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Bad Penny ❰Ebook❯ ➠ Bad Penny Author Sharon Sala – The scar across her neck ties her to the past.Cat Dupree would love nothing than to settle down and build a life with fellow bounty hunter Wilson McKay But Soloman Tutuola the man who murdered her fa The scar across her neck ties her to the pastCat Dupree would love nothingthan to settle down and build a life with fellow bounty hunter Wilson McKay But Soloman Tutuola the man who murdered her father and slashed her throat when she was thirteen haunts her even from the graveAn investigator from Mexico is tracking down the person who is responsible for Tutuola s death and the trail leads directly to Cat To add to her bad luck, a junkie with a vendetta is stalking Wilson and is willing to kill anyone who gets in the way of his revengeDesperate to start their future together, Cat and Wilson turn the manhunt around vowing to do whatever it takes to find freedom from the past and the scars that have damaged them both.

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  1. jenjn79 jenjn79 says:

    Ever since reading the other 2 Cat Dupree books Nine Lives and Cut Throat , I ve been anxiously awaiting this book Actually, when I finished Cut Throat, I was a bit disappointed because the ending was not very satisfying and I thought that was the end of Cat and Wilson But then I saw that there was a 3rd book to come out featuring the two, and felt immensely relieved because even after 2 books, the story of Cat and Wilson didn t feel finished Bad Penny rectifies all that and left me with a happy, satisfied feeling.In order for this book to make sense, you really need to have read the other 2 books in the series They are very closely tied together with a 3 book romance and continuing storylines and many things will be confusing if you jump in on the 3rd book Bad Penny concludes the saga of tragic heroine bounty hunter Cat Dupree and fellow bounty hunter Wilson McKay At the end of Cut Throat, things are left a bit open ended I won t say why so as not to spoil anyone and this book picks up a short time after the last one ended Cat and Wilson are settling into life together, but it seems like bad things keep happening to themCat has about the worst luck of any character I ve ever read But to make things worse, events from both their pasts come back to haunt them A deranged druggie is intent on killing Wilson, and the Mexican police want to question Cat regarding the death of Soloman Tutuola the man who murdered her father and cut her throat when she was just thirteen And it seems like the happy future they are planning is going to fall completely apart But neither will go down without a fight They ll do anything to save their future together.One of the things I loved about this book is that it almost has the feel of a really long, involved epilogue to the previous two books Cat and Wilson are settled into their relationship, ready to move on to the next step and you get to read about their plans and their happiness There s no angsty break ups, fighting their feelings and whatnot Their relationship in this book is just all about moving on to the future And finally putting the past behind them which means wrapping up the loose ends of the man who wants to kill Wilson, and Cat finally putting Soloman Tutuola behind her Cut Throat left readers feeling like there was a lot left undone, but Bad Penny solves all that Any dissatisfaction I had with how book 2 ended was completely negated And I enjoyed the flow of this book a lot It s got its happy moments, its sad moments, its tense moments I will say that Cat has to be the the biggest magnet for trouble ever Bad things are constantly happening to her, especially in this book And I did shake my head a little at the somewhat ridiculousness of it because it seems a bit unrealistic for someone to encounter that many problems, but at the same time, it was very fitting for her character Plus is made the happy ending all that much sweeter.I really don t have anything bad to say about this book It had a fabulous romance I loved Cat and Wilson, hated the fact that the book ended and this was last of them It also had a good, engaging storyline that completely wrapped up any loose end from the series And it left me smiling when I finished What could a romance reader ask for So for those of you who have read the other Cat Dupree books, I DEFINITELY recommend reading this one And if you haven t read them, then go buy them and read the whole series But if you do, don t be put off by the lack of a solid HEA in the first two, because Sala comes through in the end with the third book And it was well worth the wait

  2. D.B. Reynolds D.B. Reynolds says:

    First, this is a very unlucky couple Between getting beaten and shot and a tornado, they ve earned a peaceful life But I can t quite buy Cat s 180 degree turn around She walks away from everything that defines her, and becomes a totally different person The first two books are better.

  3. Lourdes Bejarano Lourdes Bejarano says:

    I really liked this installment but then we finally got to see them act like a couple and start a life together which is what I most like to read I only had two things that bugged me First, if you re going to have a native Spanish speaker speak Spanish then for God s sake, make sure you re saying what you mean to say Bueno el diablo es muerte means Good, the devil is death NOT Good the devil is dead Both sentences are grammatically correct but they don t mean the same thing That might have been ok if the author hadn t right beneath written in English what she meant to say That s a mistake my nephews who were born here in the US might make but it s a mistake no native speaker would make So, please to any authors reading this, DON T use a computer program to translators instead ask someone that speaks Spanish and it seems to me there s always someone around who does to do it It might seem like a good thing to do to have books that are diverse and inclusive but frankly, speaking as a native Spanish speaker, it s insulting than anything else It feels condescending and pandering Sorry if it seems I m going on and on but it really bothers me The other thing that bothered me was when at the end of the wedding said what God had joined let no man torn asunder It bothers me because a judge it s a government official and should thus end with by the powers invested in me by the state of Now this was set in Texas so they might do things differently there but as far as I know separation of church and state means a judge can t invoke god in civil ceremonies I know they re two small things that were really two lines out of the whole book but they were two things that completely took me out of the story and distracted me for at least five minutes each.Other than those two things I really liked the conclusion to the trilogy.

