The Trusting and the Maimed PDF/EPUB Í The Trusting

The Trusting and the Maimed [PDF] ✓ The Trusting and the Maimed ✪ James Plunkett – Short story collection and the MOBI ´ Short story collection.

10 thoughts on “The Trusting and the Maimed

  1. Deanne Deanne says:

    Not brilliant but there are some good stories in this collection, particularly liked the trusting and the maimed, the wearing of the green and the scoop Some are funny,some sad and some stories just beggar belief.

  2. Tony Tony says:

    A number of thought provoking short stories Good characterisation and interesting situations Really enjoyed this.

  3. Jeff Jeff says:

    I am surprised that this collection of short stories has gone out of print I found each story intriguing and compelling in different ways The title story is by far the strongest, but I found Weep for Our Pride, The Wearin of the Green, and The Eagles and the Trumpets moving tales of Irish life.

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