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Mindfulness for Unravelling Anxiety Reading Mindfulness For Unravelling Anxiety Author Richard Gilpin Anxiety Is A State Many Of Us Know Only Too Well Generalized Anxiety Disorder GAD Is On The Global Increase Too With 1 In 25 People Affected In The UK Alone Mindfulness For Unravelling Anxiety Helps Loosen The Knots And Tangles Of Anxiety And Explores The Ways We Can Break Their Stifling Bonds Through Better Understanding Of The Root Of The Problem The Mind Richard Gilpin Shares Frank Personal Anecdotes And Therapeutic Insights, Revealing How Mindfulness Can Create A Path For Us Through Anxiety With Wisdom And Clarity, He Guides Us Through The Transformative Practice Of Mindfulness Meditation.

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    I m someone who has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and always looking for good books that can give me support with this This is one of those books It focuses on what anxiety it and how to overcome it but most of all how to embrace it, objectively observe what is going on inside your mind and how your body reacts It s a lovely little book giving lots of tips and advice Mindfullness is one of the go to practices these days for support and for me works much better than anything else I ve tried and this book, for me this book is an extra tool for my armoury of help.The author also adds his own story w...

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    Thank you to Quatro Publishing and Netgalley for a complementary reading copy of this book in return for my honest review.This was a great little book, that was very easy to read It gave a good over view of mindfulness and the importance of not abiding by the McMindfulness sold In today s society, but rather to have a clear understanding of what one values and how to in accordance to these values to be mindful of how and why we act the way we do The book follows the basis of Buddhist teaching without specifically referring to these ways of living as being Related to Buddha until about 3 4 the way through I Believe this easily accessible book will resonate well with many as it is full of wisdom for living a good life every day...

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    A very useful book for helping to keep anxiety at bay It s well written and full of sound advice.Strongly recommended.Many thanks to Quarto Publishing Books and Netgalley

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    This is a book which is written straight from the author s heart.I found the style very approachable and the content useful as well as immediately applicable The author has personal and professional experience with anxiety and that show...

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    Nice and simple book Like the way it was written as easy to read while on travel.

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    The word anxiety derives from the Latin anxietas, meaning troubled in mind The book focuses on what anxiety it and how to overcome it but most of all how to embrace it, how to stand back and observe what is going on inside your mind and how your body reacts to the anxiety.One quote that I strongly related to was this The mind becomes possesd by the vague ideas of things bring, or going wrong In one chapter the author discusses writing down dreams in a journal to see, writing down every aspect of what we saw including colours I haven t tried this but I know writing in a journal from time to time does sometimes make me feel lighter You might feel lighter if you didn t carry all your baggage around with you It s a lovely little book giving lots of tips and advice What I loved most was the history and how anxiety has changed in a way from a fight for survival, of being in danger to social situations and worrying about the future How we don t take notice of the now and that we are always focusing on the what next It ask...

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    Richard Gilpin is so wise This book is beautiful, his words are beautiful and his meditation exercises are brilliant I teach movement and have a guided meditation at the end of my class I have read out developing loving kindness so far which is a meditation on applying the love you feel for other people to yourself and then to the world Someone who was having a hard day started crying but actually found it very releasing I also used his containing catastrophe exercise where you imagine the absolutely worst thing that can happen to advise a...

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    Despite how long it took me to read, I only really remember the breathing exercises I thought this might help with my anxiety but it wasn t for me I think if I understood what mindfulness was before reading this, I wouldn t have read it.

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    Anxiety is a state many of us know only too well and Generalized Anxiety Disorder is on the rise globally.Mindfulness for Unravelling Anxiety helps loosen the knots and tangles of anxiety and explores the ways we can break their stifling bonds through b...