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Dark Tide II: Ruin (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order, #3) [EPUB] ✰ Dark Tide II: Ruin (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order, #3) ✶ Michael A. Stackpole – Thomashillier.co.uk The Alien Yuuzhan Vong Have Launched An Attack On The Worlds Of The Outer Rim They Are Merciless, Without Regard For Life And They Stand Utterly Outside The Force Their Ever Changing Tactics Stump The The Alien Yuuzhan Vong Have Launched An Attack On The Worlds Of The Outer Rim They Are Merciless, Without Regard For Life And They Stand Utterly Dark Tide MOBI :↠ Outside The Force Their Ever Changing Tactics Stump The New Republic Military Even The Jedi, Once The Greatest Guardians Of Peace In The Galaxy, Are Rendered Helpless By This Impervious Foe And Their Solidarity Has Begun To UnravelWhile Luke Struggles To Keep The Jedi Together, Knights Jacen Solo And Corran Horn Set Off On A Reconnaissance Mission To The Planet Garqi, An Occupied World There, At Last, They Uncover A Secret That Might Be Used To Undermine The Enemy If Only They Can Stay Alive Long Enough To Use It Features A Bonus Section Following The Novel That Includes A Primer On The Star Wars Expanded Universe, And Over Half A Dozen Excerpts From Some Of The Most Popular Star Wars books Of The Last Thirty Years.

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  1. Scott Rhee Scott Rhee says:

    Michael A Stackpole concludes his exciting Dark Tide duology in Dark Tide II Ruin , which pits New Republic forces, with the help of the Imperial Fleet led by Admiral Pellaeon, against the Yuuzhan Vong Within the Galactic Senate, resentment and fear of the Jedi continue to grow, based primarily on a misguided belief that the Jedi, if given political power, would usurp the Senate and declare galactic martial law.Growing reports of Yuuzhan Vong attacks throughout the Outer Rim are making the government take the alien threat seriously Temporarily, the Senate has decided to put aside their mistrust of the Jedis in order to utilize the Jedi strength to bolster the military.Most of the Jedis, however, are extremely aware that their actions are being viewed under the lens of a very unforgiving microscope.The primary figure in the Dark Tide duology is Corran Horn, a character that Stackpole popularized in his X wing series Horn, a Force sensitive X wing pilot, has become a Jedi Knight Unlike some of his trigger happy Jedi comrades, ...

  2. Alex Alex says:

    Well, it is only Star Wars, I tell myself as I review my complaints with Dark Tide 1 2 Half of me views Star Wars as something extra literary, a thing of high mythology, but also trivial as bubble gum To that half, it makes no sense to critique Star Wars than it does to critique Homer s Illiad or a Saturday morning cartoon What would be the point Somewhere between irrelevancy and pure silliness lies any serious critique of Star Wars.But so what if it s just Star Wars The other half of me makes no excuses for the Holy Trilogy, and that half of me inevitably wins.So, on the plus side, Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo are interesting characters Each is taking a diverging Jedi path that complements their family history and allows for a new spin Jacen struggles with favoring the contemplative and monastic sides of the Jedi over his combative duties Jaina pursues her career as a full time X Wing pilot for the legendary Rogue Squadron, and faces challenges fitting in as both a Jedi and the fam...

  3. Darryl Dobbs Darryl Dobbs says:

    Lots going on in this one and although this series persists in half the Jedi being brash, insubordinate and just over the top childish, the excitement on several fronts covered for it.First, a Twi lek Jedi named Daeshara cor decided that it was Jedi like to go and find a superweapon that could wipe out planets, because that s the best way to handle the Yuuzhan Vong So Luke and Anakin went to track her down Second, Corran, Jacen and Ganner head to the planet Garqi for some research on the Vong Third, Leia heads to the Imperial Remnant where we get re acquainted with Admiral Paellaeon She tries to recruit Paellaeon and the Empire to their cause.When Corran and Jacen discover a substance that can harm the Vong and that it s grown on Ithor it s only a matter of time before the Vong attacks Ithor And everyone gathers there for the big ...

