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  1. Kate Kate says:

    While this was interesting and I was captivated by what I read I can truly say that this book is not for me I am one of many who feels this way as you can see to what the other reviewees have written Was I sucked into the story? Yes and no I thought that the MC would have met earlier on in the book but they didn’t and when they did it was way past the 52 % mark I was also under the impression that it would only be based around Jesse and Jenny but there are several POV that we get to see in the book This obviously adds to the story yet it isn’t what I wanted This is where I’m torn where I thought that it added additional layers to the book but where it was also something I personally wasn’t interested in The mind of the author is creative offering in depth characters with a world filled with raiders barren lands robots and huge difference in societal classes There is action suspense with some banter that I liked now I love steampunk and I’ve read uite a few books in this genre but this book just wasn’t for me It could be that the paranormal aspect was missing that adds for me spice to a book There was just not enough romance in the book and the character meet far too late in the book that I lost interest This is just ONE opinion of many and is to be taken with a pinch of salt Review can also be found

  2. Richelle Robinson Richelle Robinson says:

    Jesse was thrown into the family business at such a young age He lives a lavish lifestyle is insanely smart and handsome but one thing he is lacking in his life is love Jenny is starting over in a new place and she meets Jesse as she is a worker in his factory I liked these two as a couple because they were complete opposites of each other This shows how you can find love in the most unexpected places including different social status Frost I always seem to have soft spot for the bad boys and in my opinion he is just misunderstood I'm hoping he will be able to redeem himself as the series continues Did I mention we get bots in this book? I wasn't sure what to expect with the bots but I was not disappointed at all with the addition to the story As a huge fan of Czermak's Journeymen series I was excited and intrigued to see he was coming out with a Steampunk Romance Series Honestly going in I had no idea what to expect I've never read the Steampunk genre before heck I didn't even know it existed until now What I do know is that I was very impressed and I'm now hooked on the genre I encourage everyone to take a chance and have a open mind when it comes to this book This story had twist turns action deceit and my favorite romance Czermak has such a way with his words and storytelling Whenever he creates a story he makes you feel like you are right alongside with the characters His description to detail is like no other It was like having a movie playing out in my head the whole time I was reading This story is told in several points of views but it's not overwhelming and I loved being inside each character's head and getting their backstory I'm very excited to see where this series is headed and what Czermak will think of next Well done an arc was given for an honest reviewFor reviews check me out at

  3. Tricia Bartley. Tricia Bartley. says:

    Soooo this isn't a genre I normally read But I will have to say it was pretty good This was my first Golden book and his writing style is very good and his descriptions of everything going on in the book was really cool I felt like I could really see what was going on in my headlol Hope that makes sincelol Truthfully I felt like the vision I would see was like the movie Wild Wild Westlol It really was cool and made the book interesting to readThis book was about Jesse and Jennyand Sex Bots Jesse Winthrope is a self made millionaire who has uickly risen from his own humble beginnings Rocketed high into the upper echelons after the invention of his high efficiency Winthrope Steam Engine Jesse is poised to take on the Western Frontier starting in the city of DiabloJenny Boone is from a hard working farming family living off the land far from the city and its technological marvels However circumstances beyond Jenny’s control force her into the clutches of a highly judgmental populationThere was instant chemistry and their love will be tested by people who don't feel this relationship should go on Are you intrigued??? You should be And did I mention Sex Botsyou have to read the book to find out what that is all about lolI gave this book 4 iScream Books Stars

  4. Virginia Virginia says:

    I have to say that The Steam Tycoon is my favorite book by Golden so far This was my first book in this genre and it was fantasticThe Steam Tycoon is well written and full of action and suspense The plot is very uniue and creative and as with all of Golden’s books the descriptive writing makes everything so real The scenes and characters play out in your head adding to the story You feel like you are there and picture it all as it unfolds It was all a lot of funWe have a cast of characters that are well developed and loveable From Jenny to Jesse to Aero to Aftershock they are all great additions to the story I will say Aftershock is my favorite Of course we have the bad guy we all love to hate Frost because what’s a good story with a villainI’m not one to put the faces and things on covers and teasers to the story That said in this case all the time and effort that Golden put into the visuals for this book and series definitely added to the reading experience Things like the googles hat and attire that I’ve seen definitely brought the steam punk idea to life in my headA fabulous start to a new series You won’t be disappointed I cannot wait for the next book

