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  1. Lisa Hayden Espenschade Lisa Hayden Espenschade says:

    One of the most engaging and enjoyable contemporary Russian novels I ve read in a long time This is a nice portrayal of a school teacher in Perm in the 90s who deals with problem students, family troubles, and his own place in the world.

  2. Martins Slisans Martins Slisans says:

    Interesting, different and bold

  3. Toshka Toshka says:

    Tabigat KautayReview of the book The Geographer Drank His Globe Away The book was written by Alexei Viktorovich Ivanov in 2003 The author is well known for his other works such as Serdtse Parmy , Zoloto Bunta etc He also was awarded several prizes such as Mamin Sibiryak Prize 2003 , the Eureka, Start, and Bazhov prizes 2004 , and the Book of the Year and Portal prizes 2006 As for the plot, the book illustrates the life of a school teacher called Sluzhkin, who teaches geography in his hometown and his adventures with his students In parallel to the story author greatly depicts private life of the main character Especially, author develops the dialogue between the geographer and his colleagues, friends and his wife On top of it, each dialogue reveals main character s inner perception of the social world and how he tries to be part of it and change it at the same time In my opinion, author primarily wanted to show how three generations first two are soviet, the last is post soviet of the same town see the social world and the values in it The main character Sluzhkin was raised as pure Soviet person, and his teachers were the great Soviet exemplary citizens who devoted their lives to build USSR legacy In the middle of his life Soviet Union collapses and there is a new world that he and his town and country should adapt to and find their places and new meanings in it Sluzhkin has at the same time Soviet values and he expresses them with his talent as a poet, and the reality that demands totally opposite things such as a salary, a good career and other tangible means to live In addition to that, not only his inner world becomes unnecessary to the new post soviet generation, but also his town that had great industrial assets becomes an abandoned place, where progress is not something that will be there for many years ahead During his attempts, to teach geography to his students he tries many great technics that modern teacher would appreciate, but eventually he fails to catch an appropriate attention to his subject from the students So in despair he brings his students with him to an adventurer campaign around the town that he lived for his entire life, and during their few days walk he describes and reveal to his students his memories and feelings towards his homeland and to all that was left from it As a result his students start to appreciate his job even if they did lose any respect to him, due to his behaiviour in his alcoholic state And one of his female students even fall in love with him, and he also starts to wish her as a man However, after teaching so many core cultural values Sluzhkin thinks that he will lose every drop of respect that was left, if he demands his female students as a man So at the end of the story he manages to control his inner physical desires even if circumstances were ideal to have physical contact without any notice from other students However, as they all come back to the town and start their routine lives, Sluzhkin gets caught by his colleague when he tries to kiss his student and it becomes clear that student actually was his colleague s daughter So eventually, Sluzhkin leaves the school in order to avoid any social conflicts and stays with his family I believe this last step was hard to do for Sluzhkin, due to his own wife actually does not love him and wants to be with his best childhood friend, only because he is wealthy enough to give her what she was expecting from Sluzhkin for the many years during their marriage Finally, the story of the novel is not unique for post soviet geography It is almost the most often seen scene in the lives of former soviet citizens And any post Soviet person would find his own story very similar to what was happening in the novel It is true that soviet men who lost their jobs and was left without ideology actually became very depressed and many of them have found their solutions in the bottom of the bottle full of vodka Many families have lost their balance and were broken into pieces And many other out of family sinful relationships were developed as well For many people to be a good person was not primary life value any, instead tangible goods and money became desirable In other words, inner spiritual world has left its leadership to outer image and social status.

  4. M M says:

    Great mix of humor and sadness, captures some sort of melancholy of everyday life very well A story about loneliness and what it means to live correctly Wish I had had such a teacher Hilarious scenes with the students.

  5. Julia Smolyanskiy Julia Smolyanskiy says:

    Really enjoyed this book and the movie is not bad even if not as good as the book Recommend

  6. Lamilla Lamilla says:

    Now to watch the moviehttp www.bookcrossing.com journal 1

  7. Masha Masha says:

    It s an amazing book very touching, very true, very sad and very funny It s a shame it isn t available in English, however, it is in Dutch And this book really made me long for camping

  8. Dominykas Dominykas says:

    I LOVE THIS BOOK An absolute masterpiece

  9. Danna Danna says:

    You did that hungry I loved it, every twist and turn caught me by surprise I can t wait to read of your books.

  10. Tania Lukinyuk Tania Lukinyuk says:

    I like to read books before watching movies based on the book adaptations Normally I am impressed by either book or movie with few exceptions, eg Life of Pi or The Lord of Rings I was not particularly impressed by this book, so I guess the movie is going to be better It is not that the book does not have depth or is not worth reading It actually can pretend to be modern Russian classics, because as any Russian classics it s dedicated to search for the lost Russian soul It is just this feeling left after the book that there is nothing to search for any Russia does not have heroes of our time any , Just one permanently drunk teacher of geography.

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