  4. Gina Gina says:

    Fast paced, well written ending to an excellent trilogy Sala continues Cat s story from the last novel After Wilson s shooting, they are now back at his parents wranch while he recuperates Cat never understood how much Wilson actually meant to her until she almost lost him and neither want to experience it again Both have agreed to leave their bounty hunting careers behind and start fresh, with a family.And while Cat doesn t go looking for trouble, trouble sure finds her First, she picks up a young hitchhicker with a bleeding nose and a fat lip Seems she s been taking abuse by her now ex boyfriend and was headed for the station to buy a ticket and get out while she still could However, the ex boyfriend didn t agree with that and went looking for her, continuously ramming Cat s SUV with his truck Thankfully, the worst were bruises.A few days later, on the way back with parts for Wilson s dad, Carter, a storm sweeps in, tornado and all Cat gets caught up in it, literally When Wilson goes looking for her in the aftermath, he finds his truck nose first into a pond Twice he went down and back up, terrified He can t get the doors open the truck is too far in the muck below On his third attempt, he notices the windshield is gone, and so is Cat The thought of losing her is unbearable, but he refuses to give up Outside the pond, he finds a book, then a piece of was once her shirt, then finding Cat as she s walking to him, completely naked and covered in muck, bruises and cuts Seems when the tornado sucked out the windshield of the truck, Cat was sucked out with it All who hear see the story believe it was nothing short of a miracle keeping her alive.You d think that would be enough no way While in the hardware store with Dorothy, Wilson s mother, a crazy madman wielding a fun bursts in, intent on killing his ex wife if he can t have her, no one can Cat s instincts kick into overdrive, knowing that once he shoots his wife, he ll turn the gun on the rest of them Pushing Dorothy down, she picks up a shovel and brains him not once, but twice The first to bring him down, the second to keep him down.Meanwhile, Jimmy Franks, the man who shot Wilson is still at large and evading authorities He s on a mission killing Wilson, and he ll stop at nothing to accomplish it, mowing down anyone who stands in his way.And while all this is going on, Homicide Detective Luis Montoya in Mexico, has been handed the Solomon Tutuola case the man who Cat finally caught and killed for revenge in the last book, Cut Throat He s on a mission to find Tutuola s killer What he wasn t prepared for was Cat.This book was incredible, unputdownable, and fantastic Not once did Cat and Wilson go looking for trouble, but trouble found them they weren t working on a case, they weren t after bad men All they wanted was to start a life of pure bliss together But that trouble kept getting in the way But even with all the trouble, we get good pieces of news along with sighs of happiness for them as well.The characters are incredible Cat, still as strong a woman as ever, finally realizing how much she really loves Wilson, and his family She feels like a part of them, and now that Tutuola has been taking care of and her revenge is now at rest, neither are clouding her feelings any, and the love she feels for Wilson is deep and profound, nearly scaring her to death Wilson, even while recovering from a near fatal bullet wound, is determined to prove to Cat that she belongs with him and his family, that she deserves to be happy You feel emotions so profound in this book, you choke up when Cat does When Wilson thought he lost her after the tornado, the grief is unbearable, even to the reader Jimmy s determination to finish what he started is scary as hell I m most certainly glad I don t have anyone like him after me or anyone I know He gave me the creeps, big time And even while trying to track down Tutuola s killer, Detective Montoya has drama of his own in his life, with an upset wife, and the adoption of an 18 month old baby girl.Actions scenes left this reader breathless, wondering how many lives Cat actually has And through it all, you re rooting on Cat and Wilson This story was incredible and the perfect ending to a wonderful trilogy The epilogue had me smiling from the first sentence to the last I m so unbelievably glad that Cat has finally found happiness She and Wilson are perfect for each other.

  5. LibraryLass LibraryLass says:

    4.5 stars for this one It is a fabulous read, but be warned, you really need to have read the other 2 books in this trilogy.In actual fact this is of a 3 book serial than a trilogy The 3 books are so closely linked and follow directly from each other.Bad penny concluded the trilogy very nicely I completely agree with Isis description that it was like one long epilogue As soon as I read that comment of Isis, I completely agreed The book was a romance with a bit of suspense drama thrown in It was a completely satisfying end to a terrific trilogy.I have to say, Sharon Sala writes an extremely touching dedication.

  6. Cherise Cherise says:

    This book had a different feel to it than the first two books had It lacked the edgier suspense filled ride that we got in the first ones It was a little hokey here and there, especially in the dialogue, but a nice conclusion to a great series I liked getting to be a part of Cat and Wilson s Happily Ever After.

  7. Elvis Elvis says:

    A good read all the way around

  8. Mary Mary says:

    Another good book with my 2 favorite characters Sharon Sala did a great job of winding up the story of Cat and Wilson I couldn t put the book down.

  9. Lisa Halbrooks Lisa Halbrooks says:

    Awesome love the girl power

  10. Kari Kari says:

    I picked this book up at a flea market having not read the others in the series Since it just said A Cat Dupree novel, I figured it was one in a long series like Stephanie Plum or Eve Dallas I figured out about a 1 3 of the way through that this was actually the third and final book in a trilogy Although I could follow the story and the author did a good job of briefly summarizing the main points of the other books, I definitely missed out on the character development that would have hopefully made me care about the characters As it was, I found that there was a lot of telling and all the showing the author did was superfluous Twice Cat saves women from their murderous exes and those women and the exes are never mentioned again I m not sure what purpose these episodes added to the story and they seemed merely to serve to make the book longer than it needed to be There was also a side story of the detective searching for her from Mexico that dragged on and added unnecessary events and details to this story I found myself skipping a lot and not really missing any of the plot Admittedly, this is partly my fault for not reading the first two in series, but in my defense, no where on this version does it say third in a triology And the added death defying moments in the book would still be superfluous.

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