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The Last Cut [Read] ➯ The Last Cut Author Danielle Ramsay – The first in a brand new series a gritty thriller for fans of Paul Finch and Tania Carver Obsessions can kill First he selects them Strips them of their identity Then he kills them All for her DS Harr The first in a brand new series a gritty thriller for fans of Paul Finch and Tania Carver Obsessions can kill First he selects them Strips them of their identity Then he kills them All for her DS Harri Jacobs transferred to Newcastle from the Met The Last Epub / in the hope of leaving her past behind the moment where her stalker turned violent He left her alive saying that one day he would be back And she ran But a year later she realises he has followed her from home He'll prove his devotion With blood.

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  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    The story is mainly told over four days This really brought the urgency into Harri and her team catching the serial killer that was at largeAs we know by now nearly all the main characters in a detective crime series have some sort of past What a past Harri has What happened to her a year before would leave most of us completely broken Don't get me wrong as Harri is seriously damaged from what has happened to her but I absolutely loved her strength She is determined to try and carry on as normal Women are to often portrayed to be weak and I am so glad the author has come along with someone that is very much a fighterSerial killers do not come any sick and twisted as the one in this book You will seriously shudder when reading the parts to do with the killer and the victims As a human being it was pretty gruesome to read but as a huge fan of the crime genre I couldn't get enough For the first book in a series the author has really raised the bar with The Last Cut This is a seriously dark and gripping read that is sure to be a huge hit for fans of this genre A brilliant start to a series and can't wait to meet up with Harri againMy thanks to the author for a copy of this book All opinions are my own and  not biased in anyway

  2. Joe Stamber Joe Stamber says:

    The Last Cut is a decent story fighting to get out from a number of issues holding it back I was surprised to see the average rating is so high because it was a close thing for me whether to give it 2 or 3 stars From the start Ramsay uses italics to emphasise certain thoughts a lazy device that shouldn't be necessary The excerpt from another novel that is included suffers from the same problem so it's obviously something that Ramsay uses Just in case anyone thinks that the main character being female and the victim of a nasty assault might suggest any kind of weakness she has been made so aggressive and objectionable that it is impossible to like her or have any kind of empathy with herProbably the worse thing is that any plot point that Ramsay feels is in any way important is laboured to the point that I was thinking Okay I get it She needs to realise that readers aren't stupid and give them some credit for recognising important informationA big deal is made about the fact that the main character lives in the secure top floor of an unoccupied building with an all round view and multiple dead bolts on the door Early on she sits with her back to said dead bolted door baseball bat in hands because she hears a creak somewhere Later to suit the plot she hears a noise outside and undoes the dead bolts and goes to investigate Seriously? The positives are that the basic plot is a good one the book is technically well written and it's a fast moving story that is easy to read I would like to have rated it 25 stars but I've been very generous and given it 3 stars that it doesn't really deserve

  3. Audrey Gibson Audrey Gibson says:

    This is the first book I have read by this author and what a brilliant way to start This was really creepy and at times I wanted to hide behind the sofa I highly recommend this book its brilliant

  4. Alexina Alexina says:

    45 starsI have only recently heard of Danielle Ramsay and was looking forward to reading her DI Jack Brady series but held off when I heard about The Last Cut about to be publishedThis arrived at the perfect crime time for me I was looking for an interesting gritty new series and Danielle delivered that in spades I was uickly drawn in and I absolutely love books with a chilling stalker feel to them I find that they have me on the edge of my seat than other types of psychological thrillersHarri is such an unbelievably strong character and I was in awe of her skills at coping I did wish she would confide in someone though and hoping that she can gel with her team slightly in the follow up reads Without compromising her brilliant personality thoughThe only slight niggle for me was there was repetition of Harri's thoughts and I know why this was done and it didn't detract from my enjoyment but I would liked to have a little less of it in places it didn't uite slow down the plot but it wasn't always necessaryA brilliant start to a new series and I am looking forward to how Harri handles what is coming next I thoroughly enjoyed this read with some breath taking moments and there was enough gruesome to keep this book as a page turner and suspense to keep it all slightly clandestine

