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    I thought this was a good easy introductory read into environmental issues The author breaks up topics well by chapters and provides laws and info in a reader friendly format I recommend for anyone looking to learn a bit and doesnt want to be overwhelmed by lots data.

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    Water p44R2P enviro p110Soil p116 A safe, healthy environment is considered by many to be a basic human right p176Emergency Response and Community Right to Know Act 1986 USA p192 The struggle for sustainable development nearly equals the struggle for political freedom p200

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    I m not entirely sure I trust the EPA or that the environment needs protecting I remember it getting started as a kid back in the 60s and early 70s Us kids thought it was a great idea Our parents and grandparents disagreed They said it would drive good jobs over seas and leave our cities rusting hulls That has come to pass And the pollution continues over seas We all breath the same air and water and no one seems to find this an issue because it s ok here Like I said, it all looks fine to me, too We just lost than we got And the Chicken Littles have been screaming the sky is falling for 60 years now and the lakes are no cleaner really you can clean ...

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Environmental Protection Wentk P Although Climate Change And Pollution Make Near Daily Appearances In The News, Humans Have Not Always Recognized That The Environment Needs To Be Protected Only After The Publication Of Rachel Carson S Silent Spring In 1962 Did Environmental Protection Became A Political And Social Priority In Environmental Protection What Everyone Needs To Know R , Environmental Lawyer Pamela Hill Offers Clear, Engaging Answers To Some Of The Most Pressing Questions Facing Us Today She Discusses The Science Behind Current Environmental Issues, Defining Key Terms Such As Ecosystems, Pollutants, And Endocrine Disruptors Hill Explains Why Our Environment Needs Protection, Using Examples From History And Current Events, From The Irish Potato Famine To The BP Oil Spill In The Gulf Of Mexico And The Drinking Water Crisis In Flint, Michigan She Also Assesses The Effectiveness Of Landmark Laws And Treaties, Including The Clean Air Act, The Endangered Species Act, And The Kyoto Protocol To What Extent Is It Acceptable To Rank Human Interests Over Ecological Interests And Is It Fair To Ask Developing Countries To Reduce Emissions, Even Though They Bear Little Responsibility For Our Current Environmental Problems Hill Identifies The Greatest Environmental Threats We Are Facing Today And Suggests What We Need To Do As Citizens, Businesspeople, And Lawmakers To Protect The Environment For Each Other And For Future Generations.