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    A classic After reading this book I wanted to quit work and return to school to study civil engineering Of course, I made the mistake of mentioning this to my wife, who fell into paroxysms of laughter, saying she had seen some of the stuff I had built at home, and there was no way she would ever go on a bridge that I designed Billington discusses the interrelationship of efficiency, economy, and aesthetics and how great en...

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    I struggled to read this book Its premise is intriguing that structural art came out of the innovations of a few visionary engineers but Billington s style is obtuse and tangled At one point, he even uses the word constructionally His arguments are thought p...

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    This is a book I wish I read during my college years It quickly goes through the elite structural engineers through the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as their major design feats This book is very well organized and chronologically goes through the styles and materials used for design.

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    A great, easy to read history of structural engineering.

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The Tower and the Bridge What Do Structures Such As The Eiffel Tower, The Brooklyn Bridge, And The Concrete Roofs Of Pier Luigi Nervi Have In Common According To This Book, Now In Its First Paperback Edition, All Are Striking Examples Of Structural Art, An Exciting Form Distinct From Either Architecture Or Machine Design Aided By A Number Of Stunning Illustrations, David Billington Discusses Leading Structural Engineer Artists, Such As John A Roebling, Gustave Eiffel, Fazlur Khan, And Robert Maillart.