  4. Deanna Deanna says:

    Raing of 3.5

  5. Crystal Starr Light Crystal Starr Light says:

    It is only through functioning together that we can succeed The war against the Yuuzhan Vong continues Leia attempts to bring Paelleon and the Imperial Remnant into the fight, while Luke and Mara try to keep the Jedi Order together And Corran, Ganner, and Jacen go on an important fact finding mission to Garqi.NOTE Based on audiobook and novel I went into Ruin with eager expectation, on a high after reading Onslaught, which was probably a bad thing Not the reading order, just my unrealistic expectation It would explain my meh reaction at finishing this entry into the New Jedi Order series.Now, don t get me wrong, this isn t a bad book, by no means Stackpole s worst is better than many authors best Kevin J Anderson Barbara Hambly But nonetheless, I couldn t help the wandering mind as I listened.Character wise, we get some nice growth from people like Corran, Jacen, and Ganner Particularly Ganner I really like the direction that Stackpole took him Even Corran s arc was nicely done I love how he ended up being the scapegoat and having to ...

  6. William Ristau William Ristau says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book The action pack, makes you feel like you are in the storyline with them It makes you really intrigued to read what happens next It shows you the view of different characters, which I really enjoyed.Luke Skywalker, the republic, and the empire were discussing a plan on how to defend Ithor from the Yuuzhan Vong They knew that the Yuuzhan Vong were going to attack Ithor, because its trees could kill them During the fight a jedi named Daeshara cor died Everyone was shocked and sad because of this tragic event During the fight though all the Yuuzhan Vong were killed, but the planet Ithor was lost Luke Skywalker is a jedi knight Leia Solo is Han s wife Han Solo is Leia s husband Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin are Han and Leia s kids Mara Skywalker is Luke s wife Daeshara cor is a Jedi knight who dies in the battle of Ithor One of the major settings was Ithor Another setting was Garqi Those settings intertwine because of what took place on Garqi The time period this book takes place in is, 8 ABY The theme of this book was bravery The Jedi where very brave to take on that many Yuuzhan Vong ground troops by themselves The republic and empire were also very brave on taking on that many Yuuzhan Vong ships by themselves The Jedi, republic, and empire were very brave taking on the unknown enemy called, the Yuuzhan Vong I think ages 17 32 should read this book It s very adventurous and action packed I think both genders should read this book...

  7. John John says:

    Another lights out book in the New Jedi Order series.The threat of the Yuuzhan Vong continues.All the storylines are compelling.Especially those that have to do with Jaina,Jacen,and Anakin Solo.So far its right up there with The Fate Of The Jedi series.

  8. Daniel Daniel says:

    The end of this book really launches the scale of war this series will present.

  9. Seth Seth says:

    It s getting dark up in here.

  10. Pam (Who Cried Books) Pam (Who Cried Books) says:

    Actual rating 4.5 stars I regret to have been putting off this book for so long Who can blame me when there are hundreds and thousands of books to distract me every day Haha I m just so glad that I saw a physical copy of the book in our school library too since this is the type of book that I would prefer reading the physical copy of Is it just me or your reading speed varies depending on the copy of the book, whether physical, e book or audiobook, and what genre of the book is For example, I read faster if I read physical copies of sci fi books while I can read fast when reading e book copies of most Young Adult fiction Anyway, in case you don t know, I love Star Wars to death and would indulge myself to anything Star Wars related It has been part of my childhood ever since my dad introduced me to the franchise I remember him having me watch the movies according to the years they were released, Episode IV, V, VI then the prequels I, II, and III and I remember loving it ever since Since this is the third book of the series, I already know that it s still going to focus on defeating the Yuuzhan Vong I expected the N...

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