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    Posy PDF ↠ Hardcover team is bound to be adored by cat lovers of all ages, everywhere."/>
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Posy
  • Linda Newbery
  • English
  • 03 February 2019
  • 9781416971122

10 thoughts on “Posy

  1. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    I m in love with Posy This is such a fun, sweet, delightful little book about a fun, sweet, delightful kitten The illustrations are definitely a bit unusual in style, but I just adore them And the text is very sparse, just two words per page, rhyming, but it completely captures all the variations in kitty behavior from their most cuddly and quiet moments to the times when they are scratching at this and pouncing on that and being little wild creatures This little book, like the kitten it describes, is a total charmer

  2. Lisa Vegan Lisa Vegan says:

    I wasn t sure about this one when I heard the text was composed of very short phrases but the pictures were really cute.Well, this book is just wonderful Posy the kitten is adorable I wasn t wild about the indoor outdoor choice for this kitten though The author and illustrator definitely know cats kittens I recognize Posy in most of the cats I ve known Posy going through her day doing all sorts of typical kitten activities brought a smile to my face Board game wrecker was my favorite because I ve had plenty of experience with that one, with my friends cats.Yes, the text was just very short phrases and sometimes words, but all together they form a rhyming story that the very youngest child can enjoy, but so can the whole family.I ended up loving the illustrations although it took me a few pages to get used to them Once I got to the very realistic looking pink ball of yarn page I was won over And the text has some neat touches too I like how the word disapppearer starts to fade out toward the end of the word.Posy is lovable and the story and its pictures are delightful Children in households with cats will immediately understand Posy Kids in households without cats will no doubt start requesting a kitten, and some kids might end up playing kittens cats in their roles Posy is contagious

  3. Kaethe Douglas Kaethe Douglas says:

    I m looking at Posy and my icon of Lucy, and totally understanding why I found it so charming The art makes this book Such adorable kittens.Oh, such charming illustrations Cutest kitten eveh Loved the family snuggle, especially.

  4. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Cute poem, cute pictures, no plot or depth I d like it better as an unpretentious board book instead of as an oversize picture book, all look at me.

  5. Ann Ann says:

    The poem in this book is so accurate I was tempted to list this on my non fiction shelf But, as it is, Newbery has managed to perfectly capture the cuteness of cats in her minimalistic poem As I read through this book I kept thinking, Yes, that s true My cat did that And, at basically every page turn, Oh how cute Admittedly I wasn t sure how much I d enjoy the illustrations at first Posy s face doesn t exactly feel like a cat, to me But, as the book went along, I felt the face fit Posy, and the actions were so cat like that by the end I was in love.Definitely highly recommended

  6. Noran Miss Pumkin Noran Miss Pumkin says:

    I did, really did buy this for myself My crumb snatcher with her cute dirty fingers is getting no where close to this fine book I adore the illustration art greatly delight to the eyes, and gets one s soul warm fuzzies It is large format book making the art all the better to adore and smile over It just short phrases of what Posey does during her day as a wondering kitten I love the browns used for Posey, and the other kitten is in grey tones I have a little grey cat just like this one Recommend for kids, cat lovers, and those that collect children s books as I do.

  7. Jennifer (JenIsNotaBookSnob) Jennifer (JenIsNotaBookSnob) says:

    Gentle and pretty illustrations of a little kitten named Posy with a lovely rhyming text which is sparse enough for young listeners I would consider this a great book for any small child who enjoys kittens It s just a precious looking book, something I think my daughter would have really enjoyed when she was younger This is one of those books that has a word or two per page and let s the illustrations do the talking If they haven t already, the publisher should really consider releasing this as a board book It feels like a good choice for that format.

  8. Dani - Perspective of a Writer Dani - Perspective of a Writer says:

    Check out picture book reviews Perspective of a WriterPosy is a fluffy kitten who has many tasks through the day from crayon swiper to sock inspector but nothing is better than being sister and daughter in her family.The art in this book is what drew me to it Simple but so evocative of what it means to be a kitten My favorite spreads were the close up of Posy so hard to get that random feel while not feeling like an amateur drew it and the leaf collector, sock inspector spread due to the awesome detail of colors that make Posy pop My nephew s favorite spread was Posy with her sibling and mother cats He is drawn to family and embodiments of family life.My nephew and I read books together everyday and art is incredibly important for drawing him into a book Too complex of drawings and he doesn t think he can draw one and too simple and I m turned off the book due to the art alone This book was a perfect balance of everything a picture book should be, especially for beginner readers The art was breathtaking I loved the little poem Normally books with this few of words is a throwaway book but my nephew struggled a little to read all the words with the Rs added to words he already knew So it teaches something about language that is really appealing to a parent who wants to get a lot out of the picture books they buy I was also able to talk to my nephew about what was happening in the pictures which helped cement the meaning of words.An incredible book experience considering the message is so simple family is the best after a long day BOTTOM LINE Art Cat Lovers need this book Great for children learning words______________________You can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer See my picture book reviews in a special feature called Boo s Picture Gallery

  9. Tasha Tasha says:

    As the proud owner of two adorable kittens, Posy was ideal reading Newbery and Rayner perfectly capture the charm, silliness, speed and constant movement of a small kitten The illustrations have a raggedy striped kitten where scribbly lines depict fur with great style Posy s head tilts in the just the right way, her eyes focus with an intent to play even though they are just two black dots Simple but incredibly captivating, this book will have any cat lover entranced.The illustrations are accompanied by two word lines of a poem that dances along at the same pace as a busy kitten Paired into rhyming couplets, the poem reads well aloud and makes this a book that offers not just a quick look at the life of a kitten but a great introduction to poetry for children Appropriate for ages 2 5, share this one with the cat lover in your life no matter their age It is sure to generate the same chuckles as a kitten itself without the mess.

  10. Mandy Mandy says:

    I loved reading this book to my son He is still too young 9Mo to understand the words, but the book looked really cute with very nice artwork, and it was on sale Therefore I bought it and sat with my son and slowly went through the book together I loved the kitten theme because we have two cats of our own, and it made it all the fun to find out what other mischief Posy was getting into on the subsequent pages, all the while referencing our cats as we went along Fun book

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Posy[BOOKS] ✪ Posy Author Linda Newbery – Thomashillier.co.uk Posy may be one of the cheekiest, most inquisitive kittens around but that doesn t stop her being the most lovable one too Follow the delightful Posy kitten as she bounces and pounces through her adve Posy may be one of the cheekiest, most inquisitive kittens around but that doesn t stop her being the most lovable one too Follow the delightful Posy kitten as she bounces and pounces through her adventure filled day This beautifully illustrated picture book by an award winning author and illustrator team is bound to be adored by cat lovers of all ages, everywhere.

About the Author: Linda Newbery

Linda Iris Newbery born August , in Romford, Essex is a British writer known best for young adult fiction where she entered the market, although she has broadened her range to encompass all ages She published her first novel Run with the Hare in , while still working as an English teacher in a comprehensive school She became a full time writer in Linda is a regular tutor for th.