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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    “And then like Pandora opening the great big box of the world and not being afraid not even caring whether what’s inside is good or bad Because it’s both Everything is always both But you have to open it to find that out” I have to say that I'm not much of a traditional zombie fan moaning slow walking dead people are neither interesting nor scary to me but there is nothing traditional about this bookFirstly this is not an old school how to get away from the zombies and stay alive kind of book It opens from the perspective of these zombies intelligent emotional child zombies and Melanie is one of them A young intelligent girl who is seemingly full of life curiosity and the ability to form emotional attachmentsThe way the story is told from a specific perspective is important changing the way we view Melanie and the other children They are first presented as thoughtful frightened kids in a situation that makes us instantly sympathetic We are not allowed to simply view them as necessary sacrifices in the hunt for a zombie cureIt is of an introspective philosophical book about what it means to be human and how being human might not necessarily make you one of the good guys than it is an action packed adventure full of chases and shoot outs though there is some of that tooAt the heart of this story is Melanie's relationship with her beloved teacher Miss Justineau And through the teacher's stories and inspiration with particular reference to the story of Pandora it is also about Melanie's uest for love and acceptance as well as an understanding of who she isThe zombie science felt new and interesting despite my aversion to most technical language and all the principal characters are well developed with their own history motivations and aspirations The author even takes time to develop a deeper understanding of those characters we will never come to likeIf you are looking for horror and traditional zombies The Girl with All the Gifts might not be the book for you But if you'd like something refreshing moving and character driven I would highly recommend itBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

  2. Rick Riordan Rick Riordan says:

    You’d think by now we would have reached ‘peak zombie’ right? I mean there’s only so much you can do with a genre But Carey mines the territory for new gold and finds it The Girl with All the Gifts opens in the strangest classroom ever And as a teacher I’ve seen some pretty strange classrooms After the zombie apocalypse in England some infected children have for reasons unknown been turned into zombies but have also retained their human intelligence Melanie is the research lab’s star pupil Along with her classmates who are all strapped in their chairs to keep them from you know eating the human teacher they go through lessons and read stories so the scientists can try to understand what makes these bright young zombies tick Melanie is not really aware of what she is or why she is there This ‘school’ is the only life she’s ever known But she is aware that once in a while her classmates disappear into the lab and never come back She fears she may be called to leave sooner or later and she doesn’t want to part with her beloved teacherThen one day Melanie’s world changes Class is dismissed forever Melanie will have to decide where she stands Is she one of the humans? Or are the humans her food? The book does a great terrifying job describing the sort of fungal infection that could plausibly mutate into a zombie type disease The characters are great The death count is high like worse than Walking Dead high and the ending is both terrifying and beautiful Like zombies? Check it out

  3. Mark Lawrence Mark Lawrence says:

    The last book I read which was very good took me 16 weeks to get throughThis one arrived yesterday morning My wife got her hands on it first and finished it by the evening I took over and have finished it 8pm on the next day today It's not a short book 460 pages of reasonably small font It is a very compelling book The opening is the strongest I've read in an ageIt's the first book I've bought in a long time Publishers and authors send me free books in the hope I'll read them and say something nice so I've a stack of books waiting that I didn't pay for However I only manage 10 or 12 books a year and once in a while it's nice to pick something myselfA friend whose tastes I trust has recommended this book forcefully and freuently for a couple of years so I caved and got it It's the sort of story that's best come to cold If someone spoils if for you it spoils it It's not that the whole thing rests on some massive twist I see dead people just that it's so much nicer to experience it the way the author wanted you to a slow reveal widening from claustrophobia to agoraphobiaIt's a book set in modern times written in the present tense and moving uite freuently from the main character's point of view to those of several others around her The prose is of very high uality powerful direct descriptions that put you there understated emotional scenes that drag you in and violent action scenes that get the pulse racing It's also clever and well structured enough to suspend what disbelief needs suspendingI'm not going to say than that other than believe the hype read itI've now seen the film too Very good I thought Join my 3 emails a year newsletter #prizes

  4. Jesse (JesseTheReader) Jesse (JesseTheReader) says:

    Creepy eerie unexpected I enjoyed this one

  5. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    This is the story of a girl locked in a room who is strapped into a chair every morning while a man holds a gun to her head She’s wheeled into a classroom in which there are other kids strapped into chairs just like hers where a woman teaches them lessons that they will probably never need to learnThis book is like a fantastic combination ofthe scrupulously researched medical thriller aspects of Mira Grant's Deadline the ueer feral curiosity of a child who's not what she seems like Octavia Butler's Fledgling the wandering survival aspects of The Reapers are the Angels and its badass heroine Temple the dichtomy of high functioningdegenerate beings in Warm Bodiesthe poignant impossible need in Let the Right One InBut with a fascinating pathogen distinctly drawn characters and unexpected and AWESOME ending of its own First 5 star read of 2014 Full review posted at The Midnight Garden

  6. Ben Ben says:

    Ugh This book has what might be the greatest first act I've ever read I can't describe it because part of its wonderful tension relies on the reader's ignorance of the situation It's absolutely brilliant though and tells a story of a tragically fascinating girl and her relationship with her teacher and the world around her It promises so much Then act two begins and almost all of that is thrown out the window for boilerplate thriller territory It is all well written tense and exceptionally creepy at times I did manage to finish the book which I suppose is saying something in favor of its uality but I'm not sure I can recommend it All manner of fascinating uestions and story threads are introduced or implied and then abandoned in favor of action scenes I will never forget that absolutely wonderful first act but I can't deny how disappointed I was by the rest of it

