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Himoff! The Memoirs of a TV Matinee Idle Boo, Boo, Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boom That S What People Sing Whenever They See Richard Whiteley In The Street It S The Theme To The Popular Afternoon Television Quiz Countdown A Programme That Whiteley Has Been Presenting For 18 Years As Whiteley Reveals In His Book Himoff The Memoirs Of A Matinee Idle, The Tune Was Composed On The Toilet, Hence Its Plippety Plop Nature The Book S Title Comes From Something Else That People Forever Come Out With When They Meet Whiteley Ooh Look, It S Himoff Telly After Almost Two Decades Hosting Countdown On Channel 4 And 27 Years Reading The News On Yorkshire TV, Whiteley Reckons To Have Made Over 10,000 Television Appearances More Mere Musings Than An Autobiography, Himoffis A Behind The Scenes Peek At A Life Spent In Front Of The Lens.For Someone Off The Telly, Whiteley Comes Across As Refreshingly Down To Earth And His Recollections Are Peppered With Self Deprecating Anecdotes Such As The Time He Was Due To Unveil A Plaque To Mark The Opening Of A Community Centre Chuffed To Bits At The Thought Of His Name Being Immortalised, Whiteley Kept Badgering The Organisers To Make Sure They Spell It Correctly On The Day Of The Unveiling An Excited Whiteley Pulled The Cord The Velvet Curtains Parted To Reveal The Immortal Words This Extension Was Opened On 15th March 1994 Other Stories Included In This Enjoyable Lightweight Read Recall Whiteley Being Attacked By A Ferret, Saved From An IRA Bomb By The Offer Of A Glass Of Champagne, And Almost Being Dumped From The Programme That Made Him A Household Name Christopher Kelly