The Wild Green Yonder: Ten Seasons Volunteering on New

The Wild Green Yonder: Ten Seasons Volunteering on New Zealand's Organic Farms ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Wild Green Yonder: Ten Seasons Volunteering on New Zealand's Organic Farms By Philippa Jamieson ➲ – Itching for a change city girl Philippa Jamieson uits her cosy job in Dunedin to travel around New Zealand on the WWOOF scheme Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms Over the course of two and a hal Itching for a change city girl Green Yonder: PDF/EPUB Ã Philippa Jamieson uits her cosy job in Dunedin to travel around New Zealand on the WWOOF scheme Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms Over the course of two and a half The Wild eBook ¾ years she volunteers at locations market gardens livestock farms communes many of which truly lie in the wild and hairy yonder Along the way Philippa meets a bevy of diverse characters the irrepressible farm host who's Wild Green Yonder: PDF É built his own coffin with a limerick for an epitaph; Green Party co leader Jeanette Fitzsimons; and many not forgetting Thelma the goat Some of our unsung heroes can be found in these pages forward thinking Kiwis Wild Green Yonder: Ten Seasons Kindle - who are uietly working away at producing healthy food without toxins saving heirloom crop varieties practising self sufficiency and improving the soil for the next generation Informative entertaining and affectionate The Wild Green Yonder offers inspiration to anyone with a yen for life's positive alternatives as well as a uniue view on where organic farming is at in New Zealand today.

  • Paperback
  • 248 pages
  • The Wild Green Yonder: Ten Seasons Volunteering on New Zealand's Organic Farms
  • Philippa Jamieson
  • English
  • 12 March 2016
  • 9781869661830

About the Author: Philippa Jamieson

Philippa Jamieson was born to two Green Yonder: PDF/EPUB Ã librarian parents and has worked in bookselling and publishingIn she began a journey around New Zealand for two and a half years on the WWOOF scheme volunteering on The Wild eBook ¾ different organic farms and gardens and wrote a book about her experiences The Wild Green Yonder copies are now available direct from the authorFrom she also became a freelance wri.

7 thoughts on “The Wild Green Yonder: Ten Seasons Volunteering on New Zealand's Organic Farms

  1. Theresa Sjoquist Theresa Sjoquist says:

    The Wild Green Yonder is a gentle read spiced occasionally with self deprecating humour and sometimes downright ironic NZ witPhilippa takes us on a two and half year tour with her as she WWOOFs her way around New Zealand WWOOFing is the participation in a scheme Worldwide Opportunities On Organic Farmsto stay with and experience working on organic farms Accommodation and keep are free in exchange for an official four hours work per day We get to run around a paddock with Philippa in her hilarious townie attempts to direct sheep who are a good deal wily than she had thought to keep one eye constantly open for the bull and to worryingly recognise that actually farm fencing won't contain a beast that does not wish to be contained We stay with her on many organic fruit orchards vegetable farms grain farms and an assortment of other organic food producers and learn with her along the wayAnd herein lies the true value of this book Many tidbits about organic food production pest control and land development are laid out so the book is a useful learning tool The Wild Green Yonder is especially nice if New Zealand interests you Philippa's description of the land and people who feed us offers a realistic view of a country whose primary industries have always included food productionA worthwhile and very enjoyable read Recommended

  2. Helen Varley Helen Varley says:

    this is a great book very readable informative personal and at times humorous rather than a strictly chronologically account her journey of three years' travelling and wwoofing around nz philippa structured the book around recurring themes and topics making it into a sort of resource book as well as the story of her experiences anyone who is interested in organic gardening and farming healthy lifestyles heritage seeds or the WWOOFing movement will find this a useful and enjoyable read bias declaration yes i am philippa's sister

  3. Joel LeBlanc Joel LeBlanc says:

    Inspiring book An autobiography of a woman who gave up her busy job and life to travel around New Zealand and work on organic farms as a WWOOFer She meets some amazing characters along the way farmers food producers herbalists and visionaries and accounts her inner and other journeys along the way This book will make you want to ditch in your job and just hit the road

  4. Lynn Lynn says:

    This has been sitting in a pile of books to relish reading some day so lock down has been the perfect time to hack into the reading and having a book which is not YA or Children's or fiction was an absolute tonic I know Philippa and some of the people in the book she speaks about so that was extra special but if you don't then you'll still enjoy her journey around the motu to some amazing gardens and people I loved every bit of it especially the details about permaculture and growing a lot to learn about This is a book for people like me who would garden all day if they could but don't have the guts Philippa does to take off on a garden learning pilgrimage into the wild green yonder I'm blimmin glad she did and I got to get a taste of what it was like So enthused was I by this lovely adventure that I am putting woofing on my absolute to do list an I know a lot what to look for and to expect Thoroughly recommend

  5. Trish Saunders Trish Saunders says:

    This is an enjoyable wander through a couple of years in the life of a wwoofa in New ZealandThe book is an informative way to gather information about organics as well a feel for the lifestyle Philippa Jamieson led as she stayed at different places This makes it a useful book for anyone considering this lifestyle The writer is open minded and thoughtful as she deals with a myriad of situations She is not looking for scandal and high drama The back cover describes the book as 'informative entertaining and affectionate' I agree

  6. camilla camilla says:

    I ordered this book thinking that it would be mostly about the joys of WOOFing and living independently with no real home and only the clothes in your backpack While it did touch on these issues it was mostly about the details of organic farmer I admit that now I know a lot about biodynamics and what exactly organic farmer entails but that wasn't what I was hopeing to read about This book would be great for readers interested in the specifics but not if you want a backpacker adventure novel

  7. Keir Thomas Keir Thomas says:

    Interesting enough read Good to get a feel for what WWOOFing entails I found it uite repetitive and a bit boring to be honest There's only so many descriptions of letterboxes native bush and cow tongues that I can read

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