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Spider-Man/Deadpool, Vol. 2: Side Pieces Download Spider Man Deadpool, Vol 2 Side Pieces By Scott Aukerman Monsters, Magic, Merriment, Movie Making And When Deadpool Goes Hollywood, He S Sure To Bring His Wall Crawling Bud Along For The Ride After All, Spidey Is No Stranger To Selling Out In The Proud DP Tradition, A Lost Issue Of AMAZING SPIDER MAN Flashes Us Back To One Of Our Pun Happy Pair S Earliest Meetings Then, Spidey And Deadpool Meet Pen And Teller, For Reals, In A Tale Penned By Penn Himself When Both Our Heroes Are Alone For The Holidays, That Means They Re The Only Ones Who Can Save Christmas And When Another Of Those Crazy Events Rocks The Marvel Universe, The Web Slinger Uses All His Powers And Responsibilities To Fight The Monsters Unleashed While Deadpool Is About As Helpful As He Usually Is It S The Team Up Series Where Anything Can Happen And Does Collecting SPIDER MAN DEADPOOL 6 7, 11 12 And 1.MU.

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    Spidey Pool This is one of those comics that I sort of thought was funny, but at the same time I m just sort of glad I finally finished it.Some of the jokes Wolverine and Storm trying to figure out why everyone was acting like they didn t exist made me giggle, but a lot of them were the same regurgitated Deapool is gay for Spidey and chimichanga shit that seems to be obligatory in every one of their comics While Isn t It Bromantic, had an actual storyline, Side Pieces is aptly named because it s compose...

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    A bunch of one off issues that were used as filler because Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness can t keep up with a monthly schedule The Scott Auckerman issue where they are making a Deadpool was pretty funny with a bunch of jokes about the comic book movie industry Then a flashback issue from Gerry Duggan and Scott Koblish I ve never felt these flashback issues ever work...

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    I am such a sucker for this duo.

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    This was a real hit or miss collection of stand alone stories featuring the two characters For whatever reason I found The Ho Ho Holiday Special featuring the vengeful deity Saturn wreaking havoc on Christmas Eve in New York City the most amusing of the bunch The opener, Number One on the MAUL Sheet , with the duo on a Hollywood backlot amidst their big screen adaptation, also had its moments with inspired digs about comic book characters and the movie business.But then ...

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    2.5 stars This is a book made up of all of the filler guest writer artist stories for this series It was a huge let down, for the most part We start with Scott Auckerman s which was just boring when he wasn t elbowing me to laugh at his jokes Deadpool finds out a film studio wants to make a movie about him so Spidey and Deadpool headed to set This was full of overdone jokes about the comic book film genre Including some poorly thought out jokes about Batman v Superman You can t poke fun at DC for foreshadowing the next 8 films in their line up when Marvel does the exact same thing They ve been foreshadowing Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet since the Avengers The next issue was okay Gerry Duggan returns to Deadpool to play with a lost issue of Spider Man What makes it meh is that the plot is t really interesting Even Deadpool s not enough to elevate this issue about Mysterio It just reminded me of that filler throwback issue in Duggan s series that he actually managed to tie in to the main book It reminded me how great that run of Deadpool was a...

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    I liked the last 3 issues of this collection better than the first, but they were all fun.

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    Disappointing Overall these stories felt a little mean spirited, especially the politically charged old school parody that pretty much craps all over the original Amazing Spider man.Penn Jillette guest stars and writes one of the was pretty bad and I actually do like Penn.

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    Want to see me talk about books Check out my Youtube Channel BexnbookxSpider Man Deadpool, Volume 2 Side Pieces did not live up to the hype that volume 1 had It was a overall disappointing experience Here we are again, with Deadpool and Spider Man volume 2 did not follow a specific plot point, but five episodes of these two getting up to mischief With Deadpool and Spider Man going to Hollywood, a Christmas story, and a few random tales.ArtworkThe artwork within this volume was all over the place, with a different episode having a different writer and a different artists For the most part I loved the artwork and illustrations, but I didn t appreciate it changing art styles throughout The dialogue was entertaining enough, but did not live up to the awesome ness of volume 1 Plot The plot within Volume 2 was highly disappointing It was not only all over the place, but it didn t flow through the novel I was unimpressed with this volume and I hope that volume three really picks up the plot and goes back to basics CharactersThe characters are always a good part of this comic series Although, I don t think there was any development or anything interesting occurring to the characters within this story They always have amazing witty banter together, which I really enjoy OverallSpider Man Deadpool, Volume 2 Side Pieces is a no from me A disappointing volume in regards to plot and different a...

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    I enjoyed this collection much than the first volume the humour wasn t as forced, it was less dependent on following other published titles, and it was simply fun than trying desperately to be wacky and crazy.Good fun, good laugh.

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    Some of the issues were just crazy, but then again I love Deadpool s crazy ass These comics get me laughing so they re good No matter how thin the plot is.

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