  5. Rebecca Stobart Rebecca Stobart says:

    I have been a fan of Danielle Ramsay's work for years and have reviewed all five of her DI Jack Brady novels on my blog as well as her book Broken Silence being the first review I did overallThe themes of Danielle's books always resonate with me Rape and assault are still very much taboo subjects and they shouldn't be they're ugly topics but if people pretend they don't happen then it's very likely they won't stop Harri Jacobs is raped in her own home her attacker has not yet been brought to justice and because of his promise to come back and kill her has left her unable to remain in London which brings her to transfer to the North EastI love Harri I thought I was going to have a difficult time adapting to a new detective but I really honestly love her She's so real and a total badass even though she is struggling to deal with what happened to her and there's this fear in the back of her mind she refuses to give up her job and hide away completelyDanielle Ramsay is always going somewhere with her writing she doesn't write about random murder cases and everything is relevant It almost hurts trying to keep up with everything because you just know it's going to come back later Harri wants to remain working on the case but as similarities between her case and those of the murder in uestion arise is it really a good idea?There are some uieter moments in the book so you'll have time to breathe I don't think it affected pace too much Harri has a lot of inner conflict hardly surprising given what she has been through so a lot of the time away from the station is her dealing with that It makes her feel even real she's suffered and she continues to do her job but that doesn't mean she's automatically okay A lot of damage as been done and just because a person isn't constantly crying doesn't mean they aren't in pain plenty of people have to go about their day to day life and might never show that what happened to them has left a lot of damageAs I said Harri is very real If you would like to know a little about why that is then I urge to read this which is a post written by Danielle herself entitled writing what you know I don't want to say too much as it's a really powerful piece that I think you should read but if you don't read it just know that Danielle understands what it means to be a strong femaleAny fans of this author will know her books aren't for the faint of heart There's some very graphic scenes that make this a brilliant thriller but also the murder mystery aspect of the book keeps you guessing until the end Just as with all of Danielle's writing I want I can't wait for the next book and this one has only been out 3 days Please don't keep us waiting

  6. Craig Gillan Craig Gillan says:

    Absolutely brilliant Harri is a great character and hope to read about her again

  7. Dee Groocock Dee Groocock says:

    This is the first book of Danielle Ramsay’s that I have read oh boy what a start I was totally gripped from page one of this book I loved the character Harri and couldn’t help but feel for her even though she had shut herself off from everyone due to her past There were many heart stopping and heart racing moments in this book Looking forward to reading from this author

  8. Robert Scragg Robert Scragg says:

    DS Harri Jacobs a rising star in the Met has her world turned upside down when she becomes the victim of a violent stalker He left her close to death with a promise that one day he’d be back to finish the job and Harri transfers back up to Newcastle for what she hopes is a fresh start But when photographs of her assault from the previous year are posted anonymously through her door and her current case takes on a frighteningly personal twist she starts to wonder if her attacker has tracked her down to make good on his promiseHarri Jacobs is an interesting creation She wears a tough outer skin on the job deflecting jealousy from male officers keeping her focussed in pursuit of her suspect We also spend a lot of time inside her head though eavesdropping on her thoughts as she deals with her personal trauma channelling it determined to not be defined by it and be seen as a victim There’s also a regular dose of darkness as we get glimpses of our antagonist from the point of view of another of their potential victims which really serves to crank up the fear and suspense throughout Danielle Ramsey does a great job bringing the North East to life as her stage for the events that unfold With The Last Cut she’s laid the foundations for a very promising series and hits us with an ending to the first instalment that absolutely leaves you wanting

  9. Julie Simon Julie Simon says:

    Great read enjoyed this and looking forward to reading books featuring Harri

  10. Claire Claire says:

    This was very good Huge fan of the DI Jack Brady series by the same author so wasn't sure if this could compete with the It certainly could Looking forward to

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