love this book and will find it hard to put down because you will want to see what happens A very good read

  4. Linda Camacho Linda Camacho says:

    Great readI loved the book it was well written and a fast read My only problem was the ending To me it just dropped off Too abrupt

  5. Brandy Brandy says:

    I can't help but give this book a 5 This story was so good an emotional story of love and loss Amy's story is so all over that you can't help but fall for her and want the best for her This book is a must read

  6. Laurie Laurie says:

    This a perfect read for anyone who ever has wished to have a last conversation with a loved one who has died The feelings of each character in the book as they struggle with their grief is so real The main character Amy who has to contend with an abusive home and an unexpected loss as she perseveres picks herself up and puts one foot forward to regain her life and help others with the help of an old phone It left me thinking and wishing I had a phone like this very special one I loved this book

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