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The Folio Book of Days Drawing On Diaries, Letters, Journals, Eyewitness Accounts, Newspaper Reports, Speeches And Sermons Indeed, On Any Source That Is Dated This Specially Commissioned Volume Features Around 500 Entries By 95 Writers, Selected And Edited By Roger Hudson And 160 Paintings, Photographs And Engravings 100 In Full Colour In The Folio Book Of Days You Can Eavesdrop On The Everyday Conversations Or Idle Thoughts Of The Great And The Good View Earth Shattering Events From A New Perspective Or Re Live Memorable Days From The Lives Of The Great Diarists From An Eyewitness Account Of The Murder Of Thomas Becket At Canterbury Cathedral On 29 December 1170, To The Terror Attacks On New York On 11 September 2001, The Voices Of Past And Present Echo Loud And Clear.Featured Contributors Include William Allingham Buzz Aldrin Jane Austen Louis Bleriot Anne Boleyn Jane Welsh Carlyle Samuel Taylor Coleridge Christopher Columbus Francis Drake Queen Elizabeth I Edward Fitzgerald Sir John Froissart Mahatma Gandhi Thomas Gray Max Hastings Ernest Hemingway John Keats Martin Luther King, Jr Jack London Vincent Lunardi Guglielmo Marconi Samuel Pepys Ernest Shackleton John Simpson Sydney Smith Queen Victoria Walt Whitman Virginia Woolf Dorothy Wordsworth

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    A great nonfiction book

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    What a fascinating book Each day s reading is a first person writing from that day in history Filled with pictures, and leaning toward British and Commonwealth history, it was the perfect way for me to start each day in 2015 I did find that it had a bent t...

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    Well I enjoyed reading The Folio Book of Days but I didn t think the Gulf War or 9 11 really warranted mentioning.

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