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  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Red Cloud's Revenge
  • Terry C. Johnston
  • English
  • 09 January 2017
  • 0312927339

10 thoughts on “Red Cloud's Revenge

  1. David David says:

    Excellent action sequences which really made the book And some interesting character developments about Donegan Excellent.

  2. Donnacha Donnacha says:

    Very boring and the writing is very corny Stomach wrenching at times Mixing romance in a Western is not for me.

  3. Steve Steve says:

    There is quite a bit of action packed into book 2 as compared to 1 A little less background on the characters, but a few new characters tossed in.Johnston goes intodetail of some of the Native Americans and their different customs You may be offended at some of the stories, but this was a bloody time on the plains This second book ends with vivid details of the Hay Field Fight and the Wagon Box Fight Two battles that had drastic consequences for Red Cloud s warriors.

  4. AustinT AustinT says:


  5. Tim Forder Tim Forder says:

    Terry C Johnston, the Stephen King of Westerns.

  6. Aaron Aaron says:

    Un romanticized, gritty, and real Great book of the west by a great author Couldn t put it down

  7. RA RA says:

    The Plainsmen series, Book 2, continues Again, easy read, lots of action and personalities characters The continued action of the fight for the Bozeman Trail.

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Red Cloud's Revenge❮Epub❯ ➛ Red Cloud's Revenge Author Terry C. Johnston – Seven months of small reprisals since the Fetterman massacre had passed Sergeant Seamus Donegan of the Army of the West had witnessed proud leaders both Indian and White steel themselves for the withe Seven months of small reprisals since the Fetterman massacre had passed Sergeant Seamus Donegan of the Army of the West had witnessed proud Red Cloud's Kindle - leaders both Indian and White steel themselves for the withering clashes to come And on two consecutive summer days, battle erupted drowning the Dakota Territory in a dam burst of bloodshed the Hay Field Fight and Wagon Box Fight of.

About the Author: Terry C. Johnston

Terry C Johnston was born January , in Arkansas City, KS Nineteen publishers rejected Johnston s first novel, Carry the Wind, before Red Cloud's Kindle - it was printed in However, this first novel was to gain the honor of receiving the Western Writers of America Medicine Pipe Bearer s Award for best first fiction Johnston is known for his eye for historical detail, and he is a stickler for accuracy He is known for traveling and exploring down known and unknown dusty roads during the hot summer months, and traversing slippery, muddy roads and hiking through snow to stand upon a historical sight that he would tell his readers in an upcoming book Parking in the lower lot, I trudged up the hill to reach the spot where Colonel John Gibbon s infantry waited out the last hours before their attack on the unsuspecting camp Standing there in the icy snowstorm I was totally overwhelmed by the sight of those skeletal cones of lodgepoles standing stark against the low, gray skySome of the sites that he would stand upon were known to the world like the Little Big Horn Battlefield and others would be obscure to the average reader like the Weippe Prairie north of Lochsa He is known to combine a roaring good tale with fascinating insights into the lives and times of his principal characters, generally managing to employ his extensive knowledge to enhance a story rather than intrude upon it Whitehead, Johnston would say that he considered himself not a literary writer but a storyteller His desire was to reach and teach thousands if not millions of readers about the early western frontier He accomplished part of this goal, not only through his books, but through discussions given to elementary children, lectures at symposiums, and historical one week tours during which you will re live the grit and blood, the tears and tragedy of the great Indian Wars He would blend historical fact with human emotion to re create the past during his historical tours each summer One presentation he gave to a fourth grade class was about the Plains Indian culture He held a discussion with a Honors English class in Castle Rock middle school about research, writing, and editing that goes into producing two historical novels each year, when compared to their term papers He gave keynote speeches at seminars and lectures at symposiums He traveled all around Montana to sign books for fans, and he signed the books at the local Albertson s in each town He held radio interviews that took me into cities, talking before audiences, I never would have managed to reach otherwise.