  5. Angela Angela says:

    What a wild and crazy ride Amazingly descriptive characters and locations you feel like you're drawn into the world Tons of action Great story line I did get lost a little bit but will for sure be reading the rest of the series

  6. Vagabonda Reads Vagabonda Reads says:

    Confession I love anything to do with the steampunk culture so when the opportunity arose to read Golden Czermak’s The Steam Tycoon I grabbed that brass ringIt is four hundred years after the Great Burning — a time when the depletion of fossil fuels lead to the collapse of civilization bringing about death and disease — and the world now relies on the power of water as its source of energy Both good and evil factions within the cities of the supercontinent Eaugen are on a constant search for technology that will enhance their methods of producing a sustainable power sourceJesse Winthrope is at the helm of Winthrope Ltd one such energy producer A young and noble soul Jesse inherits Winthrope Ltd after the murder of his father Maximilian Headuartered in the city of Diablo Jesse’s company is the proprietary manufacturer of steam capsules as well as the prized WHESE Winthrope High Efficiency Steam Engine Young Jesse sees the good in the elevation of all citizens not just the elite He has distain for the repression of a people based upon their situation in lifeAcross town Lucas Frost owner of Frost Industries represents the greed and evil faction that has no use for the downtrodden An abusive tyrant Lucas has longed to be rid of Jesse along with Jesse’s moral code Lucas has coveted Winthrope’s technology and waits for the day he can claim it as his own In order to do that he needs to rid the world of Jesse WinthropeGolden Czermak’s The Steam Tycoon is the first entry of his new Steam Tycoon Series and I loved it More science fiction than romance Czermak has incorporated the tenets of steampunk philosophy and culture into a suspenseful and imaginative story While rife with heroes and villains the main character of the story was for me all the great steampunk We have steam propelled weapons goggles that allow sight through clouds flying ornithopters bowlers and corsets We have bots for pleasure and bots for work holotubes for communication cogs and gears for currency And let’s not leave out the camelos and lutrines Czermak’s detail in the construction of his steam society is fantastic and his characters all serve to enhance the author’s steampunk universe Heroic Jesse Winthrope stands true to his beliefs and for that he gains the love of Jenny Boone — a woman who society would label lower class therefore an unworthy match for him Again the author holding true to steampunk philosophy regarding the necessity of rebellion fueled by class repression I could go on and on about the details and characters in The Steam Tycoon but if you’re unsure about the whole steampunk culture think of this story as a bit of Jules Verne meets The Wild Wild West — it’s an adventure a romance a fast moving ride through the steampunk universe Hitch a ride on an ornithopter and enjoyGolden Czermak’s The Steam Tycoon contains scenes of graphic violence and sex and is for mature audiencesFour and one half gears

  7. Michaela Zankl Michaela Zankl says:

    Past meets Present meets FutureIt took me longer than expected to read this book This is not a book I flew through since Steampunk is a new genre to me I actually cross referenced because of the historical aspects involved You are thrown back in time where steam tycoons fought to be better than the next From the authentic description of clothing to the outer and poorer areas of big cities this book has a historical edge I really fell in love with I really appreciated the footnotes on some of the words used in this book because they help to get a better understanding of what is going on within the story The mix of past present and future is perfectly integrated especially with the robots Aero is a futuristic version of robot with programmed tasks but also a human side that can express feelings and thoughts To me Aero is an extremely important character in this book because he is yet loyal to his ruthless owner but sees the destruction his master is causing and is willing to break that bond to fight for the better cause Him and Aftershock form a bond that brings past and future together effortlessly where they stand side by side fighting for a better tomorrow for everybody Aero and Aftershock have uickly become my favorite characters in this book The book is built on the relationship of Jenny a women from the poor area of the Gulch and Jesse a steam tycoon that is well respected by citizens but hated by fellow steam tycoon Frost When their battle comes head to head this book takes on a level of suspense that keeps you glued to the pages This book has it allhistorical aspects greed power murder love and hate Golden Czermak's visions really come to life in this book and you are easily transformed into a world where the past meets present meets future This is a must have book in every book lovers library and a great start to a new series

