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Ten Friendly Fish Follow The Adventures Of Ten Bright, Bold, D Fish As They Swim Off Through The Ocean Together And Visit Their Sea Friends One By One

10 thoughts on “Ten Friendly Fish

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    Nothing special, but fun to help with numbers I guess.

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    This is just one book in a series There are beautiful colorful 3D bubble textures fish and brightly decorated backgrounds It start with 10 little fish swimming along One by one they swim off and count down to 1 At the end the last little fish finds all his fish friends back together again The book gives great visuals for subtracting from ten.

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    Kids love books like this I m a littlepicky Just having plastic shaped animals counting down on each page is not enough for me The text on this was felt clumsy and that matters to me But the kids at storytime really did like it A lot So that says something I d use it again just for that.

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    This is a cute counting book I had a lot of fun reading it and looking at the pictures, so I can only imagine the enjoyment a child would find with it The illustrations are great and the story is fun It even has a little surprise on the last page that makes it exciting for little kids.

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    I have read this repeatedly to all 3 of my daughters and they love it

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    The fragmented sentences make it a clumsy read aloud at times, but it certainly has a wow factor at the end.

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    This book is one of the ones with the plastic fish attached to the pages and with each passing page, one fish goes away It is a rhyming book Josh s favorites and has really fun, bright graphics.

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