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  1. Sadie Sadie says:

    I love the black lagoon series except this book made me feel offended It all started when Hubie said I can't believe I'm going to lose to a girl They will kick me off the little league team They won't let me go to boy scouts this one detail is very offensive to girls because there is nothing wrong with girls but if there was something wrong with girls there would also be something wrong with BOYS and i have had many boys at school say stuff like your pretty good at basket ball for a girl girls can do anything boys can do and sometimes people say that boys are stronger than girls and taller but i have won lots of arm wrestling matches to boys and i am taller than lots of boys but there is nothing wrong with boys and there is nothing wrong with girls

  2. Julie Julie says:

    Wish they hadn’t gendered this book and it was just about 2 kids in an election

  3. Denis Verdecia Denis Verdecia says:

    I usually like the Black Lagoon Series But with this specific title not so muchIn the traditional Black Lagoon Series Children's Books our hero Hubie is running for class president He is running against a girl named Doris Now the entire Black Lagoon formula is here The story is very Punny as you can imagine Hubie worries for nothing and in the end he becomes class President Sorry for the SpoilerBut here is my issue with this specific book Lately we as a society have become very aware and concerned to stomp out sexism I believe that in order to do this it has to start hereas we start conditioning the young mind I think of my young kids reading thisWhen the story has Hubie worried that he would lose the election to a girl or that they make the girl try to win the class election by buying votes instead of using her mind I have a problem with this Hence the low rating on this book by comparison to other Black Lagoon books I have reviewed

  4. Aberdeen Children& Aberdeen Children& says:

    This story has the corny humor that elementry school students love It's the story about a class election and everything that one little boy named Hubie does to try to win over a girl named Doris His campaign slogan is Don't be a booby vote for Hubie just to give you a taste of the book's humor

  5. Zianh Zianh says:

    I truly liked this book because this book made me laugh a lot When you read this book you feel glad to read this bookThe book tells about the boy who wants to be come president and what he want's to change in America I think the people who are in ELL would like this book because this book has easy words People who love children will like this book

  6. Mackenzie Mowery Mackenzie Mowery says:

    i SummaryHubie is running for class president simply because his teacher Mrs Green says that everybody has to run for something in the next campaign Hubie was scared about the election and said he'd rather run for the hills but nothing other than president sounded appealing for him Mrs Beamster gave him some confidence by showing him books about past presidents Hubie was scared about what would happen if he lost and begun to get into the role as a campaignee He was given all of these absurd tasks to do and with close counting he won as president ii Major theme in this storyI think that a major theme in this story is perseverance because although Hubie did not want to run for anything in the election he pushed through his fears and followed through He overcame the silly tasks that he had to do and the fear that he had of being embarrassed if he lost Despite the opponents ways of winning over the class with giving out donuts Hubie pushed through and eventually came out on top iii Star RatingI gave this book a 4 star rating because although it was a good message I think the other books in this series have a lot meaning and story to back the wording I think that in order for it to have successfully relate its plot to perseverance it would have showed about the main characters emotional aspects and ways that he overcame his fear The author showed this in several ways however I think that going into deeper detail would have been a vital aspect iv A personal response to the bookAs stated above I really liked this book I think that there is to the story than one could analyze in just one read and that it does provide a meaningful message to children reading it I think a lot of books in this series are about trust bravery and perseverance which is a vital building block for learning during your elementary school years v Why I Recommend this book I would recommend this book because as is the theme the story is a meaningful way to share the normalities and thoughts about what its like to be in elementary school especially emotionally I think that this book would be best to be shared with a small classroom to show that being brave and confident in running for leadership is a good thing and that its normal to be afraid of rejection

  7. Michelle Michelle says:

    This was just okay I read this with my youngest son and he seemed to enjoy this book but I on the other hand felt a piece to the story was missing like how Hubie could accept losing or how Hubie could overcome the emotions of the unknown if he will win or loseInstead it went on how Hubie wouldn't know what to do if he lost to a girl I think people could use a message that it is okay to loseIt is a cute book I had a few laughs with my son

  8. Stacey Stacey says:

    I read this book because my son wanted me too He is a very reluctant reader that is behind for his age I’m always thrilled to find a chapter book that he will happily read independently The Black Lagoon Adventures series books are one of them We own a few; and they are good clean fun Plus given they are so short it builds his confidence when he is able to complete them

  9. Anthony Anthony says:

    Hubie and Doris face off for the office of class president in Mrs Green's class Hubie's slogan Don't be a Booby Vote for Hubie But will a catchy slogan be enough to beat Doris and her Birthday Party campaign and free ice cream bars? The jokes and puns run rampant as election day draws closer

  10. Mirko Liang Mirko Liang says:

    It's alright nothing extraordinary but the artwork is kind of cool

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The Class Election from the Black Lagoon Black Lagoon Adventures #3 [BOOKS] ⚡ The Class Election from the Black Lagoon Black Lagoon Adventures #3 Author Mike Thaler – Hubie is running for president against Doris But he doesn't think he stands a chance against the free ice cream that she's giving away to voters Plus to stay in the race he has to do crazy stuff like Election from Kindle Ñ Hubie is running for president against Doris But he doesn't think he stands a chance against the free The Class PDF/EPUB ² ice cream that she's giving away to voters Plus to stay in the race he has to do crazy Class Election from MOBI ï stuff like shaking Coach Kong's paw and Mrs Green's claw Class Election from the Black Epub / and kissing a bunch of babies Hubie's chances look Class Election from the Black Epub / slim Will being the candidate who stands for something not just who stands on top of something be enough to win him the race in the end.