  8. Kim Tatum Kim Tatum says:

    This was my first time reading a book in this genre I really didn't know what to expect to be honest What I got was a CREATIVE MASTERPIECE and one hell of a thrilling ride Golden has a way of drawing a picture that transports you right in the middle of his books Golden didn't disappoint being a newbie to this genre he made it so easy to visualize the city clothing well everything As I turned each page the suspense of what was going to happen had me on the edge of my seat Just waiting to see what Jesse Frost Jenny Aero and Aftershock would being facing This book was absolutely intriguing full of everything you would ever want while reading The Steam Tycoon has love heartbreak hot sex betrayal action and some pretty amazing life changing adventuresA little about these characters Jesse Winthrope and Lucas Frost are bitter rivals and this rivalry has some explosive interactions Jesse is a caring compassionate but so strong character Frost is the complete opposite he only cares about winning and destroying Jesse and anyone who gets in his way Then you have Jenny who is a woman who has had so many losses you would think she would be broken and beat down She is what I would call a rebel who isn't afraid of what life is going to throw at her next Jenny is a survivor Aero is a sexbot that's all I will say about him Aftershock is the badass he takes no prisoners I'm giving The Steam Tycoon five stars which I don't think is enough I will be reading books in this genre Author Golden Czermak truly is a creative genius With his stories we get a glimpse into what is going on in the beautiful mind I highly recommend The Steam Tycoon and I'm impatiently wait for the next book This book is a standalone within a series If you have read Author Golden Czermak before I recommend you check out his work

  9. Melissa Schaub Melissa Schaub says:

    4 Stars The Steam Tycoon is the first book in Golden Czermak’s Steam Tycoon series and I was blown away by the amount of research and dedication that Golden put in this book to make it as amazing as it was I really love this era and this is the first book written in the “steampunk” era that I have wanted to finish the series This book was uniuely written with such detail you could actually close your eyes and picture yourself standing next to the characters so hats off to your sir The other thing that made this book stand out to me is that it is not written directly from the characters POVs throughout; most of the book is almost like a narration of the story so it made it much easier in my opinion to follow along with all of the different characters With all that being said the only thing that really bothered me was that I wish Jesse and Jenny could have met sooner and that we could have seen of their relationship develop I understand that the romance aspect was not the point of this story but I just feel like there should have been I also understand that this book was the set up for the rest of the series and I cannot wait to read of this creative uniue and amazing world I really hope that Aftershock and Aero appear in the rest of the series because I can’t wait to see where that goesAll of this being said I highly recommend that you get started with this series now so that you are all set when the next books come out If you like books that are different than the norm books that have something new to offer books full of mystery deception secrets loyalty and finding the light at the end of the tunnel; than get going and one click this book now

  10. Beth Olson Beth Olson says:

    Creative descriptive thrilling suspenseful and totally spellbound with Steam Tycoon Let me just begin with I've never read any of this genre before Even with the teasers I thought to myself how can Golden Czermack pull this off? And I can tell you with no uncertainty he blew it out of the park Jesse Winthrope is a millionaire who well known in Diablo He's is an Inventor He's savvy in technology He's humble and wants his town to flourish But he feels that his life is missing that special someone Jenny Boone is from a farm town but in a blink of an eye she's left with nothing She's strong tough and courageous With outside help she survives the trek to Diablo And when she sees Jesse she was enchanted from the beginning Jenny sees the good in Jesse and how kind he is to everyone But when the two come together they become one The love is strong Not everyone likes Winthrope A lot of rivalry hate and jealousy Enter Lucas Frost Without giving any spoilers away the two have known each other for a long time And friends they are not Frost is totally different from Winthrope He will stop at nothing to overcome and to beat him With Lucas's creation of a sexbot Aero watches and he sees something that troublesome And knows that he has to intervene I dream of the day humanity can put aside its petty differences in mutual support for each other Throughout Steam Tycoon we are introduced to several characters I cannot wait till we see the next story in this series I was completely blown away 5 starsReceived arc for an honest review

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The Steam Tycoon ➿ [Download] ➽ The Steam Tycoon By Golden Czermak ➵ – Thomashillier.co.uk Jesse Winthrope is a self made millionaire who has uickly risen from his own humble beginnings Rocketed high into the upper echelons after the invention of his high efficiency Winthrope Steam Engine J Jesse Winthrope is a self made millionaire who has uickly risen from his own humble beginnings Rocketed high into the upper echelons after the invention of his high efficiency Winthrope Steam Engine Jesse is poised to take on the Western Frontier starting in the city of DiabloJenny Boone is from a hard working farming family living off the land far from the city and its technological marvels However circumstances beyond Jenny’s control force her into the clutches of a highly judgmental populationGoing to work in one of Winthrope’s factories the two find each other and along with it The Steam MOBI :↠ a love that crosses both finances and prejudicesCan their feelings for each other survive or will society get the best of them dousing the fire in their hearts.