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Futureproof Your Kids: Protecting your children in the Social Media Playground It S Time To Be Proactive Don T Get Left Behind Online There Is No Reason To Fear The Online World And Technology We Only Fear The Unknown Embrace The New Connected World So That You Can Learn How To Navigate It The Definitive Evergreen Guide, Futureproof Your Kids Tackles Issues Parents And Carers, Guardians And Grandparents Are Struggling With In The Online Space And Provides Advice And Suggestions To Help Parents And Their Children Navigate The Online Environment Well Researched And Evidence Based, Author Fiona Lucas Has Created The R S Of Reputation Framework As A Simple And Effective Guide To Managing Our Online Lives The Concepts Don T Just Apply To Children, But To Adults As Well Many Adults Fell Into The Online Space With Little Guidance Themselves This Book Allows You To Explore The World Together More Than A Cybersafety Guide This Book Is About Raising Awareness Of The Need For Proactive Management Of Our Online Reputations Our Digital Tattoos And Including Mindfulness In Our Actions Where Ever We Access Technology, Whether On A Computer Or A Mobile Device, This Framework Applies And Will Continue To Apply Whatever Technological Advances And Further Disruption Await Us The Importance Of Maintaining Our Values, Respect And Ethics In The Online Space Is Explored Readers Will Learn How To Question What They See And Do Online Learn How To Handle Themselves In The Online Environment Encourage Good Social Etiquette Learn The Value Of Protecting And Respecting Your Online Reputation Your Digital Footprint Or Tattoo Complete With Tips And Action Steps And Guides, This Book Should Be In Every Home What People Say Fiona Lucas Has Taken The Elephant In The Room And Put It Firmly On The Table There Is A Lot Of Commentary About Social Media And Children, But Not A Lot Of Practical Advice Until Now Futureproof Your Kids Is A Fantastic Book That Every Parent Needs To Read Andrew Griffiths, Author As A Mom Working In Social Media, Too Often I Ve Met Parents Who Don T Really Understand The Social Networking Space And How It Affects Their Kids Fiona Lucas Has Written The Ultimate Handbook For Parents Wanting To Step Into The Online Space To Help Guide And Protect Their Children This Book Is A Valuable Read Amy Porterfield, Facebook Trainer Speaker Futureproof Your Kids Is A Resource Which Every Parent Should Own Stat The Digital Era Is Here To Stay And Our Kids Need To Have Parents Supporting Them My Mission As A Digital Marketer Is To Create A Safe And Supportive Online Environment For Our Children This Book Supports This And With Awesome Insights Into The Online World And How Our Children Interact Online Time Is Limited Resources Are Scarce Priororisation Is Necessary Lisa Harrison Parent, Founder Secrets To Social Mastery Board Member Sunnykids Copyright Fiona Lucas IRespectOnline Futureproof Your Kids

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