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    For full review please visit writing is very crisp and engaging Though this belongs to the genre of non fiction it still has a story telling feel to it which makes this one a real page turner The book is very well structured The book is heavily inundated with facts, actual court proceedings conversations and judges verdict which make one feel as if we are witnessing the proceedings and investigation on our own.The book starts by unfurling the horror of the train blast of 7 11 in Mumbai Mumbai local train the very lifeline of Mumbai becomes the site of the terror attacks with its effects on lives unprecedented and life long Post this devastating attacks the Anti Terrorism Squad starts its investigation and they have a first breakthrough with the arrest of Kamal Ansari As the investigations proceed a series of blast again rocks Malegaon Meanwhile, the ATS makes arrest in the 7 11 case and finally in a press conference announce that the case is solved with the arrest of twelve people.Ambiguity starts when the facts in the charge sheet are a little different from the facts pointed out during the press conference The book then majorly deals with the proceedings of the accused in the court while at the same time it delves into the minds of these home grown terrorists from the inception when this terror strike was planned ATS claims that the group behind the terror strikes is LET As the court proceedings continue a web of confusion surrounds it as the accused who had previously accepted the charges against them now claim that they were forced to do so There are complaints of gruesome torture of the accused Meanwhile, the Mumbai Crime Branch in its investigation brings a whole new dimension to this case which runs contrary to that of ATS.

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    Please visit to read the complete review of the book.The word terrorism is relevant today than ever, because of the atrocities being done to human and the human surroundings, under the name of religion, thoughts, beliefs and whatnot.Six Minutes Of Terror takes us through the decade long journey of the 7 11 Mumbai train blasts, the trials and the justice It also takes an emotional angle where the stories of the survivors are narrated, the shock and the pain is quite visible through the writing.The book, Six Minutes Of Terror is well researched and very well presented, the book will take you through the entire trial It uncovers the then ground realities which are coupled with in depth understanding of the entire event and will give you nothing but goosebumps.I would recommend it to anyone interested in reading the nonfiction, crime and true accounts genre.

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    Even after 10 years and convictions by the court, there are still lot of doubts questions remaining about this incident This book tries to capture those unanswered questions and various loopholes found in the investigation The authors have managed to highlight well the fact that 7 11 Mumbai Train Blast is not an open shut case like other terrorist attacks A painstaking researched product from the house of Hussain Zaidi

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    A very clear and detailed description of the Mumbai Train Blasts with facts and figures researched well by the author.Good and a must read for people who are keen on knowing the facts and real story.I am a big fan of S Hussein Zaidi and have read almost all of his books, Sharmin Hakim Nazia Sayed have good a fabulous job

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    Another gripping read loved it the authors have taken great pain and efforts to do the investigations Bravo Thank you Zaidi

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    Mind blowing read Read the review here

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Six Minutes of Terror The Mumbai 7 11 Train Bombings In 2006 Were One Of The Deadliest Terror Attacks The City Had Seen After The 1993 Blast The Attacks Orchestrated By The Terror Outfit Lashkar E Taiba And Pakistan S Inter Services Intelligence The ISI Were Aimed To Cripple The City By Attacking Its Lifeline The Local Train A Series Of Seven Blasts In A Span Of Only Six Minutes Rocked The City At Seven Railway Stations, Killing 189 And Injuring Over 700 Six Minutes Of Terror Is The First Investigative Book That Will Present A Blow By Blow Account Of The Events That Led To The Terrorist Attack, Profile The People Involved In The Blasts As Well As Describe How The Plot Was Unearthed By The Police Superbly Researched,with Painstaking Detail, The Book Tries To Delve Into The Minds Of The Home Grown Terrorists Who Created Unprecedented Havoc And Claimed Innocent Lives Ten Years After The Horrifying Attacks.