NURIEL: THE FIRE OF GOD ❰Download❯ ➼ NURIEL: THE FIRE OF GOD Author Juan Carden – Rebeca and Vladimir Mostovich, two Israelis scientists born in Russia, have been kidnapped by Iran and are now being forced to work on the development of a telepathic device and a form of chemical fus Rebeca and Vladimir Mostovich, FIRE OF PDF/EPUB ¿ two Israelis scientists born in Russia, have been kidnapped by Iran and are now being forced to work on the development of a telepathic device and a form of chemical fusion that would render nuclear fission obsolete Under the supervision of her Iranian captors, Rebeca manages to construct the machine for neurosensorial stimulation that she has been devising for years, mentally adding and removing NURIEL: THE MOBI :↠ components and performing experiments in her mind When she enters the third month of her pregnancy she begins sleeping with electrodes attached to her stomach in order to stimulate the neural limbic growth of her son She continues this practice after his birth to induce the development of psychic powers that will allow him to communicate with another child, in the hopes that Mossad agents will be notified where THE FIRE OF eBook ↠ they are being held prisoner Vladimir s dream is to perfect the process of cold fusion originally put forth by his compatriots Igor Yevgenyevich and Andrei Sajarov He theorizes that it is possible to overcome the repulsive force of protons and electrons and to eliminate the electrical attraction that binds them by means of chemical methods, with no need to accelerate them into one another or generating high temperatures that is, without a reactor Nuriel is born on MayHe is a tall, thin baby with bright dark eyes His mother is the only one who recognizes that her son is a mutant, a child who will be different and who may change the destiny of his family and the world The new born child never cries and is always quiet, as he observes and learns The Iranians consider him retarded, though his mother believes he is simply very cautious Though just a child, nothing escapes his attention He watches, listens, feels, perceives and assimilates what is happening around him Nuriel needs no entertainment, always seems to be contemplating something beyond his surroundings One day, not long after he is born, he finds his twin spirit Daniel is born three months after Nuriel on the other side of the planet in the state of Maryland not far from Washington DC Geert, his father, investigates acts of terrorism committed by individuals who disagree with America theologically, politically and morally His mother, works on the Electronic Analytical System, a section of the government that designs systems to combat electronic spying and interference Shortly after Nuriel and Daniel are born, their psychic energy is fused together From then on they are inseparable and their remarkable intelligence allows them to assimilate everything that the other learns Daniel s task is to free Nuriel and his parents and to sabotage Iran s nuclear weapons laboratories The book is written in a variety of styles that compel the reader to continue reading until the very conclusion The plot is full of episodes in which elements of humanity, love, politics and fiction are intermeshed with religion, mythology, surrealism and psychology in an eloquent, logical manner.

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