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Spring Microservices in Action ❴PDF❵ ✩ Spring Microservices in Action Author John Carnell – Thomashillier.co.uk With microservices you build applications from very small loosely coupled and distributed services Spring Boot and Spring Cloud offer Java developers an easy migration path from traditional monolithic With microservices you build applications from very small loosely coupled and distributed services Spring Spring Microservices Kindle - Boot and Spring Cloud offer Java developers an easy migration path from traditional monolithic Spring applications to microservice based applications that can be deployed to multiple cloud platforms The Spring Boot and Spring Cloud frameworks let you uickly build microservices that are ready to be deployed to a private corporate cloud or a public cloud like Web Services AWS or Pivotal’s CloudFoundrySpring Microservices in Action teaches you how to use the Spring Boot and Spring Cloud frameworks to build and deploy microservice based cloud applications You'll begin with an introduction to the microservice pattern and how to build microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Then you'll get hands on and discover how to configure Spring Boot Using lots of real world examples you'll learn topics like service discovery with Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka and Ribbon Next you'll find out how to handle potential problems using client side resiliency patterns with Spring and Netflix Hystrix This book also covers implementing a service gateway with Spring Cloud and Zuul and event processing in the cloud with Spring Cloud Stream Finally you'll learn to deploy and push your application to cloud services including AWS and CloudFoundry By the end of this book you'll not only be able to build your own microservice based applications but how operationalize and scale your microservices so they can deployed to a private or public cloud.

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Spring Microservices in Action
  • John Carnell
  • English
  • 08 November 2014
  • 9781617293986

About the Author: John Carnell

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10 thoughts on “Spring Microservices in Action

  1. Alex Ott Alex Ott says:

    Between 3 4 uite good but not very detailed description of Spring Cloud components just enough to get understanding what's possible to doRounded down to 3 due many typos codetext inconsistencies and formatting issues in Kindle version Errors will be sent to author

  2. Vitor Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Vitor Cavalcanti de Albuquerque says:

    Great book to understand how to build microservices using Netflix OSS technologies through Spring Cloud If you always wondered how to build a Cloud Native service in Java this is the book Unfortunately this book won't be a 5 star due to the writing uality There are too many holes in the code examples the chapter about security barely works you have to research by yourself I don't advise this book for people that does not have experience with Spring frameworkTo sum up this book teaches many concepts that are reuired for a sane life dealing with microservices such as Service Discovery Netflix Eureka Load balance Circuit breakers Bulkheads Netflix Ribbon API Gateway Netflix Zuul Log tracing Distributed tracing Zipkin and others On the other hand it reuires some prior experience on Spring framework from the reader

  3. Murray Cumming Murray Cumming says:

    I like how this discusses how you might build a full microservices based system including configuration service discovery client side load balancing routing tracing message ueues and OAuth2 security as well as thoughts about continuous deployment The books's use of Spring Boot and Spring Cloud seems like a good way to exercise these concepts The actual Spring APIs and example code are very simple so the book is mostly a discussion of general ideas put into practice with Java Docker and the Spring Cloud defaults such as Netflix Zuul Netflix Hysterix Netflix Eureka Kafka and ZipkinI particularly like that the author set up real working code for each chapter that could easily be built and run locally as a set of docker imagesUnfortunately the text about the code is incredibly verbose and repetitive almost as if the text was being intentionally padded to reach a word limit Far too many sentences or paragraphs are simple slight rewordings and some things are stated and restated three or four time in succession It would have been easier to read without that weirdnessUnfortunately the Kindle version at least the one I got from Manning not from doesn't present the example code well using really awkward images instead of actual text for most code The code in those images is also a really faint gray The Go Programming Language has the best formatting for source code that I've ever seen in a Kindle book

  4. Imam Bux Imam Bux says:

    A good book to develop an idea of how to structure the microservices within the perspectives of a developer architect and devops The book tells all the patterns which need to be followed in order to have near perfect microservices based application If you have hands on experience with Spring framework then this book gives a smooth learning curveI gave it 45 stars because in the later chapters 7 10 the book seems to loose control of transferring the knowledge to the reader by introducing unexplained complexity in the topics and respective code The code is also not consistent with the exercises provided by the writer on Git The readers have to struggle and understand by themselves where they stand which adds effort and delays to the progress

  5. فاروق الفرشيشي فاروق الفرشيشي says:

    Covered a lot of topics concerning Spring Cloud Unfortunately some advanced topics were just ignored because they would make things complicated The problem is we buy such books with hell a lot of money instead of following some dump tutorial exactly to find those goddam advanced topics

  6. Oleg Prozorov Oleg Prozorov says:

    Good description of one of the approaches to build microservices Some parts are uite opinionated and presented as the only one true way of doing things Overall if you follow described steps you will build very modern scalable and maintanable system

  7. Andrzej Szelemetko Andrzej Szelemetko says:

    Together with the author you will be building from the ground a microservice based In each chapter a new microservice concept is being introduced and implemented using Spring Cloud Spring Boot and DockerIf you are not familiar with microservice concepts or want to get now the tooling used in Java world this is a great book to read Each concept is implemented and each relevant piece of code is thoroughly explained

  8. Tonmoy Chowdhury Tonmoy Chowdhury says:

    I found the author's writing to be very structured He doesn't jump to using a technology from the Spring stack unless he explains the purpose behind it and how it fits into a microservice based architecture The examples are lucid and illustrative Good for a beginner

  9. Amr Khaled Amr Khaled says:

    A good book for beginners i was expecting but I'm disappointed but still good content for beginners

  10. Justin Smith Justin Smith says:

    Not an easy read but very informative Some parts feel like a high school paper that has a word count reuirement other parts Could be concise

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