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    After an education on the continent, Saint Robert Southwell a 16th century Jesuit priest returned to his native England in order to provide spiritual guidance and support to whatever recusant Catholics remained Unfortunately, the English in those days weren t so fond of the Romish Church Eventually, his clandestine missionary activities drew the attention of the rabidly anti Catholic authorities and the young priest was arrested, tortured and finally on February 21st, 1595 publicly executed for the morbidly inclined, the rather horrific details of his death can be read about on Wikipedia But of course, Southwell was also an accomplished poet, whose edifying verse served to fill the void left within the English Catholic community by the banished priesthood However, his influence also transcended the lines of denomination, with his styles and themes echoed by a plethora of later writers, including Shakespeare, Donne, Milton and Manly Hopkins.That being said, I personally found that Southwell s poetry lacks the presence and immediacy that one is accustomed to find in a work by Milton or Donne, which could be explained by the fact that the Jesuit poet wrote with a definite telos, directing his poems at a very particular audience, who themselves were subject to very particular circumstances Milton, by contrast, appears to have written for posterit...

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    Southwell s poems are very beautiful and influenced many famous poets, such as John Donne Ben Jonson, and perhaps even Shakespeare I study his poems on the Christ Child in particular they are so good, and a number of them have been set to music, notably by Benjamin Britten in his...

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Collected Poems: Robert Southwell, SJ (Fyfield Books) Presented Not Only In English But Also Featuring Rare Latin Verses Accompanied By A Faithful New Translation, This Is The Definitive Volume Of Poems Of A Neglected Figure In Sixteenth Century Literature New Texts Are Offered Based On The Manuscripts That Were Circulated In Secret Among English Catholics After Southwell S Death, Returning To The Poems Some Of Their Original Purpose Of Communicating Forbidden Theologies And Doctrines Among A Criminalized And Near Silenced Readership Of Secret Groups.