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Master of Paxwax The First Of Four Parts Of A Far Future Drama Of Revenge And Tragedy, Involving A Huge Cast Of Humans And Aliens Seeking To Bring About The Fall Of The Autocratic, Decadent, Human Galactic Empire, The Aliens Manipulate Pawl Paxwax, Second Son Of One Of The Eleven Dynastic Human Families.

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    This classic science fiction tale has now been reprinted and rereleased in the New Zealand market and thanks to Booksellers NZ, found its way into my reading pile Now, I do not normally read science fiction, favouring fantasy, but as the synopsis sounded somewhat like a space opera, I figured it was worth reading.And it was.Highly enjoyable, highly original, with plenty of complex political wrangling, alliances and enemies At the centre of it all, young Pawl Paxwax, suddenly summoned back to his home planet following the death of his younger brother Suddenly he finds himself heir of the estate, and a freak accident adds further complications to his plans for marriage and a simple life.The alien races are truly that alien Never described in too indepth detail, creatures like Odin and the spiderings populate the story, adding a fantastical, and slightly frightening, element Compounded with that are the various deformations suffered by the mostly humans Pawl, for example, is hunched and disfigured, another bears a ruff of feathers and most seem...

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    It was a joy to sail through and the colourful characters made it a fun, even though at time precarious, journey Though immediately sold to Pawls plight, I was left feeling not particularly emotionally connected to it, nor ...

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    I raced through this book it is well written and very easy to read the subject is a little silly Aliens trying to over throw the evil human over lords who have split into competing fanctions Now mutated so they are as much alien as the aliens, eac...

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