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    This book surveys the relationship of hunting to social masculinity, considering time periods from the Paleolithic era, the Grecian, Roman, and Middle Ages, up to the present While the book slogs at times, there are many sections that are very interesting The author has spent time with numerous groups of hunters in an effort to understand the dynamics of each group, in what appears ultimately to be a personal quest for a better understanding of what it means to be male Groups that he joins for hunts range the gamut of men that are seeking walrus or whale for living, to groups that are seeking the fun of chasing down a deer or fox for sport.Hunting as an endeavor is considered from many angles the act of acquiring food in remote areas, the formation of boys clubs e.g., the Boy Scouts , the sport ...

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    A painfully boring read, verbose, pycho babble filled, sideways look at hunting, from wooly mammoth hunting depicted in ancient cave art to today s Inuit whale hunters, as it pertains to the formation of masculinity identity by a man that has never hunted before and that after writing this book became a vegetarian In other words, I hated this book At one point Bergman tries to draw a parallel between psychopathic serial killers like Ted Bundy and th...

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    There was lots of stuff I really liked about this book It is about a guy trying to understand man as the hunter He does this by going off with hunting parties and killing things He also does very interesting readings of myths Ovid, that sort of thing Once you strip away all the layers our...

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    nice book philosophy about hunting

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Orion's Legacy: A Cultural History of Man as Hunter Shining, Heroic, Belted With Bright Stars, Orion Is The Classic Western Image Of The Hunter Metaphor For How Men Understand And Assert Their Identites Through Mythology, Anthropology, Literature, And Art, Author Charles Bergman Offers An Original And Compelling Interpretation Of Western Masculinity.