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Le Grand Dictionnaire des malaises et des maladies Download Le Grand Dictionnaire Des Malaises Et Des Maladies Author Jacques Martel Ls17.eu The Most Comprehensive Dictionary Dealing With The Conflicted Thoughts, Feelings And Emotions At The Root Of Illnesses.This Quite Remarkable Tool Deals With Close To 900 Ailments, Diseases And Parts Of The Body This Reference Manual Helps Me To Become My Own Therapist By Learning To Know Myself Better And To Be Able To Prevent An Illness Or Heal It If I Take Action And Resolve The Conflict From Which It Originated.

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    I found some of the links the author makes between psychosomatic disorders and our emotional lives interesting, but I do overall think that many people with serious illnesses, or who have children affected by one, might find this book quite offensive Not sure about this ...

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    With over 550 pages of emotional causes for the roots of illness, this book far surpasses Louise Hay s one liners in Heal Your Body Martel offers multiple explanations and nuances for each ailment, allowing readers to customize the information to their unique situations.

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    If you want to read a comedy book, than that s a good choice.Really, this cannot be a serious medical book, it s a joke.I give you an funny example from this book When reading about sprain there I got some explanation about that I have some inner problems and some ...

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    Je mets la note moyenne car je suis plut t mitig e oui je suis certainement convaincue de l origine peut tre psychologique des maux et des maladies, mais je suis tr s dubitative de certaines explications.C est int ressant certes, mais l auteur va beaucoup trop loin A prendre avec des pincettes donc.

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