  7. karen karen says:

    now no one can yell at me ever again another tricky to review book i think it's safe to discuss the fact that this book is about zombies that cat is outta that bag but it's one of those new spins on the zombie tale like Raising Stony Mayhall and Zone One and The Reapers are the Angels where the focus is not run away from zombies aaaaaahhhh but one which comes at the zombie story from a social philosophy angle as the survivors struggle with the responsibility of remaining human and redefining humanity in a world in which they are outnumbered by monsters here known as hungries which makes it sound SO zzzzzzzzzso let me back up because there is PLENTY of action in this puppy we got guns and zombie kids and mad scientists and marauding gangs and attacks and close calls and a wallop of a reversal in the ending that kicks the predecessors of zombie lit's ass and now for some secrets for those of you who have read the bookview spoilerBECAUSE OH MY GOD HOW AWESOME WAS THAT?? the timing on this book was perfect for me as i was on a toxoplasma gondii tear after reading this book and this book and ophiocordyceps unilateralis has pretty much the same horrifying MO nature is so fucked up man this was a very cool twist on the zombie novel and while i personally loved mira grant's newsflesh series and found it completely medically plausible this one can totally stand beside that series with its head held high awesome terrifying shit hide spoiler

  8. Emily (Books with Emily Fox) Emily (Books with Emily Fox) says:

    Post apocalyptic is definitely my jam but after reading so many some of them start blending into each otherThis one reminded me A LOT like way too much of The Passage Both good but not amazing Now I need to check the movie

  9. Maggie Stiefvater Maggie Stiefvater says:

    The most sure footed novel I've read all year A dystopian thriller with a real beating heart Recommend Recommend Recommend

  10. Braiden Braiden says:

    I was dupedI thought The Girl With All the Gifts was about a girl who had all the gifts and was somehow a modern Lilith say like Lilith in Supernatural as the little girl and would bring about the apocalypse if she didn't learn to control her giftsI was duped HardAnd I'm glad I was I'm glad the premise on the back of the book gave absolutely nothing away only that we were going to meet a young girl by the name of Melanie a genius and a very special girl I'm glad that every detail about the book kept what's inside hidden away for the reader to discover alone Pandora's box if you will And I don't really care that I was duped Because The Girl With All the Gifts was a breakout so far for 2014 and I surely will be recommending M R Carey's sensational and engrossingly written novel for anyone that dares to uestion it's worth in the speculative sceneOpening Pandora's box and unleashing what's inside is the major theme of M R Carey's The Girl With All the Gifts something we should do throughout our lives unafraid of change or disturbances Or it could even just mean being open to things in life that contradict your beliefs This theme existed throughout the story arcs of each of the characters of The Girl With All the Gifts from young 10 year old Melanie to the teacher Miss Helen Justineau Sergeant Parks Dr Caldwell and Private Kieran Gallagher Carey's credit as a comic and film writer surely does make The Girl With All the Gifts a force to be reckoned with The Girl With All the Gifts is a thrilling page turner comprising of fully realised characters each with their own aspirations fears and pasts This book is one word Alive Additionally Carey's zombies his hungries are much different than what is currently on the shelves for zombie enthusiasts The hungries and the actual biological science behind their manifestations are highly original and intriguing The hungries are increasingly fascinating as we discover about the parasiteprotozoan that plague the bodies as Dr Caldwell does as she conducts her experiments stubbornly and without any outward thought for ethics Melanie and the other children in her school kept restrained and locked in cells are infected with the fungus and exhibit behaviours of the fully formed hungries yet what makes these children different is that the brain has not been conuered by the fungus This allows Melanie and the children to be able to emote and think like any ordinary human being with a conscience Although Melanie desires human flesh she controls the hunger Melanie's ability to experience feelings and emotions allows a bond to form between her and her teacher Miss Justineau Then the research establishment that the school is located within where Melanie is locked away; where Miss Justineau teaches; where Dr Caldwell conducts her research; where Sergeant Parks orders is attacked and razed and this band of individuals along with Private Gallagher a group consisting of individuals as incompatible as dogs and cats must learn to trust and rely on each other if they are to survive and reach Beacon alive which is perhaps the only remaining town still intact in England The relationship between Melanie and Miss Justineau is the heart of this novel it is beautiful and full of hope and compromise The narrative is thought provoking and fast paced a lethal combination for any reader after a solid and eventful story The Girl With All the Gifts is a fantastic addition to the zombie genre and I look forward to reading from M R Carey particularly his Felix Castor series and the various comics including Lucifer and The Unwritten

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The Girl with All the Gifts ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Girl with All the Gifts By M.R. Carey ❤ – Melanie on hyvin erityinen pikkutyttö Joka aamu Melanie istuu huoneessaan odottamassa Kun häntä tullaan hakemaan luokkaan kersantti osoittaa Melanieta aseellaan samalla kun kaksi muuta sotilasta si Melanie on hyvin erityinen pikkutyttö with All PDF Ê Joka aamu Melanie istuu huoneessaan odottamassa Kun häntä tullaan The Girl PDF \ hakemaan luokkaan kersantti osoittaa Melanieta aseellaan samalla kun kaksi muuta sotilasta sitoo tytön pyörätuoliin Melaniesta Girl with All MOBI ð tuntuu etteivät he pidä hänestä Hän vitsailee ettei pure mutta he eivät naura Maailman lahjakkain tyttö on zombipainajainen jollaista et ole vielä lukenut Kaikki zombit eivät olekaan vain tahdottomia hirviöitä vaan osa heistä saattaa kirjoittaa uusiksi ihmiskunnan tulevaisuuden.