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Jesus Said......... ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Jesus Said......... Author Debbie G. Harman – Thomashillier.co.uk The Savior s memorable teachings are combined with Debbie Harman s illustrations The Savior s memorable teachings are combined with Debbie Harman s illustrations.

10 thoughts on “Jesus Said.........

  1. Lora Lora says:

    This was a baby shower gift from a family member, and it has become one of Lucy s favorite books It s very simple each phrase starts off with Jesus said and ends with a concise teaching And yet, she doesn t ever seem to get tired of it It is a great way to share some of Christ s teachings with even very young children The illustrations are also very good It was one of the first books Lucy would listen to all the way through.

  2. Lori Lori says:

    We love this book for the really nice illustrations and simple messages on each page It s a great bedtime story because it s quick but also meaningful When Lainey was 2 she had this book memorized and loved reading it to me.I purchased it at Seagull books.

  3. Tanya Tanya says:

    Colorful illustrations with scrapbook like touches, simple text that appeals to preschoolers.

  4. Jennybug Jennybug says:

    This is a picture book about the teaching s of Jesus Christ.Shelf 1

  5. Shanda Shanda says:

    Beautifully written and illustrated My children and I enjoy reading this book together.

  6. Amber Amber says:

    loved this book Beautiful illustrations that provoke easy conversations about Jesus that toddlers can understand

  7. Sasha Sasha says:

    Beautiful, detailed illustrations to perfectly simple text.

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